I need some advices

October 8, 2021 at 01:19 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) Oleander
I need some advices
Hi! Pls help me to understand my chart because I want to heal myself. By understanding my chart -so myself- I can understand my path.

So... what do you think about my chart? What do you want to tell me about it? Like interesting placements and aspects, weird ones, best things and worst things and advices to solve them or make them better than they are...

I wonder what Pluto Lilith conjunction in my 8th house means. I still can´t figure it out. It´s hard to understand for me.

:161: in 5th house... I understand that I have to learn to be myself but idk how it will come true because Saturn in 1st house mostly pulls me back. Anyways.

I´m sure that you got my point. I need advices from third and objective people. Good night y´all!

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October 8, 2021 at 09:28
(Virgo) Aren Levi
From sidereal view

Your Jupiter and Saturn are in aries 1st house - i see it as you can get people to make shit done and at the same time you can do it yourself by yourself. But when the job is finished, you get lazy.

I got Saturn in aries in sidereal too, it makes me impatient, reckless and when i want to get shitt done, it feels like it takes forever ( fastest sign and slowest planet )

Your Rahu ( north node ) in cancer 4th house with Sun with that Venus in 5th house in leo - screams motherly energies to me, are you a mother yet ?
it can also make you patriotic.

Lilith + Pluto + chiron 8th house in scorp, from the healing point of view - your Pluto is helping you transform through that chiron wound to have that Lilith attributes,
Anyway Lilith and Pluto likes to be in 8th house and in scorp - so all those things connected to that house and sign should be strong within your life.

Do you have a thing for army men, policemen, paramedics, business men ?
Anyway, if you gonna marry, your husband is gonna be super healthy.
but thats just my first impresssion of your chart :3:
October 8, 2021 at 10:36
(Taurus) Rosincvist
You are asking about Lunar mathematical properties, ideally we should have more real :152:s.
Succedent houses don´t give us as much conservatism as fixed houses keep coming up as more important than naught!
Just assume that :160:s effort to keep secrets reaches the extreme of becoming completely invisible!
October 9, 2021 at 18:36
(Taurus) nutelina
I have studied my chart at the occasion for over 5 years and I still found new stuff. Now I look at transits sometimes but I don´t want to overdo it. If it feels what you are doing now you *have* to do *now*, it might be wise to look at transits too. It gives you an immediate clue who ´done it´ (Saturn? Pluto in 4th or 7th just a few examples).
October 12, 2021 at 17:23
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
What is it that you want to heal? Without knowing this, it is difficult to give a clear answer.
October 26, 2021 at 21:58
(Leo) Oleander » Aren Levi
Thanks for comment! I forgot that I started a topic, lol.

I´m not a mother yet but I really really want to be. I was unlucky about my parents. I couldn´t even have a family pic so I want to build mine one day. I dream about it a lot. My sweet dreams. :6:

Nope, I´m not literally interested in army men, policemen etc. I am just interested in emotional but strong men like Pisces sun Capricorn moon men. Just an example :1:
October 26, 2021 at 22:13
(Leo) Oleander » JayJayAstrology
Hi! Here my list:

1- I am not able to forget, that´s my problem. I can get stuck into problems that I have for a long time. Maybe I expect the right things from wrong people or I just can´t move on. Idk. I want to take revenge mostly. I don´t do that but these thoughts don´t let me think of anything else.

2- I have trust issues. I´m obsessed with loyalty. I suspect too much. I just don´t trust people. It protects me but also it hurts people who loves me deeply.

3- I feel like I have two opposite personalities. One of them is cute, kind and generous and the other one lives in the dark side of life. They talk in my mind usually and say opposite things. I feel I´m divided between them. I don´t have multiple personality disorder, yet but I´m scared of that I will have it one day.

4- I love to love. It´s a good thing but it´s also heavy because everyone can not deserve my love. I spend myself on the purpose of loving. Too much sacrifice or expecting too much sacrifices from people. There´s no between. I don´t know how to balance it.

