Change of job/carrer

March 10, 2022 at 07:19 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) Drakusha
Change of job/carrer
I have a very routine job in insurance which I hate, but since I was working remotely for last 2 years it wasn´t as stressful as it usually is. Now we are moving back to the office which is too far away from me, about 2 hour road. Is there anything in my transits that indicate a change of a job or carrer this year and in which field? Please advise me, I feel extremely hopeless. Thank you!

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March 10, 2022 at 08:28
(Cancer) Sir Ching
You have Pluto entering the 10th house and conjunct natal Uranus. This indicates that your career will transform into something completely different over the next 8 years or so.
You might think about starting your own business because your probably not going to want to put up with any bosses or supervisors. If you have any sales experience that could give you freedom to control your schedule and hours. You could offer a service or something that helps people or makes their lives better. You have Uranus trine Mercury so your probably intelligent and with natal Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th house you could land yourself some customers. Just some thoughts for you.

I´ve have had Pluto in the 10th house for about 4 years now. Its really got me rethinking what do I want to do. Its a shaky feeling not being sure of what you want or starting to move in a new direction. I´d say so far the changes in my career have been me taking more control and taking more responsibilities. I think this Pluto energy helps you realize that these people you respect and look up to, really aren´t all that special.
March 10, 2022 at 09:02
(Virgo) Drakusha » Sir Ching
Thank you for your answer!
My problem is not not knowing what I want to do, I know what I love to do and how I wanna do that. Problem is that my profession doesn´t really let me work in those fields. All I get is routine jobs. I would love to start something new and I´ve been thinking about starting my own business for a while, I don´t wanna have a boss and I wanna have my schedule, but it´s really hard because my salary is quite low and I don´t get to save enough money to start something on my own. So I was wondering maybe some transits indicate that things will change for good somehow. My main interest is filmmaking, photography and teaching

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