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December 24, 2021 at 05:24 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Philipee32
Study Natural Law

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December 24, 2021 at 18:35
(Taurus) nutelina
I like the guy but doesn´t law need to be decided by men between men?

Men as in plural of man in mankind. (disclaimer part)
December 24, 2021 at 20:05
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » nutelina
Naw Thats called moral relativism. Let me ask you this Do you have rights? And where do you get them from?
December 25, 2021 at 08:02
(Taurus) nutelina » Philipee32
That´s maybe not what I meant. I imagine people either fought or made deals over land and property and gained rights doing that. They established their own rules which became law.

Today you are born into a legal system automatically and they take your name and claim possession over it since your parents gave you away. That is what registered means. Any thoughts?
December 25, 2021 at 20:13
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » nutelina
My thoughts are thats slavery. Its wrong af.
December 25, 2021 at 21:16
(Taurus) nutelina » Philipee32
It is! But what does Mark Passio recommend? That guy is really interesting.
December 25, 2021 at 22:22
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » nutelina
Idk from the first question seems like you didnt listen to much of the video i was going to try and break down the basics of natural with some examples etc. Natural is basically non aggression self defense. There is objective Truth and good and evil. Oh and your inherent rights are God given or just by the very fact you are brought into this universe you have them or how you want to look at it not granted by other people. Authority is mind control lie basically.

But he actually recommends listening to all his podcast What On Earth is Happening in order from like 1-253🙂. Just go through his youtube channel titled Mark Passio and pick some of the recommendations you like. Id recommend Ones titled like Fake Ass New Age, Fake Ass Christians, And other ones About boot lickers and order followers being immoral. His newer stuff he gets really angry i find it hilarious. Oh yeah demystifying the Occult is a good one being this is a astrology site you may like that one.
December 25, 2021 at 22:23
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » nutelina
Me personally id say that martime law people are corpses etc is demonic.😈 thats me tho i dont think hes said that.
December 26, 2021 at 17:08
(Taurus) nutelina » Philipee32
Yeah, you know the Cestui Que Vie act of 1666?

Don´t you find it fascinating? I do. It has a tremendous logic in it. However designed this was very clever or very old, perhaps both. (Video)

Step 1a. Understanding Cestui Que Vie Act 1666

Existence of Life

Cestui Que Vie

London 1666, during the black plague and great fires of London, Parliament
enacted an act behind closed doors, called Cestui Que Vie Act 1666.

The act being debated was to subrogate the rights of men and women, meaning
all men and women were declared dead, lost at sea/beyond the sea. (back then
operating in Admiralty law, the law of the sea, so lost at sea).

The state (London) took custody of everybody and their property into a trust. The
state became the trustee/husband holding all titles to the people and property,
until a living man comes back to reclaim those titles, he can also claim damages.
December 26, 2021 at 17:10
(Taurus) nutelina » nutelina
When CAPITAL letters are used anywhere in a name this always refers to a legal
entity/fiction, Company or Corporation no exceptions. e.g. John DOE or Doe:

1) CEST TUI QUE TRUST: (pronounced setakay) common term in New
Zealand and Australia
2) STRAWMAN: common term in United States of America or Canada

These are the legal entity/fiction created and owned by the Government whom
created it. It is like owning a share in the Stock Market, you may own a share...
but it is still a share of the Stock.

Legally, we are considered to be a fiction, a concept or idea expressed as a
name, a symbol. That legal person has no consciousness; it is a juristic person,
ENS LEGIS, a name/word written on a piece of paper. This traces back to 1666,
London is an Independent City State, just like Vatican is an Independent City State,
just like Washington DC is an Independent City State.

The Crown is an unincorporated association. Why unincorporated? It’s private.
The temple bar is in London, every lawyer called to the “bar” swears allegiance to
the temple bar. You can’t get called without swearing this allegiance.
December 26, 2021 at 20:58
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » nutelina
Yeah ive heard of that it grosses me out🤮
December 26, 2021 at 21:00
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » nutelina
Why did you post a youtube about Paracas skulls?😆
December 27, 2021 at 13:43
(Gemini) AmberMoon » nutelina
This is Jordan Maxwell´s intellectual property.

In the end one has to survive. If you choose to remain in a structure which rules by such book then you can merely gain some understanding in this manner.

Your other choice is to escape it and move to a place of natural law. And with willingness to give up luxuries of a structured life in favour of a promised freedom under natural law.

Pick your poison.
December 27, 2021 at 14:25
(Leo) cubic » AmberMoon
"In the end one has to survive."

That´s it. That´s what it comes down to.

Yet another teaching where either money (which really are a proxy for resources) are being rejected, or material reality as a whole is being rejected as the classic case usually is in favour of "being spiritual" aka just being diassociated/living in a fantasy in most cases...

Yet another Youtube Daddy-like figure for people coming from families that taught them nothing or very little. Or maybe it´s just human to need a big time framework about life.

