Astrochronicles 17.12.

December 17, 2021 at 20:18 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles 17.12.
We are obviously just ahead of something we don´t know yet, and all my description of what I see is a very rough approximation...

There is a full moon on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis on Sunday, December 19. What is quite crucial about this full moon is that the Sun is exactly on the Galactic Center, a sensitive point. This point could be likened to a higher world, to a phone call to God, to a connection to something higher... It may manifest as a new Prophet...or we may all become Prophets. There may be contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, just as suddenly we may finally begin to experience oneness, we may understand, things may dawn on us...but it doesn´t necessarily mean we will bring it to life in matter.
On December 23rd, the Dragon´s Head, or North Node, is in Taurus, and the Dragon´s Tail is in Scorpio. It is important to remember that the Nodal Axis really acts as an axis and not as a point or two isolated points. The Dragon´s Head in Taurus shows us that it´s time to get our hands dirty. It´s time to simplify things as much as possible, to go back to the tried and true and what works. There may even be a regression of sorts from technical civilization back to simple living...even with the now abandoned political establishment returning in some form... Russia, whatever we think of it, has done one thing thanks to our sanctions that we might as well embrace, by the way: it has become self-sustaining. It grows its own food, looks after its own forest (although there are loggers in Siberia from time to time).
But this tuning to matter can also be very progressive and effective; we can finally understand that we do not command the wind to rain and that nature has its own rules and cannot be controlled or regulated by anything...
We can just say to ourselves. Coronation. Well... We can stop worrying. We can just live our normal lives the way we want.
Why are we still so unsure of ourselves?
We´ve lived hundreds of lives. We´ve been through a million different situations. Every experience is stored inside us. It´s something we´ll never lose.
The Dragon´s Tail, or South Node, shifts from Sagittarius to Scorpio, and our karmic encounters with freedom, not having freedom, losing it, letting it be taken away, not standing up for ourselves, our family, and our children...can manifest in the most negative way imaginable. Or, conversely, we can sink to depths we never dreamed possible. Let´s just be prepared for the fact that after a period of theorizing, we´ll be thrown full steam into life...

And Venus.
In Capricorn, conjunct Pluto. In the palace of the Beast, the Wizard, In a somewhat cold, austere place. Cautious but honest, a keeper. She´d give herself away if she could.
Venus stops on Sunday and starts backing off.
And we confront our past, the emotions that come with rejection, non-acceptance, rejection...
We´ll find that we carry some pretty shit inside us.
All the unresolved relationship issues come back, we´re left to wallow in the mire, and we´re told "don´t move until you move it yourself."
We understand our passivity, our fears, our terrors, our feelings of caution...
And if we give it....and we will give it
we´ve already won.
We´ve won.
We just haven´t figured it out yet.

We´ve created our own prison, we´ve invented a myriad of ways to torment ourselves effectively.
Maybe it´s time to get out of Milgram´s prison, admit that "we´ve gotten away with it". Maybe things will turn out positively after all.
But that´s up to us.

(translated by DeepL)

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December 17, 2021 at 20:47
(Libra) leorising
When I read your text I realized that next year I will have the South node in conjunction with my Venus and Mercury in scorpio 4th house.
I agree with the part that we have lived many lives, there is no need to be afraid, we are like children discovering new experiences.

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