Not sure how to interpret my chart

October 10, 2021 at 18:46 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) franzschubert
Not sure how to interpret my chart
So for instance, I still basically no grasp on what a leo moon conjunct regulus entails, even after reading what few resources there are about this online. It seems unimportant since it typically goes unnoticed when other people observe my chart, and yet others will say it’s hugely significant. My Pisces rising is another that seems to be pretty insignificant and/or muted in the eyes of most chart-readers as well.

So my issue is with determining the prominence of certain placements and aspects in my chart. I can’t pin down what I am mostly likely to emanate, and the struggles that I´m most likely to encounter given my constitution. I’d like to approximate a grasp on my placements gradient(s) of importance, particularly as it applies to the more unusual ones a Leo moon conjunct Regulus(which in 2011 moved into the constellation Virgo- in and of itself a doozie), Pluto square moon, etc.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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October 11, 2021 at 08:10
(Virgo) Etherealmind
Franz ... everything is important in a chart like in music haha ! People who don´t pay attention to some planets or else were just not careful enough or simply forgot it in their interpretations but normally everything should be considered !!
October 11, 2021 at 14:20
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
It sounds like you are most concerned with how you present in the world and how others see you - as well as what struggles you might have in life. Is that right?

Yes, there are astrologers who value fixed stars within the constellations and others who don´t pay much attention. I belong to the latter. The core of our personalities are based upon the Sun, Moon and ASC. The personal and social planets fill in the details. The outer planets show pressures of change upon the personality. Everything else is an adjective.

Leo Moon is conjunct Virgo Mars - the biggest influence to your Moon. 6th house. So you are service-oriented with much passion there for helping others. It can be an indirect service as well as a direct one - with many possibilities for the kinds of service.

Pisces rising can be very creative but also can play many different roles, according to the need of others. It suggests thin boundaries - an ability to have much empathy for others. Jupiter and Neptune, your traditional and modern chart rulers are both in Capricorn, 10th. So, helping is again represented here - you like taking responsibility for others.

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is in Aries in the 1st. You are quite independent, but you are all about helping others - being of service. It is as much a strength as a wound - because you probably help at your own expense. Helping others is noble and good. But, helping too much - helping at one´s own expense, is problematic.

The goal for you is to develop more equal relationships - where there is more give and take, more mutuality and less you being and feeling responsible and helpful. Sun and Mercury in the 8th gives you support for examining yourself and changing yourself. You´ll be interested in psychology toward that end.

Most likely, you were judged and blamed for how others feel in childhood. This is common with sensitive people - they are easy targets for scapegoating and blame. And then they process it to understand it - but - then there´s a wound around feeling a need to help others. So, you need to realize that you´ll feel guilty for not helping at your own expense - for a while. You have to be willing to feel guilty to work your way through this. The guilt does go away in time.

Did I get this right?


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October 11, 2021 at 18:47
(Scorpio) franzschubert » JayJayAstrology
The first sentence is not the meaning I meant to impart with my question, although concern with how I present/wanting to predict struggles are certainly relevant to my case.

With my question, I´m particularly trying to snuff out the features of my chart that I should be paying the most attention to, which is something I´d like to do towards the end of solving current problems I face/achieving growth generally.

What is the source of your skepticism pertaining to fixed stars? Have you done much research into the subject? I´m always curious as to why there is seemingly such a profound rift between modern and traditional interpretations.

I have a saturn/uranus yod directed at my moon. Would you put more stake into that than the virgo mars relation? I do have a passion for sensing others, however I will note that it is but one of the many defining characteristics I associate with myself, and that these characteristics often times disharmonious in their interplay with each-other.

I believe the Pisces rising assessment is accurate (hadn´t thought about Jupiter and Neptune in 10th much. Very interesting.). Again though, it does seem to be heavily muted by other traits that I´ve evolved with time (trying to avoid losing a sense of self in the process of *wanting to* help others). I feel like a lot of what I´ve evolved to shield myself from my own yearning to "help others" (which I put into air quotes since it´s hard to quantify what that means) is sort of unhealthy and overly-callous- though I don´t foresee that ever really changing.
So yeah, again, I do find it hard to make heads or tails of Pisces´s relation to the rest of my chart for these reasons.

