November 12, 2021 at 13:48 (UT/GMT)
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Tradition considers Saturn a great malefic, because it is in charge of making us see reality, of showing us limitations and in general the ugly or hard side of life, so that we can grow as human beings and mature. When it is dominant it makes the native very rigid and serious, with a tendency to pessimism. It also predisposes to an existence with abundant pain or difficulties, in which frustration or defeat will be known.

With a destiny strewn with stones along the way, all that the natives of Saturn achieve is due to their own effort, although they can go very far thanks to an iron will. If the planet is very distressed, it gives an unfortunate and fatal fate. Saturnians stand out in the intellectual and spiritual realm, they can be engineers, architects, scientists, philosophers, priests, monks, saints and ascetics. Or they carry out jobs related to the land: farmers, gardeners, miners and construction workers, or painful and socially frowned upon jobs such as wells, gravediggers or beggars.

(But if Saturn is very weakened and afflicted, the native will have a markedly weak, immature or childish personality, without any solidity, unable to cope with life and its responsibilities or demands).

Among the Saturnian virtues stand out will, seriousness, responsibility, reflection, meditation, realism, good sense, depth. They tend to be logical, rational, patient, tenacious, austere, Spartans, persevering, prudent, and cautious. Slow but sure, they are the most mature and solid people, and those who are turned to in difficult moments.

The main defects of the Saturnians are: pessimism, fatalism, depression, melancholy, fears, phobias, anguish, selfishness, materialism and a rigid or narrow mind. Likewise, a tendency to isolation, loneliness, introversion, and to have serious traumas and emotional blocks. They can be cowardly, stingy, cruel, and vindictive, as well as mean, cold, calculating, greedy, treacherous, and premeditated.
The head dominates over the heart. The best qualities of this planet are found on the intellectual plane. With a highly rational, orderly and concrete mind, coupled with an unequaled capacity for concentration, the Saturnians have a great capacity for everything scientific and technical. They are realistic, meticulous and detailed and rely on everything that has been contrasted and experienced.

On the emotional plane is where the influence of Saturn is most severe or severe... They may experience emotional and sexual blockages, frustrations or repressions, and have a feeling of being unloved or of unrequited feelings, which is why celibates abound. They also have a tendency to introversion and loneliness, denying or renouncing pleasures. They tend to have lonely or difficult childhoods, and are often orphans.

Physically, Saturn rules the bones and joints, the skin, the spleen and the bladder, as well as the diseases of these parts. It predisposes to chronic diseases and colds and diseases caused by cold. Natives of Saturn can also suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and kidney or gallbladder stones.
They have an asthenic constitution. They are tall, with thin or long features, contracted and angular. Prominent and wrinkled forehead, high cheekbones, deep-set eyes, thin, curved nose, thin lips, and protruding chin. His appearance is serious, serene, rigid, cold or worried.
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November 13, 2021 at 17:07
(Gemini) Edy
Absolutely Saturnian, with Ascendant on an anaretic degree...repeater...
December 4, 2021 at 05:35
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My chart signature is Capricorn.

Saturn, Neptune & Uranus in Capricorn, chart ruler is Uranus.

My sexual appetite is insane, but I have full control over it. Pluto in it´s own house in domicile.

Moon has a light trine to Saturn (Taurus).
Saturn opposes my Sun & Jupiter.

Pain is no longer felt or applied to my ego, it is just pain and I can easily overcome it and work over it.

Sounds horrible but once you learn that your life can be directed away from emotional turmoil, Saturn truly is a good friend and a very ugly foe that can destroy too, best to keep your super-ego in check.

I have a night chart, Mars is under the horizon so is more beneficial, I am quite martian despite having a detrimental Taurus position. Though theories point to my vedic chart having Moon & Mars in Aries.
December 4, 2021 at 11:31
(Capricorn) stellium12
Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn first house. Grew up as a Saturnian and that is the way people see me. After my second Saturn return, Saturn released me. Now my Jupiter in Sagittarius is allowed to express itself.

They say Capricorn suns get younger as they age. Describes what is happening in my life. Anyone else experiencing this? Please comment.

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