Fun first impressions

March 26, 2022 at 09:01 (UT/GMT)
(Cancer) GreenMoon
Fun first impressions
What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the zodiac sign of the persons you may (not) like? ( Guys, this is just for fun, I do not intend to disturb anyone, I hope you know how to make a joke/be sarcastic :76: )
For a Cancer:

Aries - first small talk and I feel like killing him :75:
Taurus - that one must be a good kisser
Gemini - I hope I will not yawn in the first 5 minutes of Convo
Cancer - that guy must have a huge belly pooch
Leo - he LL buy me expensive chocolate. I just feel it!!! And I hope it.
Virgo - he needs a massage to relax
Libra - I bet he has tons of skincare products
Scorpio - my first love, the first borderline in my life, the last passion :79:
Sag - he should do a HPV test, I just want to be sure
Capricorn - love/hate feelings all the way. I love your rationality, I hate your childish stubbornness.
Aquarius - the perfect platonic friend
Pisces - I must ask him if he wants to open a tarot&witchery business w me. :79:

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March 26, 2022 at 11:01
(Pisces) ꓄꒐ꋊꋊ꒐ꏂ
Please excuse my mental retardation whilst writing all these lol
I barely had any sleep too anyway,
This is what I come up with xD

Aries: Please, slow down lol I´m trying to catch my breath here (me trying to hike with them) xD
Taurus: Aesthetics. They´re like freshly baked cookies. So cosy to be with.
Gemini: Nerd vortex. I love nerding out with them. Please don´t ever change <3
Cancer: What a cute hedgehog I sure hope it doesn´t bite lol
Leo: Mah boi, I´ll definitely ride the rollercoaster with you. Don´t mind me passing out in the air too. I´m having fun, internally xDD
Virgo: Broo, thank you for helping me, I appreciate it even if I failed to know your name. <3
Libra: Please, halp me shop I dunno what to buy I´m lost asf. I love your sense of style btw.
Scorpio: Claimed people are intimidated by them. All I can see is a floofy person with a warm heart.
Sag: Pranks and philosophical convos. I might end up sleeping in someone else´s yard too when I partied hard with them lol
Capricorn: Yo, mah hommie, I need your structured mind. I´m planning to start a business and this pleb is wanting to be like you too. How do you do it? I´m curious~ c:
Aquarius: What even is with these normies trying to cage us to their limiting ideals? Why must we conform if we can be who we are? There´s nothing wrong with us only our society is thinking that we are defective when in fact we aren´t. (I never felt so understood that the universe finally spoke to me). <3
Pisces: Don´t mind me dissociating. I´m currently on episode 8 season 10 trying to escape the real world lol
March 28, 2022 at 08:26
(Pisces) Leo_Ness
Aries - Yeey, fun on a board! :75:
Taurus - Now I can say whatever I like, these guys have a strong nerves :98:
Gemini - Prepare yourself for the word flood :13:
Cancer - Just walk away gently...
Leo - I usually put my sunglasses on :5:.
Virgo - Why I suddenly feel so embarrassed because I haven ironed my shirt properly :6:
Libra - Liar :144:
Scorpio - Hang on there :122:
Sag - Where did he just go?!
Capricorn - Can I call you "mister"?
Aquarius - What an interesting hair color... :32:
Pisces - He must be thinking of something extremely interesting right now while looking like a stoned hobo.
March 28, 2022 at 23:45
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Aries-talk before think
Taurus-they sure love their fashion and money
Gemini- curious and mischievous
Cancer- clingy and very moody
Leo - very "look at me" vibe
Virgo- cleaning obsession, the OCD is strong here
Libra- your typical clubbing casanova/gigolo
Scorpio-they might have some strong traumas
Sagittarius- they might have very strong opinions and very hard to change
Capricorn-status seeker, climbing hierarchy
Aquarius- looney tunes, mad scientist, they want perfect objectivity
Pisces- most likely lost in their world (i hope not from a drug addiction)
March 29, 2022 at 00:13
(Virgo) LotusStar
Aries - intense, lot of work to reign in... not sure I´m up for it
Taurus - good food, quality sheets, Netflix and chill
Gemini - jekyll and hide, sharing memes is their love language
Cancer - mama´s boy, protective, secretly my favorite sign
Leo - "me me me", ok they are usually pretty awesome though
Virgo - workaholic, low-key sadist, but probably has a good heart
Libra - beautiful, but I´ll pass
Scorpio - secret fetishes, probably into conspiracy theories or the occult
Sag - player, high energy, well traveled
Capricorn - workaholic, high-key sadist, probably has a heart?
Aquarius - stubborn but lovable, we may bond over astrology
Pisces - so laid back and chill, hopefully its not from drugs...

