am I weak?

September 15, 2021 at 18:08 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Sophie_Saymourus
am I weak?
I feel so pressured and subjective about life, it´s an infinite loop.
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September 16, 2021 at 01:18
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
What exactly do you mean - pressured and subjective about life? It´s a very vague description of how you feel.
September 16, 2021 at 01:20
(Taurus) IntoTheVoid
Saturn is slippery in water. It is technically having a difficult time in Cancer, being in Detriment. You are not weak at all. One of the lessons here is to gain strength and build your own back bone
Being in RX motion, maybe you are internalizing a lot of fear.
September 16, 2021 at 03:13
(Virgo) rosewater
no, I often look at my chart and point out negatuves i think ah so this must be why I´m weak. If you feel pressure about life take rest, make some healthier and simple changes. Nothing too much and don´t worry about your chart, otherwise it gets overwhelming.

Some advice I wish I´d known when I looking into astrology; don´t lose sight of the roses on your side and today´s little happy things ^^
September 16, 2021 at 18:27
(Capricorn) Sophie_Saymourus » JayJayAstrology
well, I just feel lost about my abilities and desires.
September 16, 2021 at 22:42
(Sagittarius) Cosmette
I see your chiron, unhealable wound, the trauma asteroid in your 2nd. You feel a sense of little to no self worth. People may have played a part in you feeling that way, I´d imagine. And with jupiter squaring your saturn, your beliefs and core sense of self probably feels challenged, I´d imagine there´s been situations in life to indicate this... it´s probably quite hard, I´m sorry for that. Saturn makes this issue something that will either make or break you, pressure, either turns coal into diamonds, or into something else. This aspect is currently "applying" which means it´s something in your face right now in life, you´ll notice in your natal chart that some aspects say "separating" it means those aspects (which are sometimes literally situations that happen in our lives, much like watching a plane come up over our head and fly past us) has passed. With saturn in your 8th, you may have trouble with sexuality, and finances, and it may feel that the issues of others tend to get dropped in your lap. With jupiter in your 10th squared, I´m not entirely sure. People may see you as stronger, or more than you are, with unrealistic expectations (since 10th rules our public face, and our reputation) which can feel like a lot of pressure, also.
How do you feel?
September 17, 2021 at 00:59
(Taurus) Rosincvist
Three unrelated mutual receptions those are great power-ups in the video-game of life!
September 17, 2021 at 01:28
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
You are just 16 years old. It is obviously a difficult time for you. I´m wondering if maybe your family isn´t able to give you much support and too much responsibility. I think they aren´t there for you and you have to fend yourself. Is this right? So, you feel lost because you you aren´t feel loving support for doing anything but helping out.

You are good at helping out, but you aren´t getting much back - and you feel you need more feedback for what you might do with yourself?

Am I on the right track?

The good news is - your chart is very good for learning and growing and becoming . . . Sagittarius has lots of ideas, lots of interests, lots of things it wants to do. Capricorn loves to work and keep busy. So this is the nice thing about your chart.

The thing you´ll have to work on is paying more attention to how you feel. You have Sun and Moon in Capricorn - and Capricorn really doesn´t like to deal with feelings - so you have to make an effort. Most people repress feelings in childhood - just to survive and make it through it. So, you probably do it too. I know I did.

You need to maybe keep a journal of your feelings. If you remember dreams, you can write them down. Notice the feelings in your dreams - or whatever comes out when you are writing - and then - you can think about how you really feel. This will help you feel more alive and motivated to do things. I bet if you start to write down your thoughts and feelings, you´ll come up with ideas of things you´d like to do.

Trust me - you will feel differently as you grow older. You can learn to value yourself in new ways - if you want to - and there´s plenty of support for growing and changing in your chart.

Is there something I should know about your situation that needs addressing?

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September 17, 2021 at 03:31
(Pisces) ꓄꒐ꋊꋊ꒐ꏂ
Hi, Sophie~ c:

No, you aren´t dear child, you just have a kind soul.
Father time will surely change you as you age though.
Keep on growing and embrace the wonders of your youth.

September 17, 2021 at 03:32
(Pisces) 1janos
You are experiencing Pluto :160: opposing :192: Saturn :157: transit.
Plus Uranus :199: Square :194: Neptune :159: transit.
Not to mention Uranus :199: tri-octile :197: Venus :154: Mercury :153: and Moon :152:.

All these transits describe the developing and growing tension and demand, for change, as far as your more familiar structures in life are concerned, plus the way you feel and think as a young woman.

To put it bluntly, you are growing up, changing and maturing as a young person.

Life is a completely subjective experience. You and every one of us, view and relate to the world, from our own unique perspective.

