saggitarius and scorpio / individual tendency question.

September 20, 2021 at 17:17 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) blackkie13
saggitarius and scorpio / individual tendency question.
The 1st house is Sagittarius, the main planet of Sagittarius is the 12th house, Scorpio. In this case, will the individual tendency to develop into the 12th house? I also feel the expansion, curiosity and intuition of the 1st house and the spirituality, death and fate of the 12th house. I wonder what kind of inclination and what kind of work should be done for a person with a constellation chart like this! I wonder if Scorpio´s energy is more dominant...

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September 21, 2021 at 08:17
(Leo) tomdos
I wonder that too:-)

Your chart is very cryptic. It is really something. IMHO stelliums, especially like yours, create an unclear , quite unpredictable cocktail of energies which can go either way. In your case though, theyre all in the 12th house and Sag, which gives them at least a common tendency. Its really interesting though as literally ALL your personal planets are in there. It would be interesting to hear more about your personality, lifestyle. Also your goals and values. I imagine they can be hazy or uncertain, you may have a problem of chosing between them and stick with the chosen ones, but I may be wrong.

All in all, your chart seems very transformative. To me it seems like closing of a cycle or a chapter, but only after passing a final exam proposed by this life.

Hints for that:
Note that Sag ruler Jupiter is all alone there, unaspected. You cannot expect that much from him and he passes this uncertainity onto all the planets in Sag. Still, its Jupiter, so he will be supportive but in an invisible, non-materialistic way. Also, as you noticed, he is swimming in the deep waters of Scorpio so Pluto is his dispositor. Not only that, Pluto is the final dispositor of your chart. Jupiter still could be considered a ruler of your chart, but only so so. That Ascendant is very close to Capricorn and Saturnian vibes are in the air. To me, it sounds like a good thing. IMHO your Saturn is strong and well placed and is / will be your support, your solid ground. I feel like that is what you really need, you blaze with too much unchecked fire. That positive Saturn tells me that his harsh lessons are mostly over for the time being, he hands the trials over to Pluto with that square between them.

The itching of the 1st house is probably caused by Neptune / Uranus conjunction, unaspected, which means mostly unchecked. They will urge the curiosity and growth, which you should keep at check, give it a healthy direction. But they make sure your life has a drive, a motivation. It should be a motivation to grow beyond this world.

Without more information about yourself, it generally appears to me that you should really let your life flow. Your transpersonal planets signal a strong hand of fate. Just make sure that you clarify your values and goals to follow and stick with them. IMHO they should be highly moral and spiritual. I feel like nothing else cannot satisfy you, anyways. This lifes challenge may be just about this. Hold true to the most noble values and goals that you believe in and realize them in your life, no matter what.
September 21, 2021 at 09:47
(Sagittarius) blackkie13 » tomdos
Thank you for talking with us. Let me tell you my personal story. My personality is quite introverted, personal, and lonely. My lifestyle is spent spending a lot of personal time. I like to travel alone, go for walks, do yoga and meditate. I like to think deeply. I have a very sensitive personality, so I often get stressed out in social relationships. So I like to spend time alone. My goal, I don´t know. I am not an unmotivated person. Actually, I´m a very ambitious person, and as you said, it´s a hidden motivation. I am seen as a very ideal person. All I want is a free life. A life where I can be free from my thoughts. I feel like I have too much energy. So to others, to the world,I want to show and convey the energy I have. But my personality seems to get in the way of that goal. For the rest of my life, I feel so frustrated. But I believe in fate. I believe in myself. So, I try to look inside myself more and live. I love nature, I love music and I love to travel. I like beautiful things that I like on the inside.oh, And the help of Saturn is interesting. So greatful.I have a question. When will one cycle of my life be complete? In fact, the past few years have been very difficult. I feel like everything is stagnant and I feel a lot of unconscious anguish. These are very stoic, private times.

thank you.🙏

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