This was kinda mean I´m sorry 👻
March 30, 2022 at 02:30
(Taurus) feelgoodwithuidoido
Omg, all of these are great! :61: :117: :80:

from a light-hearted Taurus

Aries - She does crossfit and she will want to arm-wrestle.
Taurus - Likes dirty jokes, bakes cookies, chocolate, snuggles, and wine.
Gemini - hehehe
Cancer - Round-faces and sensitive, big eyes. The way Vin Diesel says, "Family"
Leo - Like somehow, your hair always looks like static teases it up. Drink when you see the gold on their outfit. Rockstar energy. Who wouldn´t want to bite you??
Virgo - I bet you manage and overthink things. You´ll prob spend 90 minutes putting on makeup before we go grab take-away and run by the hardware store.
Libra - I have to watch for her aura for flickering (lies), but she is so super complimentary and stylish.
Scorpio - Astral stalker. Prob a lady-ogre in the b-room and afterward will ask for some of my blood in a vial for a necklace.
Sag - the festival was fun. See ya next time...maybe
Capricorn - Lady boss. Expensive handbag and hair. Rolling eyes.
Aquarius - "" She has so many rainbows on things...
Pisces - I bet she´s micro-dosing 18 hours a day again. Or she forgot to eat bc she was binge-reading fiction or 3 seasons of a show on HBO MAX.
March 30, 2022 at 04:29
(Virgo) rohini moon
Aries - Speed.. faster pussycat
Taurus - Cozed up on the couch, eating a plethora of food
Gemini - Jack of all trades... Master of None
Cancer - In the kitchen sharpening their Norman-Knife
Virgo - Redoing-reapplying until all is perfect
Libra - AIR.. Light.. Flowy, Skinny - Loves the aesthetics
Scorpio - Dark. Hidden. Underground.
Sag - Outdoors, Paul Bunyan. Or Paul Bunyan outdoors.
Capricorn - "Heading a board meeting" LOL
Aquarius - Hugging the trees.
Pisces - "Wait..what?" diaphanous
March 30, 2022 at 05:33
(Cancer) GreenMoon » feelgoodwithuidoido
I m dyingggg, I laughed so hard. ´she has so many rainbows on things´
:61: :61: :61: :61: :61: :61:
March 30, 2022 at 08:55
(Cancer) 8danny8
This forum was made by a cancer, so of course I have to support a fellow crab... I have an Aries moon and Sagittarius rising (not to mention a Leo mars and mercury, so much for being a water sign...)

Aries... they´re fun! But we couldn´t get past the small talk.

Taurus... I know they would make the best cookies... if only they weren´t taking a nap during our movie date.

Gemini... wow, we have a lot to talk about! It´s always nice to be around someone who matches your energy. If only I knew what they were talking about...

Cancer... the chillest time. We take turns buying each other food.

Leo... nice that they brought me a gift! If only they stopped talking about their work out routine.

Virgo... they seem really put together, but I can feel them judging me...

Libra... it seemed like we really got along! But after our date they blocked me.

Scorpio... we like the same music, but now they keep dropping off CDs at my house... and I didn´t even tell them my address...

Sagittarius... our date was fun, but they moved to Italy the next morning.

Capricorn... they offered me some solid financial advice. I would have appreciated it more if I had asked...

Aquarius... would not stop talking about their three year old band that´s yet to release music.

Pisces... very empathetic, and our cats have the same name!
March 30, 2022 at 10:39
(Pisces) fishscales
:75:Aries-Good, no bullshit

Taurus-If female, very likely "she´s hot"

Gemini-no time for long winded conversations that go nowhere and don´t really need to be had

Cancer- No time for over-sensitivity/don´t feel like hanging out with someone who can´t leave their comfort zone

Leo- probably fun

Virgo-never know what to expect lately

Libra-opposite of Aries

Scorpio- no time for personal intrigue. Not interested in what kind of "power" you are trying to gain, over whom, etc.

