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February 8, 2022 at 23:23 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) practicalmystic
Tropical - Draconic - Sidereal
Hey all! I love to interpret charts but would really love some general impressions based off mine. Here´s my list of interests from highest interest to lowest interest, and I´m actually happy to do a ´chart swap´ (you read mine, I read yours)--just let me know in the replies and I´d be happy to do so!

What I´d love interpreted:

1.) Your first feeling from what you see. Just whatever stands out intuitively to you!

2.) Career/life path that I seem to be geared toward. "Destiny", I suppose you could say.

3.) Strengths and weaknesses of my persona? "Good" traits, "bad" traits?

4.) Love; what seems to be going on there, and what sort of partner I would attract and do best with?

5.) How I can be of best service to people in the world, given my chart?

You can answer one or all of the above or even something you yourself would like to add/notice! Once again I´m happy to do a chart swap and I really appreciate your guys´ time and observations.

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February 9, 2022 at 07:52
(Pisces) Leo_Ness
Sidereal, whole sign.

1 - 6th and 7th house Sag/Cap stellium indicates that great part of everyday activities (energy) goes to work, cooperation, negotiations and it is oriented outward. It looks like you work everyday and meet a lot of different people for the sake of society or some common interest. 1st house Can Moon, at the other side, is holding your strings, making you feel all the consequences of your everyday activities very personally, and that way preventing you to loose yourself in eventual other people interests. Only solid "helping hand", Moon is receiving, is from 4th house Libra Pluto, that is giving you the ability to communicate with people, not only verbally but also at some energy level that way sparing you some effort.

2 - when is about the career and 10th house matter, everything actually starts with your 7th house again, since the ruler of 10th house is in it. 7th house is the house of friendships, our ability to communicate and understand each others, learning exactly how to make things working based on some agreement is something that might lift you up the most at your career path. Mars (10th house ruler) being in pretty awkward relations to other planets (inconjuction to Sun, inconjuction to Mercury, trioctile to Jupiter...) needs a lot of wisdom to be processed so, success in career is something that might happen after Neptune square Neptune (this is the one major shifts in personal evolution and it comes around 40ies).

3 - Everything is good. But if you mean challenging ("bad") than I would point at the Moon, since it needs a lot of emotional strength to keep you at the track of society and in personal peace at the same time. Easiest ("good") one is definitely your Pluto and the ability to connect with people energetically and communicate at the level almost effortlessly.

4 - I consider 8th house to be the "love house" (energy bounding, ability to care for others...). In this case, 8th house, ruled by Uranus is granting very unusually taste for love. For you to care for someone, one should be original, open minded, easy going, active, tidy, one who takes care of his health, sport type and similar. Once when you bound, you receive a necessary amount of self-esteem (8th house Sun) and peace of mind (8th house Mercury as the ruler of 12th) that is giving your overloaded Moon additional help in form of moral support (Mercury biquintile Moon - 5th harmonic).

5 - be yourself, learn to communicate, be the "social glue", mediator, manager and similar.

In return I have my own questions related to my chart:

1 - health, everything about that - what to do to prevent my good health
2 - I have difficulties "reading people" and this costs me a lot of energy and (money) since I constantly fall to bad business agreement, so I´m interested in field of communication and negotiations

cheers :36:
February 9, 2022 at 10:12
(Aquarius) practicalmystic » Leo_Ness
Thanks so much for your awesome interpretations! There´s a lot to go on here and I appreciate you taking the time to write all that. I think I´m opening myself up as a communicator and trying to find what that means in the larger scheme of things.

As for your chart, it would be my pleasure to interpret your questions! I´ll write them here, but if you prefer me to send them to you in a message I´m happy to delete the post and re-send if need be.


1 - Health. See a doctor and a therapist before you take any of my interpretations. I am not a professional. But I´ll interpret what I can see:
I took a look at your asteroids for this question, particularly Hygeia (healing) and Eris (chaos) both of which are in Aries in the 5th house. This suggests to me that you are /far/ too stressed out. Do you put too much on your shoulders? Take life too seriously? It´s important for you to find your inner child again if you´ve felt disconnected. Stress will be the cause of most health issues I see you facing, and the way out of that will be to have fun and play in the world without shame. This could be through literal playing sports, exploration and adventure, creative outlets such as writing, painting, dancing, etc. Shame can be a huge source of stress, and if you´re feeling such shame I believe the universe would like you to release it.

2 - Neptune is in the 2nd house (finances) which suggests confusion in the realm of finance agreements. Further, this is in Sagittarius which suggests that charming personalities can possibly get the better of you quite easily--you want to believe in the best of people. That´s not a bad thing at all. In fact, your Pluto is in Libra conjunct your lot of Fortune; your chart seems to suggest that being able to find the truth is in fact part of your power and lesson to learn in this lifetime. Have you considered working as an arbitrator or consultant?

Alternatively, if you´re interested in communications, why not become a podcast personality or interviewer? Your North Node, MC, Mars and Jupiter are all squished up in Leo (Virgo in Jupiter´s case). This suggests that your greatest ability is, by far, your personality. There is something you are meant to lead and forge in this life, so I would suggest making a career out of something you are personally passionate about communicating to the world--in any medium.

I hope these helped and once again, thank you for the interpretation! :83:
February 9, 2022 at 10:23
(Pisces) Leo_Ness » practicalmystic
Great, thanx a lot! Let it stay here, It´s ok.

You´re absolutely right about stress influencing my health the most, and yes I often get project leading role at my work (often against my desire and will) so I´ll take all you wrote in deep consideration.


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