5- And... I want to notice my potential about my career, my marriage etc. I mean I want to see that I cannot see in my chart. :1:
October 26, 2021 at 22:24
(Leo) Oleander » nutelina
Thanks for suggestion!

This year transit Saturn passed on my natal Uranus. It was an exact conjunction. On the other side, transit Uranus passed on my natal Saturn, exact conjunction again. I have grand square between Saturn-Sun-Uranus-Mars in my natal chart and I got two conjunction on it in this year at the same time. Everything fall apart. I had too many arguments, too many disappointments, too many breaks. Now, Transit Uranus opposite to natal Mars...

I will observe them as you suggested. :1:
October 27, 2021 at 15:55
(Virgo) Aren Levi » Oleander
well, that would be other way around

Capricorn Sun and Pisces Moon :4:

cause pisces Sun does not seem strong and capri Moon is not really emotional
October 27, 2021 at 17:21
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Oleander
Well, you have spent a good deal of time analyzing yourself and reflecting!

It´s complicated. People are complex and astrology that reflects them is complex.

First, you are super-sensitive and you most likely grew up in a family with thin boundaries. Cancer IC - Cancer Mercury - feels what other people feel - and often have difficulty separating out what is self and what is other. You think in terms of caring - you can be super compassionate - but then, easy to lose yourself in the other.

To you, there is only the finest line between feeling and thinking - and it isn´t like you are always emotional - it´s more like you just "sense" the energies of others.

So you have really thin boundaries. This is very vulnerable - too vulnerable. You need to take care who you have around you.

Mars and Chiron are in Scorpio in the 7th house of relationships. Scorpio is the sign that deals with trust issues, jealousy, revenge - that kind of thing. Mars is trine your Mercury in Cancer - so your thinking is easily connected with Scorpio-type thoughts.

Moon is in Gemini, the twins - the talking heads. Lots of people do indeed feel like they are of two minds. It isn´t unusual. But, when they are totally opposite - want opposite things - it can be quite disturbing to the person - mostly because it can never resolve. It can become obsessive. But let´s take a look at them. You are quite mental in orientation - you think a lot. South Node in Aquarius - you are a super-thinker - thinking outside of the box - your mind goes places most people´s minds don´t go. In a big way, you feel like you don´t fit in - and you really want to fit - but the truth is, it feels more like a role and you aren´t really being yourself - yet. In other words, you want to be loved, seen, heard, and recognized for who you really are - but - you don´t feel like you are - so it makes you angry and you want revenge.

North, Node andSun are in Leo and Venus in Virgo - all in 5th - where you are developing yourself - who you think you are - your identity. Leo is absolutely loving and creative. Leo wants to fit in - desperately. Virgo is very analytical and self-doubting - so that is yet another part of you - but still in the house of playful creative expression and self-development. Yet, you could be hyper-sensitive as to exactly how honest, loyal and trustworthy each person is - I mean - you look for it out of distrust - and you will always find something that isn´t to your liking, because you are really looking.

Aries rising likes to have fun, but your chart ruler, Mars, is in Scorpio, looking at the dark side. So, Leo Sun is the loving side and Mars/Chiron/Pluto are the dark side. But, your Aquarius South Node with Uranus and Neptune - believe they will never fit in. This is really the core of the problem. You believe you will never be loved. It is a conclusion you made during your past life - and now - you have to revisit that conclusion. That is what Pluto in Sag is saying - you´ve concluded something about yourself that isn´t correct.

So, you need to turn your revenge into self-investigation in regard to the belief that you are unlovable, or that no one will understand you, or no one can see you, or that no one will love you. You need to get in touch with the feelings or emotions connected with this. Then you can let go of revenge thoughts - because you will be taking responsibility for how you really feel down deep.

