Astrochronicles - 6.12.

December 6, 2021 at 13:40 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Steve Guesshow
Astrochronicles - 6.12.
Astrochronicles by Teacup horoscopes

It´s Monday, December 6, a little after noon.
The Moon is in the middle of Capricorn, conjunct Vega. So think of this prediction as a sort of imaginary Channel with the Vega civilization.
Mars in Scorpio has gone into a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. So we´re getting quite a Plutonian charge. There is something of a rebirth of masculine energy, the old king passing the scepter to the younger. Passing the baton. The old world ends and a new one begins.
What will it be like? That´s up to us, the story is still being written...
We´re like Bastien in The Neverending Story. We see it, and we understand that the story is about us. Now. Here.
The true Lilith, just docking into trigon on Saturn.... and we understand...we will not win against Moloch. Moloch... is not here. There is no Covid and there is no Covid conspiracy. It´s Buddhist Mu! Like the Buddha nature.
It is our own prison. Our own bogeyman.
A drummer named Covid.
Because we like to be afraid.
And we like to make ourselves the victim.
But it´s our own choice.
Life is a smorgasbord.
They didn´t tell you about this?
There´s plenty of everything for everyone.
There´s no need to "somehow" live. Life has no plan, no outline. There´s no plan.
A smorgasbord means you have the right to choose. You can taste at will, there´s nothing wrong, despicable about finding out what´s "yours". The essence of what you carry in your heart.
If you like salad, choose salad. There´s everything you can think of in the buffet called Life.
If you don´t like the salad, you don´t worry about it, and you choose another one that suits you.
Mankind is still in the Pisces Age, when it is totally unaware, asleep, dreamy, foggy. When all of its knowledge, knowing, and even experiencing, is slowly being surrendered onward...and upward. Humanity shares the experience of "badness" with the entire Universe.
Mankind has invented a new property of matter, the thought form. It´s WRONG.
Bad means reprehensible. Rejected and rejected.
Earth and Humanity therefore play this game of being ruled over, of being humiliated, exploited and abused.
Maybe there is something to some of these QAnon theories after all.
But the important thing to remember is that we are playing the game ourselves.
How do we change that? Actively. By everyone standing up for themselves and claiming responsibility.
Grow up.
Stop hiding. Stop blaming. Stop doing stupid things.
Connect with your heart.
Let´s do a worldwide meditation. It doesn´t matter that there´s probably only a few thousand of us from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to some theories, our territory is where the modern Hussite movement will come from.
It is interesting to me that Jan Hus and Daniel Landa are now karmically connected. But that´s not to say that there must be a connection...
We are. Here and now. We feel our bodies and we feel our energy bodies. We are quite relaxed, we never have any blocks or knots, fears or phobias.
We just need to tune in.
It is necessary to decide: I want to wake up from this horrible dream.
You have to want to disconnect from the Matrix.
It´s not enough just to wait.
Life is a decision. You go for it. Life is yes.
But of course life contains a lot of experiences. it´s like a smorgasbord.
Try to focus less on what you don´t like, what someone else....and choose yours. Take what you like. What´s yours, no one can take from you (and what´s not yours, you can´t keep)...

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