What are the first few things you look for in a birth chart?

March 22, 2022 at 15:18 (UT/GMT)
(Taurus) Fer_10
What are the first few things you look for in a birth chart?
A placement? A certain configuration? Any intense aspects?

What are the first handful of things you look for when reading a person’s natal chart?

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March 24, 2022 at 09:39
(Leo) Anni23
The balance of elements, /domiant planets and repeated themes>attitudes
March 24, 2022 at 09:50
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
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Depends on the question at hand

If general, then ascendant, sun, moon, NN and SN, but eventually the whole chart then after
March 24, 2022 at 13:25
(Cancer) Martin_B_D
The first I look at the ascendant and its ruler.

The ASC ruler is the most important planet in a horoscope, because it represents the person´s life and character. So I want to know:

1. which planet it is, (It reveals his/her basic character)
2. in which house it is, (because it´s usually a very important area of life)
3. in which sign it is, (whether it is a sign of detriment/domicile/fall/exaltation, ...)
4. what aspects does it receive or render (the most important is the first applying aspect)
5. and what is its general state (sect, phases, dignities, ...)
March 24, 2022 at 16:28
(Taurus) Astro-Seek.com
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I usually first look at the whole chart, not paying attention to anything specific - this helps me to sink into it.
Than I check nodes, Vx and Lilith.
After that I usually go for OOB planets to see if there´s any.
Sun, planets around the Sun and so on...
March 25, 2022 at 02:24
(Taurus) Rosincvist
There are obvious things like Grand-X `probably´ means an outstanding modality emphasis.
A Grand :193: `probably´ means an element emphasis.
Because I listened to Radio-Astrologer on KFOX for three years, I roster :151:, :152:, :153:, :154:, :155:, :156:, :157:, :199:, :159:, :160: & then :164: because the Magi Astrologers had to get :164: as an important planet after all the other modern Astrologers!
Both Martin Seymour-Smith and the Magi Society reserve excitement for one degree orb or less aspects. A half dg. orb is twice as powerful as a one dg. orb.
A quarter dg. orb is a quantum entanglement and the only time that a combust is transmuted into a Cazimi!
If I see an `aught-zero´ time, I can´t assume that there is too much to say about the most important of the three majors; "The Ascendant"
March 25, 2022 at 03:50
(Aries) lilyth
Planets in the weird houses lol
March 25, 2022 at 17:26
(Cancer) ZeinaZ

I first look for important areas in the chart that stand out, whatever they are, repeated patterns to a certain planet/s then I branch out to the whole chart. Aspects to the Asc. Saturn, Moon and Sun also.
March 25, 2022 at 17:59
(Virgo) Etherealmind » lilyth
March 25, 2022 at 18:03
(Virgo) Etherealmind » Martin_B_D
Interesting method!

Why don´t you look at the Sun first ? I´ve already read that the ASC ruler is also important but not as important as the Sun or the ASC ... ? Maybe I´m wrong, do you have some experiences/proofs to share regarding the ASC ruler ?
March 25, 2022 at 20:55
(Taurus) Fer_10
Thank you very much for your comments ! I personally see the House of Saturn and the difficulties/obstacles aspects of life. I find that that is a main aspect that cannot be seen from the surface and it shows the power of astrology. Good to use on skeptics or curious people.

I also see the sect and the planets more positive/negative in relation to the sect.
March 26, 2022 at 00:52
(Scorpio) YRashawn
1. Where are the planets distributed? Eastern, western, northern, or southern hemisphere or multiple? This gives me a broad look at the type of person I´m looking at such as are they extroverted, introverted, public, or private. As well as any stelliums because they represent a concentration of energy and highlight the more pertinent areas of life.
2. Rising. I think we all understand the importance of this placement as it represents the native himself/herself: temperament, environment, physical appearance, etc. I then look at the chart ruler. Where is the ruler of the ascendant located and what sign is it in? This will tell you the projection of the person´s life. Is it in aversion (6th, 8th, 12th)?
3. Day chart or night chart. This is a Hellenistic tradition known as Sect. If the Sun is above the horizon, I know which team of planets are most beneficial for the native, as well as those that are problematic and vice versa if the Sun is below the horizon.
4. Saturn´s placement and condition. This planet keeps us in bound as it is the gatekeeper for our realm. I want to get an idea of the querents sense of limitation and how they fit in the world at large. Which area of life will have the most responsibility and setbacks, but also the greatest reward?
5. Aspect patterns. I am big on aspect patterns; on my YouTube channel I speak about them rather frequently. An aspect patterns such a stellium, grand trine, grand cross, T-square provides information on the patterns and cycles in one´s life. Not every chart has aspect patterns, but if one does it has a story
6. Nodal Axis. These are sensitive points that allow me to see the soul of a person. Where do they come from? The nodes are powerful as they ARE the reason why the chart is formulated in the manner it is. It is to push the native towards the north node.
Also, charts are different and some of them are easier delineated by starting with the ascendant, sun sign, and in some cases the nodal axis. It also depends on the querent. They may begin a consultation wanting to know about marriage, to which I would look to the 7th place. In the case of career, the 6th and 10th and as the reading progresses, I work around the chart.
March 26, 2022 at 05:45
(Cancer) Martin_B_D » Etherealmind
Because the Sun is not as important as the ASC and its ruler.
The Sun can signify for example a father, or a noble person in ones life, but it doesn´t always represents the native.

