World as classroom

February 28, 2022 at 08:52 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
World as classroom
Imagine the world as a school classroom. We have class nerds, class bullies, hotties and beauties, weirdos, emo, punks, and just those who don´t fit in, and the pretty uninteresting and bland. In the classroom there is one big bunch of the good ones, the good ones, the obedient ones, in short the positive ones, who are trying to control and dominate the class. Then there´s the class sissy, the one who has a bad reputation, is slandered, not accepted, nobody wants to be friends with him, who eventually finds a sort of alliance with the bespectacled intellectual and the little, complex tyrant.
Nobody likes this Sigur, he´s not even popular with the teachers, although they at least respect him. The kids are afraid of him, but most of all they make him a scarecrow. Exemplary example. Bad boy, bad boy. He´s the one to blame, he´s the provocateur... in Old Testament times and before, the old goat was "weighed down with sins", he was cursed, cussed at the top of his lungs, and energetically sent the most negative things that had built up in people to him, until he was finally banished to the desert where he was left to his fate (and God). But what works in the holy books doesn´t work in this class of ours. That negative energy isn´t going anywhere. In our story, the goat and God took all the blame...but in our classroom, it was thrown at the Siger.
After one of the situations where he was again unfairly blamed, Sigur suddenly woke up...he understood. He understood that no one would ever truly accept him. He stopped begging to be accepted, to be accepted, to be accepted, to be counted among the "right" ones. He understood that it was all just a game. Different actors have different roles. And so he thought, okay, I accept it, I´ll play the part with you. And he slipped into the role of Sigurd quite naturally. Suddenly he started to enjoy it. Suddenly, he went all out. Even if he was going to die, he decided not to survive, but to live. He would take what was his and look to no one. And the first thing he´ll do is settle things with his neighbor, who keeps teasing him, but what probably offended him the most was that he got together with that bunch of good guys. Him! Who he´s been on good terms with for quite a long time.
In the ideal school classroom, the teacher finally had to intervene and saw that things weren´t completely black and white. In our reality, we have to wait for the denouement.
But we might already know something... you can´t win at someone else´s expense. You can´t eliminate anyone. Sigur will always be in the classroom, the so-called good guys can´t, as much as they would like to, say "we don´t want Sigur here, let him go!" They can beat him up, humiliate him, stomp him into the ground, but he will be there, laughing at their insincerity, their fear. He will no longer take on their shadow. He´ll give it back to them nicely and say: No, it´s just your game.
And I think that´s the essential lesson of our classroom situation. Sigurd is just reminding us, "You have a shadow too! You too are a Siger, you too have bloody tendencies, you want to fight until one of us falls." The Sígr is just aware of this, he knows he needs blood, he has taken his shadow and accepted it. We "positives" haven´t yet. Sigurd has already accepted what he is. He understands that he´s playing a part directed by someone completely, but completely different. He likes a fight and a confrontation, so what.... We provoked him, and he dared. He slaps us back and beats up his friend who betrayed him. He´s doing what we´re trying so hard to do, we just don´t allow it. Actually, we´re just trying to punish him for his audacity. For the fact that he overcame his fear and we didn´t. We didn´t dare and he did.
All the subsequent efforts, especially censoring the class magazine and trying to get others to believe our belief that "he´s the bad guy"...all of it is just a futile unwillingness to admit that it´s just a mirror. We are the same. We also want to censor, to silence opponents, to minimize opinions that are different.
We might just be very careful to acknowledge...that it could all be very different too. That we don´t have to be "somebody", we don´t have to try to fit into someone else´s box. Maybe it would be enough to ourselves. Allowing ourselves to be at all. Maybe we could grow up and stop playing the game of the good guys and the bad guys, the "good guys" and the "bad guys". Let´s admit that each of us is completely different. Some we´re friends with and some we´re not, that´s totally fine, we don´t have to like everyone, we really don´t. Let´s just try to accept them for who they are. Did anybody in that class ever admit that this Sigurd guy might just be incredibly desperate, too? Has anyone tried to understand him? Understand his motives? Have you tried to go deep with yourself and think about your need to be "the one"? That need to cleanse the world of anything dirty? To be in control and eliminate anything chaotic? Have you ever thought about why we are actually playing a game that we don´t like anymore? It´s outdated, it belongs in the old world. In this new world, for God´s sake, no one sane wants any fighting, no war. Because we simply understand that there is no one or nothing to fight against. Do we want to slap ourselves? We can, why not... we´ll just look like idiots....

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March 3, 2022 at 01:53
(Capricorn) Ghost00
Muy bien, mi amigo. I agree and would like to consider those students in math class. They are doing war math. We can all agree, no wars in India, Thibet, Japan and vegetarian countries. However, if you crunch the numbers, each human who perishes in war = 10000 or more animals like chickens, cows, not tortured and murdered! Therefore, every vegetarian should be in favor of proper slow war in good climate with time to surrender and evacuate provided no vegetarians are attacked or lose property. Ukraine president is a glutton (murderer too bc meat is murder). Putin seems to be less of a glutton, intelligent. He may recently turned bean lick (veghed) :65: :154:

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