Sagittarius- too much

Capricorn-finally someone who makes sense and approaches things in a measured, reasonable way

Aquarius - hope they´re not the overly intellectual kind or "weird for the sake of being weird"..

Pisces-where are my reality grounding boots?
March 30, 2022 at 11:19
(Taurus) Morena_Lu
Aries-if you need some truth to be told in your face they are for you( I like that ) they will start some fight first but also they will be there for you if you need them. If I need someone to be with me and to count on him- I would choose them, what can I say..they are on my DSC.

Taurus- stubborn and stubborn, but also very loyal, if they share their food with you they probably like you :4:. Don´t touch their movies and people they love because they can be a real nightmare.

Gemini- smart and flirtatious, but we always make some nice big square and the best is to avoid eachother :61: I always thought they lack some depth..but maybe I am wrong, still waiting some Gemini to prove me wrong.They can love you one minute/hate you another one and in a circle, but nothing last forever in their case.. because they get tired easily and they want some mental stimulation all the time...Very beautiful sign..

Cancer- Oh, if you are Cancer sun I probably like you already.🤣 Somehow I understand them, they understand me. Very nurturing sign, maybe sometimes more emotional than I want..but ok, I can handle it and make some pie for them while we watch Titanic.😅Come to mama🤣

Leo- we probably have some karmic debts, but I will enjoy their presence if they are not drama queens and narcissistic.. and we can be pretty good friends.Nice hair in general and they dress to impress...

Virgo- if I need some organisation I will probably call them, maybe I will not listen all of their advices..but I will be grateful for them. I would like them to be more spontaneous..but it is what it is.

Libra- pretty/diplomatic, sometimes I wish they were more honest..but they don´t want to hurt others, they like to have some balance in general but don´t have them around you when you need to decide will take some years...

Scorpio- there will be some instant crush or we will avoid eachother, depending on gender :61: Mysterious and obsessive, but there is some magic..who can handle them can be very happy with them.

Sagittarius-we will probably meet on some party, talk about philosophy /journeys and never see again. I love their positivism..

Capricorn- I love how practical they can be, ambitious, hard working, mature,mostly people don´t get them, and they stay lonely because they don´t feel accepted.

Aquarius- rebels with strange hair colour, I will probably look more than once on them just to calculate how many colours they have on them, funny /weird guys you wish you had around you any time people start to judge on others .. really good friends.

Pisces- I will probably fall in love with them and hope that they are not liars and gamblers/alcoholic, if they are not.. they are artistic and very nice people to be around.
May 7, 2022 at 10:35
(Virgo) Del65
An old clown sups beer and posts:

Aries: She´s strong... but wants to be disciplined.

Taurus: Nice & solid, but a bit of a cow.

Gemini: No doubt she thinks I´m a dork.

Cancer: An unknown quantity; I´m curious.

Leo: Can´t wait to drop the "neat" bomb round this ´Cool-Queen´ (in reference to [Leo] Madonna´s ´gag reflex´ when Kevin Costner said "neat" in her movie).

Virgo: A more attractive version of myself.

Libra: Strangely bland -- insofar as turncoats are bland.

Scorpio: I´ve heard the hype; I´m intrigued.

Sagittarius: Stupidity on a stick.

Capricorn: Beautiful... but might let me down.

Aquarius: Pretentious attempts to shock.

Pisces: The Land That Personality Forgot.
May 9, 2022 at 20:26
(Aries) Wolfmoon
Aries - Someone who´s got my back if shit goes cray cray.
Taurus - In the kitchen, in the fridge. Chocolate around the mouth "just sorting dinner"
Gemini - initially, "fuck yeah! Such conversations". After an hour "can´t I even take a piss without you talking through the door?"
Cancer - Moody and sulky. Don´t have the time to hear how everything upsets them. "I just want them to do what I think is best for them... I´ll hate them forever if they don´t"
Leo - Hot. Such hair. That fire.
Virgo - Some of the most awesome people. Just don´t walk with them past a stationary store... FFS half a day gone looking at pencils
Libra - Boring. Lazy. Indecisive. "Move bitch, get out da way"
Scorpio - Intense. Always be the friend. Never the enemy. Also someone good to know if shit goes haywire.
Sag - Awesome. The joviality. The laughter and all over the show conversations.
Capricorn - Cold. Give a hammer and a wall to build. They´ll be happy.
Aquarius - Awesome. The best conversations. Can spin a yarn and they´ll know where I´m going
Pisces - Delusional. Bit of a spinner. Never knowing what they want.
May 12, 2022 at 04:52
(Virgo) Del65 » Wolfmoon
May 12, 2022 at 07:42
(Aries) Owlmate
Here’s my contribution. (Warning: this is a generalizing view I’m expressing, since there could be significant exceptions in this world)

