North Node with 4 Squares

September 5, 2021 at 19:16 (UT/GMT)
(Pisces) Tina95
North Node with 4 Squares
Hi all,

I recently saw an interesting natal chart (from my mother) which has 4 Squares regarding the North Node:

North Node Square Mars (Applying)
North Node Square Saturn (Separating)
North Node Square Uranus (Applying)
North Node Square Pluto (Applying)

I read the interpretation of the single aspects, I was just wondering: Can you generally interpret these aspects that this person has a lot of struggles to actually get out of their comfort zone and follow their own learning path? Or would that be a superficial interpretation?

I was wondering because I never saw so many squares regarding the North Node before.

Thank you for every insight :)

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September 12, 2021 at 05:01
(Cancer) Victor_Valiant_
Hi ^^

No can´t really generalize like that ;)

The aspects are such to have a specific purpose for the person & their life.
There are both positive & negative traits of those North Node square aspects to consider.
And with the bigger picture of the rest of the chart in mind on how things connect & boosts/energizes certain areas too.

Here on astroseek both the positive & the negative interpretation
is given on those squared aspects.
So hope it can prove insightful for your case ;)

North Node Square Mars

North Node Square Saturn

North Node Square Uranus

North Node Square Pluto

And you can check the north node with other aspects of the chart,
if there are any conjuncts, trines, opposites etc. in the rest of the chart
And checking how it aspects with the asteroids too
As they give an colorful vibe to it all as well ;D

Taking everything into account, gives an clearer picture for interpretation of the life path & lessons in their evolution.
And even then, must remind oneself that it´s an indication of someone´s nature & innate characteristics, one is just born with as an direction.
Not an conclusive judgement that seals one´s fate ;)

The planets keeps revolving during life & all types of alignments are possible,
to favor & challenge one´s chart at birth ;)
We are all in constant evolution ;D

Hope that helps
Cheers :37:

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