Astrochronicles 3/13

March 13, 2022 at 18:56 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles 3/13
Sunday 13th March
Sun in Pisces meets Neptune. The hero, shining, fearless, the representative of our self, our uniqueness, moves through an unknown land of which nothing concrete can be said. It is unstable, constantly changing, undulating and reshaping, strangely fluid; on the other hand, the movement is subtle but slow. Rather, it flutters in the wind.
The hero has arrived in Poseidon´s realm. His strength, his heroic things mean nothing here. The rules of Poseidon apply here. But he is, unlike Brother Hades, also quite merciful and has a heart. Our hero suddenly sees that he has lost. In quotation marks. He was still acting, still trying to do something, literally driving like a jet-lagged mouse. Our whole life, our whole civilization is like a hamster in a wheel. And now, for the first time in history.
we have an opportunity
to stop
to stop it.
To let go.
To let go of all effort, all effort.
It´s already decided!
It´s over. Sit down and wait for the result.
They´re still trying to keep us busy, creating new stories for us.
And who?
And not ourselves?
Anyway, it doesn´t matter.
The important thing is: stop.
To say stop.
That´s enough.
Your scripts are already stale and embarrassing.
We don´t have to play other people´s scripts anymore.
We can choose our own.
But first we have to understand that we can. That we are the creators.
If we don´t like the picture we see,
...let´s not try to change the image, it´s impossible.
Let´s change ourselves, we are the ones in the picture.
So far we have been going through the pain, the wanting, the wanting, the succumbing, the intensity...but mostly the pain and the hurting.
Now we see the harvest. The hurting is going nowhere, and we sincerely thank Vladimir Vladimirovich for showing us the dead end. He thinks there´s no other way. Because he sees no other way. But we already know and we can see it.
Let us also thank our politicians, who have beautifully come to teach us how not to do things. They´ve shown us the wrong example. For a long time to come, the phrase "service to the citizens" will have a bitter aftertaste. But there is no other way.
And then let´s take our lives into our own hands. Let´s take responsibility. Let´s grow up. Let´s make a better world, let´s make a better life for ourselves. We can. We´re capable of it. It´s not impossible.
The Sun with Neptune shows that even faith the size of a mustard seed will move a mountain.

by Teacup horoscopes

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