Antiscion: Houses

January 4, 2022 at 10:35 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Antiscion: Houses
And in my search for information about Antiscia, I happened to come across Father Pisa and his treatise on the Amphora system of houses in czech astrology magazine called "the Constellation". The Amphora house system is the only system that mirrors house cusps.
In design, Amphora is quite simple, taking the Ascendant with the Descendant and the Zenith with the Nadir, as reference points. We get a circle that divides into 12 parts and then just converts to an ecliptic. In some ways, Amphora is similar to Campanus, but he uses the Primal Circle, where instead of the Ascendant, the geographic East is the Ascendant and instead of the Descendant, the West is the Descendant.
Amphora makes slightly different houses than we are used to, enlarging the 9th and 10th (or 3rd and 4th) a lot.
The Amphora system of houses was eventually stolen by poland astrologer Bogdan Krusinski, who appropriated the houses and started promoting them under his own name (so they are under the name Krusinski in most PC astrology programs). But it would be an eventuality too, if we admit it thet three different people (also mention to German Golzer, so the system has oficially name "Krusinski/Pisa/Golzer") could synchronically found out one and the same housesystem.
If you have a chance to try them, do it. It gives interesting results, quite different than we would expect.

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