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January 21, 2022 at 02:31 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) astonishingaquarius
Career help
was wondering if y´all can give me some career or life advice based on my chart. I’d be grateful for anything

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January 21, 2022 at 03:10
(Cancer) scorpiocrab
Happy Birthday :65:

I would say you should look into something that allows freedom/flexibility such as traveling. Something that you can use your emotions even, but definitely something you can set all of your ideas and use them.

What are your special interests?
January 21, 2022 at 03:16
(Aquarius) astonishingaquarius » scorpiocrab
Art i really enjoy painting but not as much as I used to I like photography and collaging my photography more than painting and I also really enjoy acting!
January 21, 2022 at 03:21
(Aquarius) OniDragon
Check the Midheaven , The ruler of the midheaven, the planets in the 10th house and the north node.

I think those would tell you about your career.

I also have a link that can be helpful:…
January 21, 2022 at 03:23
(Cancer) scorpiocrab » astonishingaquarius
Acting, and your art, is definitely a great thing to get into to express yourself in the way I´m understanding your chart.

You can play different characters, the flexibility, and there are so many things to do with photography and painting. I would say stick to that. Find a way out of your comfort zone or try looking into a different area (location and/or genre) for better opportunities.

I have many placements in my 9th and 10th house also so I´m basically giving advice based on what I understand of my chart :)
January 21, 2022 at 03:30
(Aquarius) astonishingaquarius » scorpiocrab
Thank you I appreciate it I love that we have a lot of placements in the 9th n 10th :)<3 also it’s worth noting I’m a current psych major looking at clinical social worker as a job idea! Helping one on one clinically and through my art outside of the job
January 21, 2022 at 03:48
(Cancer) scorpiocrab » astonishingaquarius
Career-wise, that is really suitable.
January 22, 2022 at 09:13
(Scorpio) jeronimo88
Just gave a brief look at your chart from sidereal pov. taurus rising (venus ruler), aquarius (shatabisha) moon & mercury in 10th, sun in capricorn conjunct ketu (losing of ego), saturn conjunct jupiter in aries („going two steps forward, taking one step back“ dynamic, not knowing when to go and when not to go etc. -> will get better with time/age as you gain more experience over yourself), rahu in 3rd in cancer (rahu in great position, interest in communication, media, travel (3rd house stuff) rahu behaves like the ruler of the sign he sits in, that means in your case like moon in aquarius in your 10th house of recognition from society. plus you have mercury there in a good sign, the ruler of your 5th and 2nd house (creativity, intelligence and $$$)
because your moon is in shatabisha nakshatra (same as mine btw.) i guess you are very interested in an unique form of scientific art. may it be photography, illustration or some crazy combo of different medias. i studied fine arts with a foundation in photography and will forever be fascinated by experimental movies, that‘s my drug. you will for sure have your own.
then your taurus rising sign with the ruler venus going in the 8th in saggi makes you a natural healer with psychic premonitions 🥴

ok, all in all to make a long story short: do something with „scientific art“ or something political, activist (aquarius moon, capricorn sun, taurus rising) you sure have a clear head for things, a wish to make the world a better place, some talent and some brains. go for what you want and believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes and embrace them - they will make you better, smarter, kinder. important is to keep growing. good luck ✨

ps: if you get bored, i recommend watching this one, her explanation of shatabisha is phenomenal
January 22, 2022 at 09:14
(Gemini) kingkrisanne
Ideal career would be doing something that doesn´t involve working for someone else, where you can take initiative. Maybe something that involves storytelling, creating a fantasy, or that uses your intuitive abilities. Dreaminess, futurism, anything that may contribute to the good of humanity. These are ideas to consider.

Find something you´re passionate about, as this will ensure success. And if your passions change, flow with it. Adapt your work to your feeling.

There may also be potential in the way you communicate. Your specific way with words. Finding your voice is something that may be out of your comfort zone, but can be greatly beneficial to your growth.

You´ll likely get lucky chances and opportunities through a community or within a specific group (possibly friends). But it may come a little later in life, as Saturn is also in your 11th house.

Hope this interpretation was helpful :)

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