How do you interpret my t-quare in my Chart?

August 3, 2021 at 16:58 (UT/GMT)
(Libra) BeatrixKiddo
How do you interpret my t-quare in my Chart?
Hi friends,
I have 2 t-square in my chart. It gave me up and down situations. I have disappointment about my career. :/
How do you interpret those two t-square?
Sun-Mars-Neptune also Sun-Mars Uranus t-square

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August 3, 2021 at 19:56
(Taurus) Rosincvist
:199: erschel´s involvement forces evolution in what would otherwise be a source of suffering!
August 5, 2021 at 05:36
(Libra) BeatrixKiddo » Rosincvist
I don´t understand what are you trr to saying??
August 5, 2021 at 07:22
(Taurus) Rosincvist » BeatrixKiddo
The arc-minute exact :154:/ :160: conjunction + midpoint redeems your afflicted :155:! :160: is the higher octave of Mars and therefore can´t not be involved!
August 5, 2021 at 08:21
(Libra) BeatrixKiddo » Rosincvist
Why?? I said I have t-square between the MArs-Sun-Uranus+Neptun.
What is the related to this to the venus/Pluto conjunct? :25: :25: :25: :25: :25: :25: :25:
August 6, 2021 at 04:41
(Taurus) Rosincvist » BeatrixKiddo
:120: It is extremely unusual to have even one completely unaspected planet; Most of us have interdependent co-existence slanted charts!
August 8, 2021 at 13:49
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
These two T-squares can be seen as one, because Uranus and Neptune are conjunct. They are "blended" into one energy - which is the definition of a conjunction. So what you have is Neptune?Uranus opposite Mars and these two square Sun. But then you have Neptune and Uranus conjunct DES and Mars conjunct ASC.

To me, there is a theme of independence verses relational energies. Mars is very independent in a highly sensitive sign - Cancer - and then Uranus/Neptune is also quite independent-oriented in Capricorn in the house of relationships and they are square Sun in Libra - a very relational sign that is also highly sensitive to other people´s energy. This is significant conflicting energy - tension - all around relationship.

It forces you to grapple with the two urges - being independent within relationships is the positive result of grappling with it. Part of the resolution is to tune into yourself - inwardly - to find your true self instead of partly defining yourself through other people´s responses to you or your responses to them - relationship. It´s kind of a private process for you.

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