Does Saturn in Aries suggest wanting to be of service+independence, or is the part about service a carryover from the previous observations? And yes, spot-on as far as the problematic nature of that inclination goes.

I feel as though the close relationships I´ve cultivated over the years are very equal, and I have in fact made it an explicit point to seek out friends I consider to be above my status/not particularly in need of my assistance. If anything, the inverse feeling has become more likely, whereby I feel as though I am not worthy of my circle of friends.

I have a weird relation to psychology. I am profoundly drawn to the study of Truth *particularly* through the "psychological" lens (I´ve thoroughly engrossed myself in Jungian literature in years past), and yet I fundamentally don´t see it as being a valid heuristic on account of human consciousnesses innately entropic/unquantifiable nature. I constantly find myself wondering why people do what they do, only to stop and remind myself that I can´t ever really understand that about them (nor myself). Hopefully that makes some sense.

I wasn´t really judged for how others felt as a child. I was abused/neglected by my mother, but there wasn´t ever really a pretense of my being the source of her negative feelings (she just had particularly pronounced vampiric impulses at the time). The wound you mention manifested all the same, and I agree entirely with your conclusion. If I am burdened by anything, it´s radical procrastination (you could call it a form of laziness) that stifles me from achieving growth, and which stems from (I think) a profound lack of self worth.

Thank you for your feedback!
October 11, 2021 at 21:13
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » franzschubert
I would not say that I think interpreting fixed stars is wrong or totally unworthy of study - I don´t experience it as a rift. I just think that the planets in our solar system - the closer celestial objects - are the essential forces of influences upon us. They simply are the stronger forces. We can go crazy trying to interpret all the various fixed stars and asteroids and points we consider possible influences. The more we consider, the more mind-befuddling it gets. At least, that´s how I see it. Keeping it simple - and interpreting the closer and more obviously important planets, just makes my job easier.

Understanding one´s chart can take a long time. I´m 70 now, and through the years, I´ve come to understand my chart differently at different stages. I think I understand it now better than ever - but - age can do that. Life teaches us.

I´m glad you weren´t judged for the negative feelings of others as a child. But, sorry to hear you feel a profound lack of self-worth. It´s probably a combo of influences - but - moreso - your consciousness. There´s probably a good reason for it.

I have Saturn conjunct South Node in my first house and Sun and Mercury in the 8th house too. My South Node is in Virgo though. You have Mars in Virgo and Virgo DES. We have similarities. I did struggle with self-worth for a long time. But over the years, I got better . . . through self-talk and standing up to my own negative voices. You are only 25 years old, so you have time yet to grow and change. The 20s are quite difficult for most people. They were for me.

I do think Saturn is about being of service and Aries is independent - so yes, there´s a leadership quality to Aries and 1st house - but mostly, it means you´ll be of service in your own special way - at least, that is how I read it. Saturn also suggests a slow but sure maturation process - it is the wise elder too. Where Satwurn is, is a big strong focus in the chart. For you - Aries - independence - following your own impulses and wisdom. It is connected with a wound - probably part of the self-esteem issue. SN/Saturn are in the opposite sign of your Chiron in Libra, 7th - where you might compare yourself to others. Aries doesn´t compare itself to others. It is its own person without comparison or contrast. When you are your own person, then you can also be your own person in relationships without comparing yourself - which is why you have North Node in Libra.

Poor self-worth is a thing of comparison - usually. I suppose we can judge ourselves and be our own voice of comparison to a higher ideal. It´s possible that you have modeled your mother´s voice - as we all do that - and you feel low estee just because she didn´t support you and was mean to you. It´s a kind of judgment. Children always take it to heart and blame themselves, when parents are unhappy.

Anyway, I give you a big hug. Take heart. I bet it will get better with time . . . and as you have more affirming experiences in life.
October 12, 2021 at 19:35
(Scorpio) Heßen Lutz
Well, Sun in Scorpio with a Leo Moon conjoined Mars and square Pluto shows a strong personality.

Pisces rising tames the chart a bit but these are powerful configurations.

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