I don´t know, what do you mean by sharing experiences.
March 26, 2022 at 22:44
(Virgo) Etherealmind » Martin_B_D
I always read and heard that the Sun is your identity, your will/intentions, who you are ... I think it´s too much simplification saying that it mainly means a father/noble person and not necessarily the personal identity.

For example, Do you have celebrity charts to show/prove/explain why the ASC ruler can be more important than the Sun regarding your theory :):)
March 27, 2022 at 20:02
(Scorpio) OS*
-moon Nakshatra, and where the lord is placed

-ascendant lord placement, planets in houses 1-4-7-10

-Saturn, Rahu Ketu

-aspects and planetary relationships. (I apply 7 planets and lunar nodes)

-current mahadasha-antardasha, transits


I don´t read charts, I study them. but this is pretty much where I start.
March 28, 2022 at 00:17
(Sagittarius) LanaRen » Leo_Ness
Vx and Lilith? Interesting, what are you looking for in this point and planet to pinpoint the essence of a chart?
March 28, 2022 at 00:32
(Sagittarius) LanaRen » Martin_B_D
I also heard that Saturn represents your father or an authoritative figure. Some astrologers seem to claim one or another. Sun makes more sense as Moon is the representative of a mother figure. Older resources seem to lean more to the Saturn side. I love astrology, there´s always something new you get to learn!
March 28, 2022 at 05:55
(Cancer) Martin_B_D » Etherealmind
You probably base your opinions on modern astrology, I focus more on the traditional one.

There are many examples, take for instance horoscope of Angelina Jolie:

Her Sun is in the 12th house (whole sigh), but the ruler of the ASC is in the 10th house.

The Sun in the 12th could mean (if she was the Sun), she was invisible, or she might be locked in hospital or jail.

But the ruler of the ASC in 10th gives her high status and visibility and focus on carrier.

p.s. I didn´t say "it mainly means a father/noble person" but that "it can signify for example a father, or a noble person"
The Sun can also be a job, a house, a husband, a child, a friend, ...
March 28, 2022 at 06:06
(Cancer) Martin_B_D » LanaRen
There are many opinions on this subject.
Some astrologers claim, that Saturn is a father in a nocturnal chart, but the Sun in a diurnal chart.
I have found from my experience that the Sun is usually the father, but I have found also few cases, where Saturn signified him.
March 28, 2022 at 14:23
(Aries) Lisalis
North nodes and personal planets aspects
March 28, 2022 at 15:25
(Virgo) LotusStar
I always like to look at the Moon first, sign and house placement of the Moon. I feel that´s the core of a person.

And then usually the hard aspects tend to jump out at me, and stelliums or planets conjunct nodes...
March 28, 2022 at 19:03
(Leo) Lilplayer822 » YRashawn
I like this, what is your YouTube channel?
March 30, 2022 at 23:39
(Scorpio) Yugen___
Definitely Intense aspects and your aspects to your personal planets especially the relationship between your sun moon and mercury and sometimes Neptune but for the intensity I look for Lilith and Pluto aspects and house placements :) so yeeee.
March 31, 2022 at 03:46
(Cancer) 8danny8
Hi darling,
There are quite a few aspects that are essential to performing any reading. While the sun sign is important, there are many other aspects that astrologers must dive into to give an accurate and insightful reading.

I always start with the rising sign. While planetary placements are quintessential, the rising sign lets you know what house each of these planets lay in. Then, I like to look to the moon. The moon is so much more than just your emotions: it shows your relationship with your mother, your childhood, your deeper desires. It gives you an idea of who this person is at their core.

After that, I address the sun sign. Particularly now that we can see which house it is in, we can see what they pride themselves upon and where their sense of self begins. For example, if we are looking at a Taurus with his sun and mercury in his third house of communication and local community, we can see Taurus prides himself upon his community and may suffer from codependency. He may be stubborn as a bull in his communication style, but it is what makes Taurus himself!

Then, I like to look at their mercury (communication), mars (aggression, how they take action, sexual passion), and venus (aesthetics and love language). What placements they have here and what house they are in are of grave importance.

An aspect that often gets overlooked is one´s North Node. The North Node is essential in every person´s life as it gives key insight into their past lives and what energy they need to harness in this lifetime. I also am a huge fan of one´s Lilith because it shows their "alter ego" or aspects that they repress.

I hope this was helpful. Blessings :74: :17: :68:
March 31, 2022 at 14:33
(Virgo) Etherealmind » Martin_B_D
Okay :):) I understand better now !! Thanks for the explanations :):)
April 4, 2022 at 11:36
(Gemini) Çimen_gözlü
Personally I look at the aspects the planets make to each other. Then the houses and lastly the signs they are in.

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