Teacup horoscopes 2.19.

February 19, 2022 at 09:07 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Teacup horoscopes 2.19.
The Sun entered Pisces yesterday, showing that the last part of the astrological year is upon us. It´s the end of all endeavors, there is nothing left to do now, there is only waiting...all that is asked of us this month is to look back at what we have accomplished this year and let go of all knowledge, skills, experiences, habits and fears once and for all. To surrender them to the Universe. Pisces is that final exhale, the knowledge that nothing we think we hold or have is really ours...it´s just bestowed upon us. We are like a wave returning to the ocean. We may resist, we may think we own it...but eventually our identity, our laboriously constructed ego, will dissolve... At this time, it is important to bow to all that is greater. To acknowledge that there are forces that our little egos are simply not up to. Surrender and surrender are quite similar, but there´s only one thing we can consciously make of it. We surrender, but we don´t lose anything because we know that what´s in front of us is so much bigger...suddenly we know that we actually gain so much more. In a sense, it´s also a religious, or rather mystical, thing. We need the mystical stuff in our lives, by the way, to a much greater extent than we would like to think...unfortunately the current level of the population is getting to the point of looking for it at most in various substitutes like alcohol, drugs, relationships, sex, power...but it´s all about one principle: succumbing to something. That suddenly I´m not in control. I don´t have to. It´s so liberating that suddenly there is something higher that is somehow directing our actions...unfortunately it´s only seemingly higher. Because in a sense, that truly higher thing is not fighting against us, it´s not trying to destroy us, but rather to uplift us, to fulfill our potential. Even religion in its positive form sees it this way, God is actually our kind of parent who teaches, uplifts, helps and educates us through experience.
We are seeing another interesting phenomenon in the sky, other energies have come to a head at this time, Jupiter in Pisces, in his sign, has formed a sextile to Uranus. We have had some experience with Jupiter in Pisces for a few months now, this intertwining with Uranus now shows us the need to trust in that which transcends us, that which is somehow "around the corner", that which is not yet part of our experience. Something is going to be quite different in the near future, no doubt interesting and much broader and more stimulating than it might seem now. Let us allow for a moment the possibility that we do not really know much about life. Let us admit that our ability to reason, to come to some kind of wannabe-rational conclusions, is actually quite primitive. Let us admit that in our lives we give very little space to what cannot be measured, considered, defined, but which is just as real. We fear death, the unknown, we don´t like change. and despite what we think of ourselves, we´re just a little bit smarter monkeys. What if we started listening to other people? Other beings? The planet? What if we stopped being deaf, took our heads out of our... and realized that no one sane wants war or confrontation? What if we admitted that the current states and the current settings of society kill humanity in people rather than foster it? And most importantly...so now that we know how not to, what if we slowly started to think about how we do?

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February 19, 2022 at 15:39
(Libra) zarko22
Well, I´m just interested in the answer to my next question.
Are Pisces in everyone´s natal chart at the end of something?Or,there are some of us who have Pisces as sign on the angle in some charts?
It is not good to generalize, and that is exactly what the followers of transsaturnal astrology do. Generalization should exist in clearly defined things.For example, that those of us who are born by day have the Sun as their Light of life.
And,in contrast, the Moon will be the Light of Life for all who were born when the Sun was below the horizon.
For the rest, we have to weigh the facts.
February 21, 2022 at 06:09
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow » zarko22
Basically I could say, yes, Pisces is the last sign, the sign that ends. Archetype of emanation, dissolving of personal boundaries, archetype of transition from one state to another. In Pisces it´s already "finished", it is done, you´re surrendering to something higher and waiting to be reborn, in a higher cycle.
But don´t forget that signs have global influence and houses have more focused, more personal energy, so the influence of 12th house will be more visible in individual radix.

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