5th house and children

February 16, 2022 at 05:00 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) dreababy
5th house and children
What can your 5th house placement tell you about your children? For example my 5th house is in Sagittarius (tropical & sidereal) and my daughter is due at the end of May (tropical gemini, sidereal Taurus) what could my 5th house or birth chart say about her and her personality?

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February 16, 2022 at 15:54
(Scorpio) Kateybits
The 5th house won’t say anything about her. It will show how you approach parenting and ego-based creations including children. It may be better to look at synastry but I am a little wary of using astrology with babies and children.
February 16, 2022 at 21:32
(Capricorn) Jaided
Capricorn is my 5th house cusp and I have 6 planets in the 5th house. I´m not overly convinced our 5th house cusp has a whole lot of say in how we are towards children or how our children will be in most cases but with my chart also being full of 5th as it is, I think it does. Capricorn is known as ´strict´ being ruled by Saturn but that´s not necessarily the case at all. It´s also strong devotion and taking on great responsibility. I´ve been taking care of my kids full time their whole lives and have always had a very hard time having a life of my own without them.

My first born is a Capricorn with a Capricorn IC and Pluto, all conjunct and my chart is full of Capricorn.. Sun and Mars as well as Uranus and Neptune so in my case I guess my 5th house cusp showed me my 1st born would be Capricorn influenced as well. My second isn´t Capricorn at all beyond Saturn and Pluto.
February 16, 2022 at 21:43
(Scorpio) Kisses
Using Vedic astrology - my mom’s 5th house is Libra and I have a Libra stellium then her 5th lord Venus is in 12th house and she got pregnant with me in a foreign country plus got pregnant with a foreign baby - half Korean

5th lord Venus is in Rohini nakshatra - Taurus - with a bunch of other Taurus planets and I have a 2nd house stellium with Taurus as the natural sign of the 2nd House. I sing very well - Taurus and 2nd house ruling the voice
February 19, 2022 at 03:16
(Scorpio) YRashawn
Great question! The 5th place represents our children and how our creations manifest.
There are some challenges in your chart in this area of life so prepare yourself for this because I´m going to keep it real!
With North Node in Leo, part of your cosmic purpose is to have children or relate to children, so you are fulfilling your purpose! You may struggle with children as this energy is in your 12th house of sorrow and loss. Your relationship with children is something that will have to be developed and thus you may encounter some sorrowful circumstances involving a child.
Sagittarius is at the anaretic degree of your 5th house cusp which denotes some serious challenges with Children as well. Freedom, travel, and being a long distance from your child at some point can be a thing. Jupiter ruling this house is in the 9th house of travel, long-distance, higher-ed, and adoption, your child will consume majority of your freedom; friendships and career will take a back seat because of this.
Saturn RETRO also rules the 5th through intercepted Capricorn and is squaring the north node indicating some sort of lack when it comes to financial and material things, but also conflict between your values and the father´s values when it comes to parenting.
Venus square Saturn compounds this theme. Are there financial issues concerning support for your child?
Saturn is also square the Arabic lot of children which reinforces serious karma with children.
Your child may have some Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Taurus energy/characteristics.
Venus is in sect providing you with all she can in Leo. This is excellent for having your child relate and appreciate you. Venus in Leo will produce beautiful children that have artistic talent and personal magnetism. Her square to Saturn again represents you having to bear much responsibility for your child and in the 12th= suffering through children. You have Sun trine Neptune in Aquarius which can provide you with ease in receiving help from organizations and groups for children/childcare. This is another aspect that says your child could be gifted.
Your ASC/MC midpoint is in Cancer shows motherhood/parenthood will become a a major part of your identity and the way the world views you.
I hope you find this information useful and not too fatalistic lol. Take what you need, leave what you don´t!
February 19, 2022 at 03:35
(Libra) dreababy » YRashawn
Thank you for this in depth, wonderful paragraph. I really appreciate it and your honesty of course. In terms of my 12th house, actually my first trimester of pregnancy was full of tears, and not feeling good. I cried almost everyday, I felt like I had never valued myself enough to end up where I was. I’ve actually become extremely distant to most people, and things of that nature. It had me reevaluating myself, and the type of person I want to be, how I want to parent, what kind of parent I want to be. And there are financial concerns because I will be taking on the responsibility by myself. I don’t wish to have her father in her life, and he seems to be okay with not being around plus he’s just not really a good person or fit to be a parent. Maybe this is where you got the things about the values? He thought we had to be together just because of our baby but I disagreed, I refuse to be stuck and unhappy no matter what. I won’t have a lot of people around to actually be there with me to help take care of her so I can see that. At the earliest, she could be a Taurus sun, if she comes on her due date she will be a Taurus stellium with a few Capricorn placements also I believe. Could you tell me more about karma with children? Does this mean everything I did as a child/teen will come back to me?
February 20, 2022 at 01:49
(Virgo) kosmic.kitten
As a first time mother of a daughter, I believe you are looking a bit too far into it. Every pregnant woman fantasizes and dreams about what their child will be like and the biggest question in their head is “well I get karma because of what I did as a child/teen?”

To be totally honest, looking at your child’s astrology chart is cool, but it takes years and years for their personality to develop, so I find it a bit over analyzing especially when they’ve yet to be born. Don’t take it the wrong way, I understand the excitement, I remember being in the hospital and I had Astro-seek.com READY! Because I was so intrigued about what she would come out to be!

The reality is, the best part about astrology is the unknown part. Which is something that only children possess(how precious). And what a beautiful thing, to be a brand new baby and a new contribution to the world.

To answer your question, the fifth house will not shine light on your child. But, it will shine light on your style of parenting and how you go about your children and their upbringing. The fifth house is all about creativity, and our offspring are our ultimate expression of that creativity. You’re technically molding a little human!

Try not to over-analyze out of excitement, and let the world do its magic! I promise you will be so amazed by the results!

Hopefully you don’t take this the wrong way either! It’s just coming from one mama to another. Astrology is amazing, I’ve been studying for over three years now, and provide readings to many locals. I just think that when it comes to babies and children, you kinda just got to wait and see! Which is the best part. Have a great day, love <3
February 20, 2022 at 02:55
(Scorpio) YRashawn » dreababy
You´re welcome, thanks for the feedback it really helps. When it comes to karma, I´m speaking on more on a soul level, not necessarily what you did as a teenager coming back to bite you in the ass. We all have certain obstacles and karmic lessons to learn in school on Earth. Some of us have lessons surrounding poverty, sexuality, family, food, etc. In order for your soul to evolve in your case, you will have to navigate some of the challenges of children. Perhaps in past lives (if you believe in that) you did not interact or have children, and in this lifetime per your north node in Leo are called to interact with children but also get more in tune with your creative side. It´s all about balance.

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