Astrochronicles 11.12.

December 11, 2021 at 18:09 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles 11.12.
Teacup Horoscopes. Saturday 11.12. 18:30
We are currently experiencing two aspects.
The first and faster is Mercury in sextile to Jupiter. Sagittarius 26th degree. Galactic center. Your galaxy, the Milky Way, is speaking to you.
Everything is understood, everything can be understood.
Second, and more interesting, is Venus conjunct Pluto. We have Venus not long before the stationary, soon to be retrograde in Capricorn. Thus, the conjunction is in effect all of December and January.
In Capricorn, Venus is kind of uptight but snappy at the same time. 60s beauties, bond girls. A certain cool beauty, not for the first time. Reliability. I´ll take care of it.
But how´s she gonna take care of Pluto? How´s Hades gonna handle it? Hades has his certainties. No one escapes Pluto. Pluto´s a mob boss, he´s not to be denied, he´s not to be resisted.
Venus conjunct Pluto gives the image of the Mistress and the Mafioso. A woman who is trying to survive, and unlike others, is not afraid of it. She´s going all out. We underestimate her, but she´s both earthy Aphrodite and airy. She goes out on her own and she´s not afraid.
The Mafioso enjoys but fears the Mistress. She´s stronger. She knows what she wants, she goes for it. We don´t know. We´ve inherited our position, it´s been passed down from generation to generation.
And the stage is being set for the theatre:
Sun Square Neptune. Sun in Sagittarius, boastful, confident, brash, curious, exploratory, provoking....
Neptune is in its own, in the middle of the ocean in Pisces. We are all one. United.
It´s not gonna work today. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
We wanted to show off. It didn´t work out...
It´s so... unclean, unworthy. condescending, dismissive...
Spiritual Ego.
Tonight is about exploration. It´s a kiss. Luna at the end of Pisces makes a trigon to Mars. Mars is approaching Bungula, Alpha Centauri, our nearest star, in a few days. It´s a bit of an intergalactic party. Men and women, moms. Luna via Scheat. The completion of the work.
That´s all folks!

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