Moon and “bad”aspects (with Saturn Uranus Lilith and Jupiter in 12th)

August 15, 2021 at 18:44 (UT/GMT)
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Moon and “bad”aspects (with Saturn Uranus Lilith and Jupiter in 12th)
Hi everyone
I gave recently birth to my twins. Unfortunately the doctors here do c section only between 8 and 8:30 which means that many planets fall in 12th house. (I checked this for many dates)
Actually I could give birth even some days later but the doc insisted to give birth the 14th of April 2021. I knew that the aspects aren’t good at all at this date. I asked the doc to do it another date as I could (because there was no need to urge the c section) but she doesn’t believe in astrology at all. She even told me to not believe all those “bullshit” and to give birth the date she told me otherwise I had to go to another doc (whom I wouldn’t know at all) because she would leave on holidays !

So my twins (boy and girl) born at 08:24 and 08:27 am the 14th of April 2021 in Brussels Belgium) have moon square Saturn
Moon square Jupiter
Moon conjuncts Uranus (wide orb 8,45 degrees)
Moon trines Neptune
Moon conjuncts Lilith
And they have sun mercury Venus Lilith Uranus and moon in 12 !!!

Could somebody who knows more about astrology explain those difficult aspects to me and maybe give me some advice in order to keep the positive side of it?

I am already a mother of a 6 years old boy ..

Really really guys I am a soft, tender, warm-hearted, possessive, stubborn, loving, caring and I show my emotions mother ….

When I read all those aspects it seems that I will be the worst mother on this planet !!! Or that I will die soon…. And leave my babies alone …
Both scenarios are painful and make me afraid and so sad !

Is there anybody whom could check their natal chart and perhaps mine as well in order to check which possibilities there are and if there is any chance to avoid something ?…;

Maybe the hormones and in combination with all those things I’ve read I’m worried and sad.
I know basic things so maybe (I hope) I’ve misinterpreted some things?
Any advice on our charts would be really helpful for me.

Thanks in advance

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