Astrochronicles by Teacup horoscopes - February 4th

February 4, 2022 at 18:11 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles by Teacup horoscopes - February 4th
Today is the day the times stop sucking.
Today it´s loosening up. Mercury at the end of Capricorn. It´s turning and heading direct. He sees the boundaries, the walls that people have built around themselves, the Matrix. It´s Pluto at the end of Capricorn, the old world, the geezers. Covid theatre at a time when Jupiter and Saturn were in Aquarius? You´re sane?
Even that Pluto eventually enters, ingress Aquarius... and that´s where the matrix changes (some time after 2024). Only there will we give up all of our fears, learned behaviors, blocks, all of that "musing" for good. Until then, we´ll go through it one more time before Mercury meets Pluto next Friday. The student and the teacher. We´re already seeing that the hierarchy games aren´t working.
But for now, however, we have the Sun with Saturn in Aquarius. The Man and the Teacher meet on the Pendolino Train to Moscow.
Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces. A pleasantly action packed time to do something, party, play sports, go hiking. Let´s go swimming, jogging...or see something nice.
The true Black Moon moves retrograde, touching the Summer Solstice point, 0° Cancer, and returning to Gemini in the evening. What we have experienced, felt, we take with us into the past, where we can verbalize it, name it, categorize it, describe it. We understand it. We understand why it is happening, and why it is happening JUST LIKE this.

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