Astrochronicles 3/17

March 17, 2022 at 13:45 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles 3/17
Thursday 17th

The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.
And very few people really get through that piss.

Today we have Mercury sextile Uranus and the Sun square the Black Moon. It´s a strangely rewarding, intuitive day, with new "i see" moments coming, but somehow spontaneously rather than of our own making. The Moon in Virgo will support our exploratory and probing mod, but it´s not super aspected in any way, rather we´ll feel a bit frazzled. On a thought level, we are open to new impulses, we can think outside the box, we admit that things are probably quite different, we can already read between the lines and some propaganda already seems ridiculous. Yet something hits us in a sensitive place. It´s almost as if it knows us and waits quietly in the darkness for us to reveal ourselves, to dig ourselves out. It is something that floods us with more and more images, whether from war, from politics, from the media, etc., and forces us to react, to take a stand, preferably a radical one... It feeds into our feeling that we should be informed and know which one is beating, so to speak...because that gives us some kind of security...except that it only brings out the more primitive, lizard part of us in the end anyway. I´d call it the "call of the tribal soul", which is something along the lines of "be like the rest of us, fit in with the herd, don´t stand out, belong to the majority, it´s safe and gives you a sense of belonging". But what to do when the majority behaves like lemmings about to jump off a cliff? Well, self-awareness. Just learn to watch how these energies work.
That feeling, which has now taken roughly the form of "hang up your Ukrainian flag, judge Putin and Russia, and don´t question the government, the EU or NATO" sits beautifully with our sense that we have to belong somewhere. After religion quietly evaporated, other ideas, philosophies have taken its place with varying success and failure, of which communism was the strongest, in the sense that it gave some sense of belonging and that we belong somewhere... after the 1990s, it too disappeared, and for a long time we lived in this strange void...until 2020, when we started to believe in covidism...and now, even though we are presented with pre-chewed, pre-packaged messages, things finally seem to make sense again. Only it´s all completely false. No state is holy and no state is evil. There is no victim and there is no aggressor. It´s just labels being thrown around. And it´s not about Russia or Ukraine at all, those are just the means...once the powers that be see that attention wanes, they will change the scenery and find us other objects to focus our hatred or our "love" on. Rather, we should ask in whose interest is it to take any radical positions at all? Who benefits from being resentful, angry, frustrated, feeling powerless? Who benefits from the fact that your getting pissed off essentially becomes a mass, directed, programmed pissing off? I don´t know about you...but I´d rather decide for myself. I don´t want televie, the media, Facebook, telling me what to fear, what to hate, etc. I´m not in Orwell´s 1984 and there are no Hate Minutes going on...although a few people could use it badly...
So it´s Sun energy square Black Moon. They wiped your ass and you didn´t even notice. On the other hand, just come back to yourself and be aware...and you´ll watch how that energy can turn around.
I am eternally grateful for this time. Among other things, it shows me in what areas I´m still falling for other people´s agendas. I´m learning to be more forgiving of myself, I´m also learning that there really is no adversary out there, that the state is really just the external equivalent of the ego, our overdeveloped structure that God knows thinks it has to run it all... I´m learning that all changes, even small changes on the inside, result in something changing on the outside. War is just a manifestation of wanting to fight an inner part of ourselves. A lot of us think more guns are the solution. But when we are fighting sides that have their antecedents in ourselves...isn´t it pointless to fight ourselves? Isn´t it better to integrate? To make peace? To give everyone their rightful place? Even to Russia? Your inner Russia, of course.
If we see it on an internal level, then we understand that the attack is essentially a cry for attention, for help. For someone to talk to us, to give us attention, not to ignore us.
So the next time you´re angry at Russia over another attack, try saying: Hello, unacknowledged, rejected part of the world, welcome. Hello, my unacknowledged inner part, I see you. I would love to wipe you off the face of the earth...but I can´t, you are my shadow and you belong to me.

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