Anyone talking of objectivity, doesn´t get the concept. We are not objects, hence we can´t be objective.
September 18, 2021 at 09:54
(Capricorn) Sophie_Saymourus » Cosmette
Well, I feel grateful for your response. It opened my eyes to some of the issues. I have a hard time observing situations from the side. Thank you.
Right now at 16, I compare myself to the others and mostly fear becoming nothing, missing these ´gold´ opportunities. I fear being too small that people can hurt me in any way, especially physically (Yes, Chiron in the 2nd, and Mars in the 12th). There is a plan in my head for the future where I can be safe and sound and happy. Though, I can´t realize the true potential of me to reach it. Also, my true desires (North Node) are vague. So it´s like I´m just hanging there in worries about my safety, about my worth, about my must-be bright future. And I´m afraid to relax because I will lose it. If I relax people will abuse me, if I relax I will never reach my goals, if I relax I will never be someone, therefore no money, no safety. It´s something like this. :159:
September 18, 2021 at 10:17
(Capricorn) Sophie_Saymourus » JayJayAstrology
Yes, I feel like I was abandoned, so I have brought up myself on my own. Like, this lack of support led me to be insecure about the future.
I do feel like the initiator, and people can´t appreciate me enough (Mars in the 12th and Saturn in the 8th). I can´t really see what else can I do? Sagittarius Mars is itchy, Venus I guess. Asc too. + Saturn, helping everyone.
I have my moon on the edge, but it´s still Sag, and I feel a great, great deal of emotions, they are huge like Jupiter, and controlling them is an issue. Therefore I suppress them, yes.
Maybe I do need to write them down, but sometimes there are so many of them I cannot comprehend anything. What can I do about them being so strong? I keep them far away from logic, hanging in the back, but they come back as a headache, bad sleep, irritability.
Dreams are a good idea, sometimes there are about 3-4 of them or even 6. They are mostly about fears and missed happiness.
Well, that´s about it, thank you for your answer. :179:
September 18, 2021 at 10:56
(Cancer) TimeLord
Don´t worry.
I´m Weak too.
I have Chiron Conjunct Asc.
September 18, 2021 at 20:14
(Sagittarius) Cosmette » Sophie_Saymourus
I´ll let you in on a secret, you´re not alone. I feel the same way, and I´ve felt that way the same age you are now. I´m only 22, so really it wasn´t that long ago, either. I empathize with that fear of not being enough for anyone else, or myself, not being self reliant/sufficient.
You´re at an age where everyone is going to tell you who you are, what you want, what you should do, and what you should aspire to be. But know that in time it´ll sort itself out.
I came from a very very poor family, my mother had some things she was working through, my father wasn´t in the picture, and I had this same fear of "is this going to be my life?" I surrounded myself with friends who I felt were going to be successful, and spent time listening to family members who were successful... but still I had this fear, that somehow all this prepping and mental olympics I put myself through, by being in all these clubs and hobbies, trying to get the best transcripts— still wasn´t enough. It didn´t feel right. Everyone told me it would be though, and if I ever wanted to be good enough or self sufficient that this was the way to do it.

Turns out it wasn´t, at least for me. I tried to force myself through college twice, thinking it would be a degree which would bring me success, and a good job like what everyone expected from me. God, it was miserable.
Then one day I decided to see what would happen if I released the reins and let life unfold itself.
I dropped out of college, I moved all over the states just doing different job after dufferent job (server, admin, bookseller, cashier, batista, just random jobs to support my travels) and everyone hated and criticized me for it.
But being on my own took away my fear of me thinking I could never be self sufficient. These fears can only be dealt with in time by experience. These "loser jobs" as people in my social groups called them, taught me people skills that landed me in a job at a brokerage. At 22, I am on track to get a home, I am with the love of my life, and I am still working on my self worth, but I´m here. I´m becoming something.

I want you to know that you will, too. I know you won´t fail because it is already self evident that you will not allow yourself to. I felt and shared the same thoughts, afraid of being used, hurt, being alone, being nothing to myself. And sometimes, I had those encounters, but I surpassed them even reluctantly at times because I knew I had to. I had to. I would find my success, and no one would tell me what field I needed to study or go into to do it.
I don´t think at 16 I´d imagine myself working in finance, but I´m not actually unhappy here.

I hope this ramble encourages you, if you take nothing else from this, know that you will always, somehow, someway, be okay. It will not be easy, nothing good ever is, but as long as you care, you can do or be anything you want to: worthy, loveable, successful — however you learn to define it. It may change as the years pass, too, and that´s okay.
You´re going to be okay.
September 21, 2021 at 04:57
(Capricorn) Sophie_Saymourus » Cosmette
Thank you a lot. I can only say that I´m glad you made it through the challenges, it´s incredible. You truly amaze me, your backbone and fearlessness. I can relate to a lot of things in your reply. Rn I start to understand things about the true meaning of living, like really living life, not just achieving. Still, it´s tough to open my mind wide enough. At least I´m better now. :156:
September 21, 2021 at 05:26
(Virgo) Aren Levi
you gonna get stronger when youll get older :3:

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