What the HELL is going on here?

February 5, 2022 at 06:49 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) franzschubert
What the HELL is going on here?
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November 4th 1996 Austin TX 3:08PM

Hi everyone,

So because of some really difficult to find information on placements, even after hundreds of hours of studying since my last solar return (I only properly/compulsively got into astrology then)- I can´t really "get" an overall sense of what is happening in my chart, or even get a basic impression of what is ultimately benefic or malefic in its effect. Accordingly, I also can´t really properly derive any utility from timing techniques, which is problematic per the vaguely "extreme" prognosis I´m getting releasing from fortune, annually profecting, and looking at my solar return.

Most notably, I would love any input on the interplay between Jupiter and Saturn, Regulus conjunct moon and its interplay with Mars in such close aspect, Venus and its affliction by Saturn/square to Jupiter, the potential significations of the nodal conjunctions, and ANY esoteric insight on the general state of any of the planets.

My biggest issue is with a total lack of knowing what to do, why, or how I should go about it. Most of those anxieties stem from career ambiguity and not being able to discern if there´s something specific I´m supposed to do that my chart would indicate (i.e. I know I can make tons of money/have occupied such roles- but I am flat broke).

Thank you very much <3.

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February 5, 2022 at 17:33
(Libra) Crinkly
Hi OP. You´re looking for meaningful ways to contribute to the world but feeling restricted from acting. Would you say this is correct? Switch to your sidereal whole sign chart and see if these placements make more sense.
February 5, 2022 at 19:48
(Libra) thegoodwhich
Hi Franz I hope your weekend´s going good. There are soo many things to consider and ponder with Astrology, so I´m going to see if I can help you with what I understand and relate to in your chart.

Our charts are of course different and I was born in 1984, but there are some similar energies so I may have a little idea what you´re going through or how to possibly help.

First, I have a Pisces Ascendant like you, and in my opinion that means you can´t go on right if you´re not helping the world.. but also you need serious reasonable rest, everyone does, but you´ve also got other signs that require tons of chill time that can be hard to give oneself.. I have a stellium in Scorpio so I know how exhausting that heavy water energy can be.. and you´ve got your Sun and Mercury there.. My South Node is in Scorpio along with my Moon, Venus, Saturn and Pluto so I´ve had to learn a lot about dampening that energy with Taurus gifts and modes of operation.

Your South & North Nodes are next door in Aries and Libra Sun well get back to that.. but even if you don´t have anything extravagant or prominent going on in the sign of Taurus, it can always be worthwhile to use an opposition´s wisdom to balance better.. And luckily we are all going to be experiencing the axis of Taurus and Scorpio with the Nodes now there, for the next almost two years..

This is about being more real about your existence, more practical with your psyche, more in the physical than the mental or emotional; using non-physical energies to make the physical more enjoyable and less stressful..

Taurus is the body, the senses, the beauty, the choice and personal preference, enjoying the smaller and finer things, sinking into your body or the Earth, grounding, stability, creating security by building it for yourself step by little step, sometimes finding goldmines or that pot of gold, Taurus takes and makes the life and self it wants to live. Taurus goes its own way, it doesn´t know others´ ways or that they have ways, it´s minding its own business and making sure it has what it needs and wants.

If you can adopt that "selfishness" when you feel overwhelmed with mental energy or find it hard shining your light without blowback, it could help you refocus and nourish yourself so that you don´t just eat up everyone´s energies they´re throwing at you no matter what they are..

I can´t imagine the Scorpio Sun Mercury combination, but it can be an amazing gift if honored. Your soul desires and mentality are on almost the same exact page.. just make sure you respect the great power that is there and give yourself proper breaks.. Pisces Ascendant can give a lighter spin to things sometimes, but not always.

