Astrochronicles 3/22

March 22, 2022 at 06:39 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles 3/22
Tuesday morning
Mercury and Jupiter met in Pisces yesterday. There´s no point in going too deep into it, it´s such a strangely selfish and slightly autistic constellation. The hubbards in fantasy land. Pisces energy is boundless, overflowing, indefinable, very artistic, dreamy, imaginative, whereas both Mercury and Jupiter are more like intellectuals who blather on for hours and hours. The image of two intoxicated men in a teahouse, over a cup of Granny´s garden, fruit tea, smoking a hookah, and philosophizing about the meaning of existence. In theory, they could really come to some interesting conclusions... but we´ll take it as a bit of a waste of time.
Much more interesting, because the more conflicting aspect of the evening awaits us. Mars will cross Uranus and it will be a blast because that conflict will be felt physically, existentially. We´re going to be pissed, we´re going to be pissed off, we´re going to be thrown off our saddle. Mars is in Aquarius, so he´s not gonna really give a shit, he´s gonna go all out on us. We can turn a blind eye to the obvious, we can lie to ourselves about a lot of things, but the fact is we´re going to see the truth. or at least part of it. How things really are. And the truth is that we´ve been sleeping a very deep sleep, and that the powers that be have taken advantage of that. We don´t even know how, and we find ourselves in a new totalitarianism. It´s going gradually, by the system of boiled frogs, only censoring inappropriate opinions, officially under the guise of fighting against defections. Remember, it´s simple language. "Disinformation" means "I don´t have an argument", and similarly "pro-Kremlin drivel" means "it doesn´t suit our purposes". Don´t be fooled, they only want your good. But it´s good not to have it taken away.
Mars square Uranus can mean the first open declaration of disobedience, rebellion. I´d say if a movement, philosophy or political party arises these days, it will be brutally anti-system. But given Aquarian energy, it may not go the traditional route at all. It´s just going to suddenly turn out that there´s quite a large number of people who are just saying NO. ENOUGH. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
But don´t be fooled, it can manifest in the outer world as well as the inner. Ask yourself: where do I rebel? Where do I say "thank you, that´s enough"? What needs to be cut off in your life, what needs to be got rid of like old skin? You need to forget your fears and confusions, or maybe just realize that these are thought constructs, systems that we feed energetically, with our attention. The truth is we don´t need civilization, we don´t need achievements. We need that which does not limit us. And if there is something in our lives that limits us, that takes away our freedom, then let´s get rid of it. Let´s take it away. Let´s make our choice. We have the right to do anything, and we don´t need anyone´s approval. Actually, yes, it´s our....that one that´s holding us back. Let´s give ourselves permission. Let´s give ourselves permission. Let´s dare. Our very existence is justification!

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