When I was much younger I found him interesting, and I think maybe for a time he was truly idealistic? He kind of is.. well I was too, and wanted to perhaps think of living in a different, better way.
December 27, 2021 at 14:25
(Leo) cubic
I guess he missed his big money train (lol) because of his multiple hiatuses over the years..early 2010s he was one of the few that were already made internet personalities with a following and skill in production/presentation. He could have really accumulated those subscribers.. but he remained background-ish during all these pivotal early years.

But as I said - he seemed to be truly idealistic over the years much to my amazement.. or I simply cannot see through him. I think he is done with that for the most part now? Haven´t looked for a while..

I think it´s ok to have many teachers over the years.. you always end up seeing how they are wrong, lol.. and come to your own views or combine things you´ve heard/known/tested.

Sometimes I have the impression that he actually doesn´t want to talk to, and is annoyed by his viewers/listeners. Some subconscious annoyance with humans? How can the message be spread then.. only the ones who ignore the discomfort his material causes are going to stick to it.

Which of course will then be countered in by the false binary choice of either listening to him despite the pain and the contradiction, or being a puxxy who can´t endure any form of discomfort, and thus is part of the problem with the world.

So if you´re tough you can hear his message through the discomfort. If you´re a weak man/woman you run away cause he vibes like he hates having to speak or deal with you, and sometimes acts out like a maniac.

Maybe I´ve become too normative myself eh? That Pluto in Capricorn normativity.. but there is acting out and there is acting out.

I´ve enjoyed his vitriolic, high minded? ranting many times though, before I found some people who are without pretence about being supervillians, like Azealia Banks and LowTierGod. Since then my standards for wickedness have been upgraded many times.. :61: Entertainment stuff.
December 28, 2021 at 00:52
(Sagittarius) Philipee32
I can hardly understand the last few posts. Jordan Maxwell doesnt even own jordan maxwell much less the knowledge he has distributed. Jordan is very old now he could pass anyway any day thats why you dont hear much from him. Other times ver 50yrs of speaking about various esoteric subjects hes had issues with all his work being stolen from him by bad deal he signed. Having belongings burned, losing everything, spats of depression etc.
December 29, 2021 at 00:49
(Capricorn) QuantumLeeper
That seminar takes me back quite a few years, good times! I had already been deep into Natural Law without even realizing it when I first saw this presentation. Already having read The Kybalion a few times and my mind was blown when the ​principles that make up Natty Law as presented by Passio are the 7 Hermetic Principles as described in The Kybalion. He was just putting it into a different context perspective which had a big impact on me.

These principles properly understood and implemented into daily life it is possible to gain the master keys to which all the doors within the temple of wisdom will open but as the axiom goes:

"The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a
manifestation and expression in Action, is like the
hoarding of precious metals-a vain and foolish thing.
Knowledge, like wealth, is intended for Use. The Law of
Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by
reason of his conflict with natural forces."--The Kybalion…
December 29, 2021 at 04:31
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » QuantumLeeper
Yes its mystery school teachings and knowledge of self he´ll tell you himself nothing he teaches is new. He say that its a shame thats some little punk from philadelphia has to be the one teaching this to the people.
December 29, 2021 at 05:51
(Capricorn) QuantumLeeper » Philipee32
To be honest, there will not be much you can tell me about Passio that I am not already familiar with. If you haven´t checked out his Anarchapulco talks, those are great! And you don´t have to invest 8 hours. I also highly recommend the Fake-Ass Christians presentation.
December 29, 2021 at 06:14
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » QuantumLeeper
Ok cappy🙄
December 29, 2021 at 06:59
(Capricorn) QuantumLeeper » Philipee32
Oh. you´re one of THOSE people :61:
December 29, 2021 at 21:58
(Sagittarius) Philipee32 » QuantumLeeper
Yeah Iams.🤨 If you understood these Laws youd know the generative principle of care and action which is knowledge put into practice. You wouldnt said anything or encouraged me to do the good work which is Truth. You be teaching it if you knew everthing about it or youd be a dark occultist manipulating. Beyond that someone with knowledge of wouldnt lower themselves to some ego I know this nonsense. Leave the etheric realm of higher transcendent spitual to the fire signs🔥🔥🔥 Cap. Go head a board meeting or win the olympics, marry an oldman or whatever earth illusion it is you guys are striving for these days. You cant beat Sagittarius in argument Im Fast As Fuck Bio!🐎🐎🐎🔥🔥🔥🤣
December 29, 2021 at 23:14
(Capricorn) QuantumLeeper » Philipee32
So is that how you put care into practice? Interesting.

I´m not sure how you can expect people to take you seriously about Natural Law and putting the principle of care into practice while simultaneously being an asshole to someone who was supporting your post.

This is really bizarre and I feel like you just need a hug or something. :79:
January 4, 2022 at 19:25
(Taurus) nutelina » Philipee32
Because they were the smarter humans who perhaps helped in creating law and math and all that?
January 4, 2022 at 19:31
(Taurus) nutelina » AmberMoon
But he didn´t invent it, you mean his descriptions? (river) Banks, move by current / currency? It´s also maritime law, which international, law of the seas. And everything connected to it, like United eStates, Kingdon, Aussies etc. :4: Europa...

Yet we are not Europeans but you are United States citizens?

Doesn´t make much sense does it?

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