Anyway, everyone can benefit from Taurus and all signs´ signature energy regeneration, but now is the perfect time to practice and perfect Taurus stuff with the North Node freshly in it. We´re all figuring out moreso how to honor our energies, make it simpler, do the work, take the steps even if we´re scared, relax, enjoy the fruits of our labor and soak in mother nature.. Lots more you could say, but let´s look at Scorpio South Node for a moment or two.

Scorpio South Node, (which you may understand better than me) is about using our mental, psychic and emotional energies wisely. It´s about releasing ourselves from traps that keep us imprisoned in our own selves.. and entangled with others and things they did to us or we to them.. It´s about letting these things go, and moving forward in a self-focused Taurus way to prevent people from ensnared us again..

It´s okay to be there to help people, and share your depth, compassion and wisdom, but I guess when you have the signs you do in your chart, and the Libra North Node, you gotta be mindful of how you´re sharing yourself, energy and time with others. You´re gonna do it, you gotta do it, but you gotta figure out the way that works for you.

I wonder what you could tell me about having your Venus in Libra and conjunct the North Node? I´ve got my Sun in Libra, and a stellium in the 7th house but the rest of the planets in it are in Scorpio which bleeds into the 8th house.. Anyways, so hopefully I understand Libra enough to speak on it..

You´ve got her ruler there with Venus so I´m guessing that´s important to your North Node.. and that means your South Node is opposing your dear Venus.. when you figure this out hun, life will be so much easier and better.. more beautiful.. but guess what? You get to be the one to create that beauty, and share what´s already there.

Venus and Libra aren´t just about beauty though as we know.. really they´re there to keep things flowing so that beauty naturally emerges as things wax and wane. With this strong Libra energy, it really carries a similar theme to Scorpio and Pisces.. We all want to help heal people and clear a way for them! We want to soothe all their hurts and tell them how to care for themselves and stop wounding themselves.. and they usually don´t.. (but hopefully sometimes they are even if we´re the last to know or never know) and often with these signs we can be mirrors that people abuse.

We know and see.. and want to heal.. Us telling someone something they can fix too often results in them acting as if we are the problem.. and I´ve experienced unfortunate relationships where this played out too grotesquely.. but I´ve got Scorpio South Node so I´ve worn that crown of thorns a bit too ridiculously and am denouncing it now lol.. that´s another topic though..

Just be aware that you must consider yourself and take real care of yourself.. And finding out how to make boundaries work for you will go a very long way serving you for the rest of your life.

But now here´s a conundrum cuz you have all this selfless energy and naturally help people or want to, yet your South Node is in Aries implying if you´re Too self-centered you´ll fall backwards.. But thankfully, while Libra, your North Node, north star, sign is all about the other and giving of self for harmonization, it also has mastered Venus energy like Taurus, and knows that it must care for itself fully first before it can be best for others..

I could go on quite a while, but I already have.. so to wrap things up for now, I would say look to your Libra North Node for answers on how to focus yourself best and what to prioritize. I´ve ignored the houses your Nodes are in sorry we´ll visit that later or you can let me know what you´ve already learned about that.. but learn from the Aries South Node to see where your common pitfalls may be when dealing with others And yourself..

I don´t want to leave out your Leo Moon, and it´s in the 29th anaretic degree so it´s gotta be extra important. You´ve got a lot of light to shine and creative beautiful bright gifts to share and nurse from your self/soul. Don´t hide your glory.. but you get to choose what you share with people. Find the ways that is liberating rather than a burden.

And give yourself one extra break cuz you got the Virgo energy too with your Mars I think it was.. multiple planets are aspecting your North Node, Pluto, Saturn (which is for constricting/constructing your South Node better) and more but that is a lot to think about already lol.. I hope something has or will help.

Of everything, I´d say its most important to be careful how you interact with others and give attention to how you´re balancing your presence and theirs. You deserve time devoted positively to yourself. You can harmonize and beautify, you can bring out the love in things and people wherever you go just by being yourself.. give yourself what you need, and then freely offer to others when you´re ready and able.

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