When Leo is mature, it loves without expectation of return. It just loves. It isn´t interested in what comes back. But this is a highly evolved Leo. Many Leos want a return - recognition, affirmation, applause - in the way they want it - so that they can feel good about themselves. Essentially, this is an immature Leo who needs to build confidence and a secure identity. You might be overdoing it "Love" because you simply are insecure and don´t believe it will come back to you from others - so you overcompensate.

Have you ever thought about acting? There´s quite a lot of creativity in your chart. You have the sensitivity to play different roles. Take an acting class and see what you think. It could be really good for you! It would take you out of yourself and help you to play more, focus your mind on doing something productive, and be less obsessed. Well, it´s an idea.


My website: http://thesoulmustsing.weebly.com - I do western astrology readings, dream interpretation, and mind-body healing by a donation of your choice - and classes at reasonable rates. Sign up for my newsletter!
November 1, 2021 at 21:40
(Leo) Oleander » JayJayAstrology
Omg! That´s amazing because all the things you said are true. That´s totally me.

Yes, I feel the energies around me. That´s why I mostly prefer to spend my time alone because to feel these kind of things is quite heavy. I´m 22 years old yet, I´m young. So I believe that I will be able to separate which one is mine and which one is another´s one feeling. But also I know that to run away from crowds is not a solution. I´m not ready to solve it yet maybe. At least I know what is the problem and what I´m supposed to do. I just need to figure it out how I can do.

Overthinking, overanalyzing... I need to stop my brain. I´m trying to meditate. Also it helps a lot but still not enough.

I´m loved and I believe that I am loveable. However I realised this problem but I still expect too much. I know that I need to love myself first and I do. But sometimes it just leaves me. Scorpio...

I tried acting in my childhood. I was the star of my school. But high school times.. these times were quite dark to me. I built a wall between me and all people around me and I never did let anyone in. Now I´m trying to share my feelings and my thoughts but after I did that, I feel guilty. Scorpio, again.

With all hard aspects to my lovely sun, I see that it doesn´t give up on shining. I don´t act but I write. Actually, I gave up on that because I didn´t want to share them with people anymore. I´m planning to start to do it again.

Thanks for your comment! Really, it really helped a lot.
November 1, 2021 at 22:00
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne
You are yourself already and you don´t have to learn it. There is some bad advice among ´spiritual´ people that you must heal, whatever this means. Astrologers may tell you things to make money.

You are okay.
I can recommend you this video, maybe it will be inspiring ❤️
November 1, 2021 at 22:32
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Oleander
You are welcome.
November 2, 2021 at 10:54
(Leo) Oleander » Joanna Suzanne
Thank you! I will watch it :6:
November 2, 2021 at 16:11
(Pisces) Cind

I think you should look into shadow work, we all have different sides to us but without embracing the dark or the unknown we can not be our authentic selves.
As a woman you should look into devine feminine work, you could look it up on your moon sign as that is the feminine energy.

Astrology is really good at figuring out different aspects to our selves but you are then being too much in your head and analysing.

You want to do things that will get you out of your head and in your body, so you can be present. Like dancing, walking or anything that feels good.

When these negative emotions come up don´t try to analyse them, just feel through them and let go of them.

Like you said you have all these beliefs which you should identify one by one.

Trust issues - Ask yourself, where in my childhood did I feel like I couldn´t trust my parents?
Expectations on other people (loyalty, other expectations) - Where am I not meeting my own needs? Where in life do I put too much pressure on myself?
Not being able to let go - Why am I holding onto negative emotions? Where in my life did it feel safe to be in these emotions?- Could it be because if you was actually happy something would happen and you would feel even worse because you could lose that thing/person/feeling?
Your shadow side- What is it about it that scares you?

You should monitor your emotions and then write about them, try to connect with a past situation that made you feel that way and then when you figure it out you can then heal it by accepting the situation for what it was, forgiving others and yourself. :6:

Hope this helps. :79:

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