Teacup horoscopes 3.3.

March 3, 2022 at 15:30 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Teacup horoscopes 3.3.
March 3rd...a day that is seemingly like any other...and yet has something that is not quite grasped. Today, Pluto joined Venus and Mars on their journey together, creating an interesting, oddly subtle mix. On the outside it may be nothing, but on the inside there is tremendous power.
One thing is significant here: most of the planets are placed in yin, passive, feminine signs. Luna is in Pisces and moving away from Neptune and slowly coming into sextile with that trine of ours. Mercury has exchanged information with Saturn and the Sun is coming into conjunction with Jupiter. This, dear friends, does not look like a world war, or even a tense battle, more like a truce... I was quite afraid of this trine at first, given that it´s very strong, challenging and rolls everything...but more and more I find that it´s actually quite good. It actually makes things come to the surface, especially things we had no idea about. It also brings to the surface the fact that if we decide to play the devil´s game, then let´s be damn careful not to become the devil ourselves in the hunt for him. The devil´s greatest trick is that he has no face of his own and borrows someone else´s. If you don´t like that Christian terminology and you don´t like the polarity of good/evil, try to think of it in a different way, like truth versus lie, or "pro-life" versus "anti-life", peace or war.
The risk that comes with this triple conjunction is that we may indeed see the devil, and begin to fight him...But that devil has neither the face of Putin, nor NATO, nor the EU, nor other supposedly labelled parties...it is our own face. I hate the eso-speak like "you summoned the energy", "think about what you have to do with it" or "all parties are guilty", but when I think about this energy, I have no choice but to say that it brings the energy of "whoever you are without guilt, cast the first stone". Play the blame game and who started it first...and when you´ve had enough, then I expect you, said Pluto. It´s as if Pluto just said "ok, so since you have so many fears, blocks and unprocessed energies inside you, let´s make them all visible, bring them to the surface, throw everything to a grand extreme...and either these people will get it or there will be no people, either we will change or another species will come along. The dolphins, by the way, are already waiting impatiently in the crowd....
Pluto really doesn´t suffer from sentimentality or considerations, he doesn´t care about people, the Wholeness is important to him. It´s that the energies flow and don´t slow down, don´t stop, don´t repress. Many people would like to stone, crucify, and have not noticed that it is not the time for that anymore. Humanity as a whole entered adulthood some time ago, and up until now has had some time to advocate and to take responsibility...but now I don´t think it will go the way it used to. It´s certainly not going to go the way that any part of the whole, even the worst part, is going to be singled out, stomped on, cut off, suppressed. Russia (and Putin) is there and will be there, it won´t just go away, sanctions won´t really do anything to it... besides, in the age of globalization, we might as well get the hell over it, what we do to others will come back to us...
Try to imagine that Russia, in the person of Putin, symbolizes the energies that we have rejected, suppressed, that are simply "ehhh" for us. The shadow side of the collective personality, thought of in the Western world. The East, the Middle East and other countries, as you can see, do not play this strange game, God knows... We threw it all out of the window, and now we look terribly surprised that it´s coming back through the door, and that it´s not only crying out for attention, but it´s coming right in, it´s attacking, it´s challenging all our values, it almost seems to be destroying us. But it´s not destroying us, it´s just come to destroy all destructive ideas, about us, about life. It caught us in a lie. We´ve been lying to ourselves and we´ve been doing it for so long that we´ve come to believe it. And it came and it just says "hey, I´m your shadow, and I have my needs and my demands, and if you meet them, everything will be ok...and you´ll be ok too" It´s just that we can´t accept that anything could be any different, because our Potemkin village of our carefully constructed psyche would collapse like a house of cards. But that´s exactly what this conjunction tends to do. And it will do it to everyone, on a collective level, it will do it even to Putin, to whom it will hold up a mirror and show something like "just because you don´t trust anyone on principle and consider everything foreign to be Nazism doesn´t mean it is...invading a neighboring country just because of a psychological block has no excuse..." Zelensky, on the other hand, can hear "It´s fine to make a hero of yourself, but where were you when one part of your country was fighting another part? You just stood by and didn´t lift a finger. And expecting someone else to pull hot chestnuts out of the fire for you again is also stupid, you´re just a useful idiot for America, you see for yourself that they send weapons, but they don´t want to get their hands dirty, they let you wash your hands in it alone." One could go on like this indefinitely with seven billion people, it "sits" on a slightly different trauma for everyone...plus the plutonian lesson can be completely different...it can be a fleeting caress and support from somewhere inside, or it can be a total foot-stomp from some completely unsuspected direction. The overall tuning of the current astrological situation then just reiterates the basic one: are you pro-life or anti-life? Are you pro-truth or pro-lie? Do you want to fight to the point of exhaustion, even at the risk of taking innocents around, or do you want to try to find a solution? Because there are many beings waiting around, the whole Universe is curious about this lesson we earthlings are about to learn. We can think of it as our galactic graduation. Will we pass? It´s all in our hands.

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March 3, 2022 at 15:55
(Aquarius) atlantickush
I enjoyed that, cheers Steve

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