4 planets in 5th house

March 11, 2022 at 08:45 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) Audriiizy_
4 planets in 5th house
What does this mean? I have Jupiter, sun, mercury, and venus. My 5th house is ruled by Virgo .

I also have libra ruling my 6th house but some of its energy falls into the 5th if I’m not mistaken.

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March 11, 2022 at 14:58
(Cancer) ZeinaZ

Those are nice placements, especially the Sun which rules the 5th house. Being in Virgo, except Venus in its own sign Libra may indicate you´re a creative and romantic person with an inner child that likes to express itself.

See these as broadly as possible, creativity can come in many ways, even children (also related to the 5th house). Romantic could indicate being warm, engaging, on the idealistic side (your Sun and Mercury trine Neptune), focused on the self, etc. These are even more expanded for you especially since you have conjunction with Jupiter.

Being in Virgo and Venus near the cusp of the 6th house gives a more grounded Earthy energy to the above. You could use that or already be using it by creating tangible things.

Issues that may arise from this combination is the possibility of being perfectionist, as in not being satisfied with what you create, or focusing too much on details. Venus trines Saturn, and Saturn is opposite Chiron in Leo in the 4th, in which the Sun rules Leo so the energy from that opposition goes into the Sun expression. Mercury also receives energy from the Virgo placements, which it rules.

If you´re more gentle with yourself and have less perfectionist views towards things then more satisfaction in your work would be felt. If you don´t resonate with this then it´s expressing itself in other ways.

Just my two cents.
March 12, 2022 at 02:08
(Taurus) feelgoodwithuidoido
Zeina painted a great picture of it. Those placements are all very positive for art, beauty, creativity, and children.

I think you can make money easily with Mars in 2 and Sat in 10, but the Virgo under anxiety or stress will overthink or over-analyze or criticize. I think exercise is really good to help reset the mind of Virgo and keep you in your body, and grounded and balanced.

You might have so much creativity that it could be a challenge to prioritize or focus with changes in mind and mood from :155: :173: and :152: :181: So finding your method to channel the flow while it´s on and not wear yourself out or spread yourself out too thinly over too many projects or ideas would seem to be important themes with this grouping.
March 12, 2022 at 05:39
(Virgo) Audriiizy_ » ZeinaZ
Yes this resonates very much, thank you.
I am a portrait artist. & I have been told that I am really harsh on myself when it comes to critiquing my own work .

& the way I’ve always justified it was.
Knowing I like my work, and knowing I create really good art , but constantly reminding myself that there’s always ways to improve. There’s always aspects I could use more practice in.
March 12, 2022 at 05:43
(Virgo) Audriiizy_ » feelgoodwithuidoido
& this definitely makes sense as well.

I do have so many ideas , that I want to bring to fruition.

Sometimes I get stuck critiquing my drawings and I just put it to the side , and decide I’ll go back to it when I learn how to draw or create that particular part I’m struggling with.

Now I have so many drawings that are so close to being done , and so many other creative ventures I’m pursueing.

I want to do all of it. It’s hard to prioritize just one 😩
March 12, 2022 at 11:49
(Cancer) ZeinaZ » Audriiizy_

I understand, I have 6th house placements and there´s this strong sense to keep on picking on something continuously, which leads to unnecessary stress.

feelgood above suggested positive ways to sublimate that energy into physical activities that aren´t idea related to relax the mind.

Also, your Venus in Libra has the potential to balance those energies out if you focus more on what speaks to what you value more than the technique. Venus trines Saturn and MC, indicating an ability for positive structure. The squares to both Uranus and Neptune might be giving those idealistic drives and need to keep changing things or opening new projects.

With Saturn you learn things over time, as I said try to be gentle with yourself, you could do many things, and it´s helpful if you focus on your internal values rather than what´s out there. What do you value to express in your art?
March 12, 2022 at 14:33
(Taurus) feelgoodwithuidoido » Audriiizy_
Yeah, I think you´ll have endless streams of ideas, opportunities, and projects...but always finite amounts of focus.

