taboo relationships

July 28, 2021 at 10:32 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) jaderosez
taboo relationships
I´m starting to think I´m mental.

The more intense the attraction, the more taboo the connection is, the more powerplays there are, the more differences there are between another person and I in a connection, the more I´m attracted to it.

I hear it is a venus-pluto thing but I have venus and pluto in a 20 degree orb. So I don´t know.

What in one´s chart can make one crave & attract taboo relationships?

By the way, by taboo I don´t mean anything disgusting like you know.

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July 28, 2021 at 13:05
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
What do you mean by "taboo" though, besides nothing disgusting? Do you mean age difference? Differences in lifestyle? Opposites can attract - that is tested, tried and true . . . we all like oppositional balances - to some degree or other.
July 28, 2021 at 13:55
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Sounds like a brief description of an Aquarius Venus. Known for liking relationships out of the ´ordinary´
Which I guess would be me, I never dated anyone to make myself look ´good´, I liked to stand out in a way... I would date the person who others would think wasn´t good enough for me because I liked their quirks or we connected in a way others didn´t understand. Larger age gap when I was younger, also I like women too so to some people that might still be taboo. I´m not sure if this is the kind of taboo you´re referring to.
July 28, 2021 at 15:07
(Leo) plumreme
Hmm. Without knowing the nature of the specific taboos, it´s hard to say. Taboos around power (it´s a teacher, a minister, a boss.. or the inverse of that), I´d look to Saturn and Pluto. Taboo b/c the person is in another relationship? that´s maybe other stuff. Uranus factors in, I think, 8th house, 12th.

You have your Vertex in the 8th. in Leo (whose ruler is on the cusp of the 12th... shining light on hidden things), ruler of descendent on same cusp. Moon conjunct Pluto in there. lots in there. I read that Pluto there can make the taboo hidden or rejected, so maybe there´s a repulsion/compulsion dynamic happening with all the other stuff in there on it. feels like all this super critical stuff happening in the unconscious and then sort of breathing itself outward through Mars and Venus in the first, getting expressed and facing the world through those channels.

Venus conjunct Mars in the first (with Jupiter right there. and fortune. and Neptune) likely attracts plenty of ppl - maybe you´re just bored of it and trying to get extra creative to make it feel challenging, ha -- esp with all the Sag, and the Gemini descendent...gotta keep things interesting ; )

also I remember reading that 12th/6th house stuff (abundance in one verses lack in other) relates to romantic/sexual power stuff (preferences for relating through those dynamics).

edit: maybe shouldn´t say this without knowing the taboos, but having those preferences doesn´t mean you´re mental (sure, in some cases it might -- kinda have to know the origin of the preference) ... what if it´s just playfulness? just something to consider.

July 28, 2021 at 17:00
(Taurus) Rosincvist
That Vx in :175: the :129: can double your attractions over Descendant!
July 29, 2021 at 11:35
(Aquarius) Ways_of_Leavin'
Mm I´m thinking it´s related to your Sun/Moon conjunction being conjunct Pluto somehow... you live and breathe Pluto and Scorpio energy
July 29, 2021 at 14:09
(Pisces) 1janos
If you recalculate your chart using True Lilith, it will reveal a great deal more relevant detail:
:163: :192: :154: :155: :156:plus Ascendant
:163: :194: :157: and
:163: Biquintile :199: closely enough, that it matters.
There is :163: :195: :159: close enough to express important information also.

It would be essential to remember, that you have vitally important transits going on now, that describe the profound personal transformation you´re going through now. Not all of them are peaking right now. Still I´d warmly recommend you take them into account.
:160: :191: :159:,
:160: :191: :199:,
:159: :198: :159:,
:159: :194: :154:, :155:, :156:
:156: :194: :153: :151:and :160:

All this might feel, as if you were losing your mind. What you´re going through is called Spiritual Emergence, that can turn into Spiritual Emergency, if misunderstood and mishandled.
July 29, 2021 at 23:03
(Leo) plumreme » 1janos
Apologies if I´m missing something obvious in the selection of tools here, but

how do we recalculate chart using True Lilith?
July 30, 2021 at 04:29
(Pisces) 1janos » plumreme
No need to apologise.

Please look at the bottom of the generated chart. A bit under the chart itself there is a Heading labelled: Extended settings: House systems. Aspects. Orbs.…;

The last two items: Lilith and Lunar nodes are un-ticked by default. Please tick to choose to use them. In my experience True Lilith is what is useful to work with exclusively. The differences can be enormous and - in my experience -, the True Lilith position is the only one, that yields worthwhile results.

I, of course don´t know, if you´re aware of the Lilith archetype. The description included on Astro-Seek is woefully inadequate. Please let me know, if you want to learn more about this decisively important factor in your chart.
July 30, 2021 at 12:18
(Leo) plumreme » 1janos
ahh ha! Thank you. Interesting - in this calculation, she moves off my Mars, no longer opposite my moon/Nep, and out of my 7th. I think I´ve been painfully aware of this archetype (adequately or not, I don´t know) working in my life ... well, always. Maybe moving her to 8th (despite it being 8th, despite my sun and vertex there) is somehow gentler. I´m not sure if it tells the more accurate story - but maybe the story I´ve crafted around her in her 7th house position is in need of revision. I´m certainly open to that.

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