Aries: Hello kamikaze
Taurus: dorky mommy but great companion
Gemini: … can you actually have just one coherent opinion?
Cancer: *to myself* Ok, slow down, breathe… be careful…
Leo: Omnipotence delirium in 3, 2, 1…
Virgo: Precise precise precise precise precise and suddenly hilarious. Somehow I like that but-
Libra: I wanna make them angry and impolite, no matter what
Scorpio: Best partner in crimes (;
Sagittarius: Friends at first glance.
Capricorn: You are the sexiest one out here but no one understands that. Please, don’t always be so fucked up or done: life can be a joke at times but you are intelligent enough to get that things will certainly change (they’re already changing) and that you have the potential to increase your inner power. Not everything comes from material successes and even if you may lose some challenges, be sure that – if you only realize it – you will win over your worst enemies, which are the giant expectations you have towards yourself. And remember again that you’re sexy and please give us a bright smile. I know you’re able to do it.
Aquarius: omg what are you
Pisces: Stop dreaming about musicals and Disneyland PLEASE
May 12, 2022 at 10:06
(Leo) Anni23
Aries- keep a wiiiiide berth at all times

Taurus- hmmmr, if I can get them out of their house then they can show me their favourite cafe

Gemini- could be seriously interesting but neurotic and erratic

Cancer- will they trust me?? Will they trust anyone??

Leo- meh, could be "alright", at least won´t mess me around and will be difficult to offend

Virgo- I Know your tactics! And as a virgo sun your even more likely to be judging

Libra- could be nice, if the vacillating "behind the scenes" commentary doesn´t accidentally place them in several social scenes at once :61:

Scorpio- Yikes. Just yikes. I don´t have so much experience with Scorpio suns but for a time I´ll listen to conspiracy theories with possible interest before my brain is zapped and also start to be paranoid and bitter, because apparently "blue cannot be blue"
And there´s a gremlin living in the pipes

Sagittarius- Saggitarius, Saggitarius, Saggitarius. There´s another accused of arrogance but Oh how are you overlooked by those who don´t know you for this. And how you hide it behind exuberance?
(Or a scorpionic facade for those with Scorpio placements)
And yes... Of course you are So open minded :61:

Capricorn- actually very decent people. But just try judging me then I´ll remind you of the relative lack of Order and chaotic structures that make our lives fragmentary and disorderly

Aqua. :47: You make generally avoidant people incensed.
Just to provoke a reaction. Any reaction at all
And I know that your logic isn´t logic but a uranian balancing act of fabricated pieces of reality

Pisces- you could be nice... I just don´t know if misunderstandings of English and misinterpreted wrong doings will get between us
May 15, 2022 at 10:36
(Virgo) moonlike347
This is just the first thing that comes up to my mind about each zodiac !

Aries- they are fast, I´m too slow for them
Taurus- Like beautiful things, but very fixed ( in their ways)
Gemini- good actors, curious, tricky or mischievous
Cancer- emotional, passive
Leo- Confident and like to look good too much
Virgo- devious and perfectionists
Libra- Shallow, and tend to be a bit judgmental
Scorpio- dark mysterious and possessive
Sagittarius- Knowledgeable, intellectuals, fun (unlike me)
Capricorn- levelheaded, hardworking
Aquarius- weird and good at fashion design, perfectionists in that field
Pisces- sensitive, romantic, dreamy
May 15, 2022 at 14:18
(Leo) Zephyrin
I strongly agree with Sag part GreenMoon :4:

Aries: may turn into a drama queen immediately
Taurus: he/she loves you as long as you are a great cook
Gemini: I hope he/she is not kleptomaniac
Cancer: either seeks ways to backstab you or protect you
Leo: tells stories when playin with his/her beautiful mane
Virgo: *glares at your outfit*
Libra: always well-groomed
Scorpio: You are not part of their life, not now.
Sag: Looks silent but actually sociable
Capricorn: Need to use viagra
Aquarius: likes attracting attention, just doesn´t admit
Pisces: his/her mood changes every 5 mins, may decide to be your enemy.

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