I dated someone with very strong Virgo in her chart, and it´s why I suggested the exercise as a way to transmute and cleanse that very specific style of tension that comes with the Virgo-perfectionism. Part of the neuropathway or overwhelm circuit is purely hormonal.

She reset this using exercise and then was also helped by eliminating processed foods. My perception of the process wasn´t energetic sublimation per se but creating a hard break from the neural pathways and accompanying hormonal reset.

So whatever the pathways or strategies to gaining clarity and prioritizing, keep building those tools and practices, and your art and ability to maintain peace amidst it will grow with you as you align with your long-term vision. :80:
March 13, 2022 at 01:04
(Virgo) Audriiizy_ » ZeinaZ
Thank you.
I’m defiantly going to start doing more physical activities with that intention.

& purposeful creating has been on my mind a lot lately. I value purpose, impact, and integrity.

I began drawing portraits and now get so many commission requests from people all over the country. Thanks to my ig platform .
Art/ drawing is a passion of mine.. and it’s a plus that it’s a source of income.

I’m very grateful for this. But at the same time I haven’t felt like I’m fulfilling my purpose doing so.

& I’ve started mentoring youth. & coming up with diff ideas , still creating but in a diff way.

Creating planners for youth in juvi is a creative venture I would like to focus on this year. I want to do it even if I make no money from it. Mentoring youth is another passion of mine.

Considering I may be going thru my Saturn return has me confused about it all. & what I should be putting my all into. 🥴

But learning to prioritize is def what I plan to do, starting now.

Thanks so much .. you’ve really helped me gained clarity. I’m extremely grateful.
March 13, 2022 at 01:06
(Virgo) Audriiizy_ » feelgoodwithuidoido
I’ve been learning a lot from Joe dispenza lately. & how to transmute energy.
So your suggestion to exercise as a way to transmute the tension def makes a lot of sense to me.

I’ve also been learning a lot about perception. & I’m going to get out of my own head.

I know it takes intentional habit building . & I am excited to begin really implementing this.

Thanks so much for your input, it helps way more than you know .
March 13, 2022 at 02:21
(Taurus) feelgoodwithuidoido » Audriiizy_
I like Joe Dispenza a lot. Resonate with and integrate consciously with your future self to transmute the energies/patterns that pull your momentum in other directions. The concepts of "believing is seeing" / projected reality are powerful places to start being an artist of reality.

I think it´s actually okay and you don´t have to get out of your head. You just need to be directing the overall flow and consciously aware enough in each moment to know if you´re aligned with the greater loving intelligence of your guides and higher self, etc. The monkey mind will become gradually more quiet and diminutive as your identity incorporates more and more peace, self-acceptance and resonates inward within harmonics and rhythms of coherence and love.

"Thanks so much for your input, it helps way more than you know." :80: :3:
March 13, 2022 at 12:37
(Cancer) ZeinaZ » Audriiizy_

I have Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th and I find mentoring and tutoring children very rewarding too.

Saturn returns are talked about negatively usually, though that´s where life gets even more clearer for us. You´ll already sensing more focus towards your purpose and necessary changes to your ego structure as you near it. It´s important though not to hang on to anything that wasn´t working for you just because you´re used to it. Our habits, whether mental, emotional or physical are not us, these are only adaptations to live in the world.

When I went through mine, I had no idea about astrology lol, but either way it was definitely an eye opening phase for me. Whatever happened helped me get to this point now.

Whether psychological sublimation, energy sublimation, transmutation, neural pathways, yoga, etc. are all different techniques that basically do the same thing. Use whatever works for you because each person is different to what they respond to.

"Thanks so much .. you’ve really helped me gained clarity. I’m extremely grateful."

Blessings and I wish you the best on your journey. 🙏🏻

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