Am I doomed...?

August 13, 2021 at 08:12 (UT/GMT)
(Scorpio) Rami808
Am I doomed...?
I must have been a terrible person in my past life...

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for someone with 5 planets in Scorpio? and 6 in the 12th house?

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupitar Scorpio/12th house
Sagittarius in Uranus/12th house :122: :63:
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August 13, 2021 at 16:47
(Gemini) AmberMoon
Doomed, lol.

Life is an opportunity, grab it when it hits you ;).

Don´t take this as a chart reading but I like absorbing the feel of a chart, every now and then: man, it´s silent here. I can hear the sea and the wind. And somewhere behind a distant wave, which might very well never reach shore, things live.

If you swim deep enough, you might catch a glance but be careful. At that distance, the sea can be unpredictable.
August 13, 2021 at 17:08
System message: Post has been written by user goldenlion32, who already deleted profile on this website:
I would see at as you have both negative and positive people there who might come into your life out of the 12th house. Sometimes they can be quite helpful.

12th house you never know what is there whether negative or positive. It´s the Mystery house, behind the scenes, and of course in Scorpio you might be someone like Biden that has the secret service or something of that nature. lol

Not sure if your in the Military, Government, or even maybe detectives, police officers, forensics, there´s a whole list of professions that could fit in the 12th house of Scorpio. Morgues, Autopsies, criminal investigations, psychiatry, psychology.

Subconscious mind. Your deepest fears. A lot of transformation of the psyche.

The planet represent people, so I´m a Scorpio. I don´t think all of us are a bad influence on you.

August 14, 2021 at 11:15
(Aquarius) practicalmystic
Hey there! I´ll give my interpretation best I can here but I apologize if none of it hits.

Scorpio is not terrible by any stretch. Is it difficult and powerful? Certainly. But it´s not evil or in any way malevolent so much as being a powerful emotional force. And generally Scorpio has ways of piercing through layers, so it makes the sign doubly uncomfortable for people who have things to hide or don´t enjoy expressing vulnerability.

But why don´t we look at your stellium closer? I´ll take it planet by planet based on what I feel it says about you.

Sun in Scorpio
Your ego is naturally drawn to tearing peoples´ layers apart. Again, not even malevolent, but for many Scorpios it´s a means to get closer to another without divulging your inner core. It´s a personality style! The 12th house suggests you enjoy this in a more spiritual and gentle style than if, say, the sun were in the 8th house.

Mercury in Scorp
Your mind lies here too. You´re not evil, you´re a mental detective with a psychic/intuitive (12th house) edge. This might suggest that you only feel capable of connecting with others when you´ve cast aside social pretense and can profoundly understand a person´s inner workings. "Why do they behave this way? What caused them to do X?" People working in forensics, psychology, and the law have to work with these questions often.

Venus in Scorp
Passion, love, adoration for people who have layers. This suggests you really cannot tolerate, for example, small talk or meaningless conversation. Venus here is spiritually piercing. You likely have an intense personality and many people can´t handle that. Again, not because of any fault of yours, but because personality styles don´t always mesh. But it seems like people, for you, are at once mysterious and something to be suspicious of.

Jupiter in Scorpio
Given the stellium, this all suggests a great backbone of morality that you use as a guiding star throughout your life. If one were truly to give into their shadow self, regardless of the signs. They wouldn´t even bother to ask the question that you did. Jupes here suggests a great amount of introspection, and a natural ability to both understand and bond with the darker side of people around you, while also keeping their actions in-line with the moral framework which you, yourself, have defined.

So. I don´t think you´re doomed in any sense. Quite the opposite, it sounds like there is a huge repertoire of mental capability that you´re raring to use. Your south node in Cancer speaks more to your past life. Likely as a healer and nurturer of people around you, and wielding a great deal of introspective ability. It seems like, in this life, you are meant to be more of a mental warrior than a healer. North Node in Capricorn is calling you to use your incredible skills of tearing apart what does not matter in order to expose the truth. Of whatever you choose.

TLDR Naw you´re good.
August 14, 2021 at 11:58
(Aquarius) viv
I’d say you have a very deep and focussed chart. Previous comments around each Scorpio planet seem apt. A mental detective! It’s a new moon chart so in a way you are lighting up your own inner sky with the chance for new deeply felt initiatives. Imagine that Scorpio stellium shining just above the horizon as you were born.

It’s true that not many people will appreciate you because that intensity is scary! You see to the bone and right through it. However you may be kind hearted to those who actually know you, and to random strangers and other creatures. The North node in Cancer suggests you are reaching toward kindness, sensitivity and nurture. If you open to the possibility of this even existing you will experience it more and more.

I notice that your Pluto Saturn conjunction, the highest point of your chart is conjunct the binary star Spica known as the ear of corn in the hands of the goddess Virgo (sidereal)A Saturn Pluto conjunction only comes around once every Saturn cycle 29 years, so in a natal chart it is usually a sign of a Soul on fire to bring transformative (Pluto) structures (Saturn) into the world. With Spica shining through there, there is abundance, success, good fortune in these endeavours. It as though you carry something the world needs now. Your wonderful Scorpio stellium is also sextile to your Virgo mid heaven suggesting your work needs to be of service. Virgo is ruled by Mercury . Your work could be in an innovative technical, medical, security, financial, musical or intellectual field. Look back to your Saturn return at age 30. Did you make a career choice then that goes in the direction of reform or some kind of service ?

I also notice a sextile between Saturn/ Pluto and Neptune making two inconjuncts, a yod, to Chiron in Gemini in the sixth. In general Chiron in Gemini suggests something to heal in the area of communication. For some reason I see you also working with your hands on technical means of communication, old radar, radios/stereos, or even hearing gadgets, motorised wheelchairs etc Could just be a passing thought! In any case you are very clever and it would be an advantage to you to actually use your hands (Gemini) to make something, perhaps in your leisure time. You might even find friends or “mates” as men say here in Australia where you can work together on practical projects.

So were you a terrible person last time around? Pretty unlikely! Rather you have chosen a focussed and gifted chart which you need to use in service of some kind.
I hope you also open to the sympathy and kindness that is available to you through your North node in Cancer and perhaps begin to share some of your depth more intimately with others.

Best Viv
August 14, 2021 at 12:47
(Aquarius) Leo Moon
No person is doomed. Some are more challenged than others.

How a person responds to the circumstances they are given is the key.

Pluto/Scorpio’s strength is the power of profound transformation.
What that transformation consists of is up to the individual.

The 12th house represents all the deep, hidden forces.

Monks, philosophers, the spiritual and esoteric, investigative reporters, scientists, psychologists, intelligence operatives are represented in the 12th.

The 12th is the last house on the karmic wheel. A reckoning of sorts. All the deep and obscure forces that weren’t dealt with in the first 11 houses.

Having The power of profound transformation focused on the deep forces of life is definitely not doomed.
August 15, 2021 at 19:03
(Taurus) Taurus
Why do you feel doomed?
I’m really interested in your chart.
I’m wondering with all those planets and especially sun and moon in 12th how was your relationship with your parents? How was your mother when you were a child? And your dad? Do you also have difficult aspects ? To the moon and to the sun?
August 15, 2021 at 19:04
(Taurus) Taurus » practicalmystic
What about moon and sun in 12th house ?
August 15, 2021 at 23:23
(Aquarius) practicalmystic » Taurus
I´ll reply to this in a PM so I´m not overriding the current forum topic. :83:
August 16, 2021 at 09:07
(Taurus) Taurus » practicalmystic
Ok interesting:)

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