Transit Pluto conj natal Saturn

February 5, 2022 at 19:13 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Sherry614
Transit Pluto conj natal Saturn
Has anyone experienced this transit in the 1st house?? Pluto Conj my natal Saturn the first week of March. All I can read is devastating….. is there a positive side that anyone has actually experienced??

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February 6, 2022 at 09:55
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne
Don´t worry, I hope you can forget predictions. Ussually it´s more a self fullfiling profecy than anything else.

I checked if I had that transit of Pluto to my natal Saturn and it happenned in 2015 and 2016 in the 3rd house. I was in highschool, I had mamy problems, but descriptions of this transit completely don´t apply. After high school things were much better. But it´s normal.

Also Pluto and saturn is not bad. This kind of energy taught me to take life and people more seriously.
February 6, 2022 at 10:00
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
I would agree. It just depends on your personal situation. I don´t have it on the Ascendant but it´s always a life changer for me in the 2nd house when it comes but only every 29 years. Probably can be life changing to some degree, but it is like he said more about maturing and paying attention to those around you and what they´re all about.
February 6, 2022 at 13:09
(Pisces) 1janos
The good news is, that transiting Pluto will not conjunct your Saturn this year. It will just get close, so you will get a taste of what is to come in 2023.

Please check this out:…

In my experience, Pluto transits become fully-fledged from applying 0°30’ exact. Plus, you lived your entire life with Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st house. You are familiar with the challenges. You may be able to use the opportunity to liberate yourself from the experienced frustrations Saturn symbolises in your life.

The more immediate concern is the transiting Neptune squaring natal Sun.…
February 6, 2022 at 23:46
(Pisces) Just in name
I am going through this, and have been for some months. It is near the cusp of my second house.

Whilst reading about Pluto transits can be terrifying, it might be better to view it as a restructuring which is beneficial to you in the long term. If you can accept it as that, and go with it, like riding a wave, then you will help to smoothe the way forward. If you have ever ridden a horse, or been in a boat, you will know that stiffening up against the movement makes it a hard and painful journey. Relaxing, and feeling the movement will be easier.

It could be helpful to recognize the issues which are coming up for you, and let any emotions and resistances flow. You could use journaling, and crystal and flower remedies to help you through it. Breath work and meditation can help to calm you and to get in touch with what is coming up for you.

In your first house, I would suggest that you take care of yourself wisely with physical work, rest, and play. Also taking care of your diet. Take into consideration any other tight aspects. Be cautious on the finances too.

I turn to Robert Hand, who recommends accepting the inevitable, and "it will pass". He also suggests being prepared to live with scarcity for a while.

I have observed in others that a Pluto transit can seem major and difficult to recover from for 2-3 years. When recovery does come though, they rise from the ashes as victors in a form that far exceeds their prior life.

So I am handling it with "bring it on", because I can see the limitations which I inflicted on myself, and allowed others to inflict on me, all dissolve away, albeit with inner turmoil, but the seeds of what is emerging is quite exciting.

Bon courage!

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