July 22, 2021 at 06:24 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) leonardOcean3
Is anyone knowledgeable on Astrocartography enough to be willing to help me find information on specific location that can help me w my Mercury in 9th H.
And Lord in 11th ruling 2nd(as well as 9th)

June 1. 1991
Oklahoma City, Ok

YT astrologers suggest I’ll find love outside on my home country, “foreign lands” I’d just like a point in the right direction..
As well as if Career is possible through Long Distance Travel.
And roughly when I might make those leaps in my lifetime.

Ive tried the online cartography pages and still so confused.

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July 22, 2021 at 10:55
(Aquarius) viv
Hi Leonard I’m not an expert but I did look at your chart and load your data into and tried to listen to my intuition. .
I looked at good Venus Chiron connections to the angles and good Mercury lines because Mercury in Taurus is your chart ruler. You didn’t say what you are studying so I couldn’t be more specific about career. As you know you have Venus conjunct Chiron so there are some wounded healer themes to attend to. These might eventually make you able to work with groups. Can you sing? Rap? Poetry? Create events or public interactive art installations? Group facilitator? Groupwork counsellor? That’s what Venus /Chiron Cancer 11th suggests to me atm.

You’ll also know Mercury is opposite Pluto which is not so easy and probably gives a third house /ninth house sense of urgency to what you want to communicate. Which is all fine for everything except intimate love/ family communications.

So Your birth place and just west is great for knowing who you are! Sun MC line reflects your middle of day birth.

Chiron and Venus sextile MC runs from Calgary in Canada in an arc down to the beginning of that long peninsula in Western Mexico. It doesn’t run through major towns but misses Las Vegas to the west.

Venus sextile Asc runs from Detroit in an arc to Havana in Cuba while Mercury sextile Asc runs in an arc on the other side of Havana so it might be worth looking at what runs through Georgia etc They are the smaller green lines on Astro click, America , on

Chances are some of these American places will be good to travel through for your own growth anyway.

There were also good possibilities on the east coast of Sth America but my intuition, for what it’s worth, says these are probably touring/visiting places plus you need Portuguese.

Chiron sextile Asc and Mercury sextile Asc appear to cross Costa Rica and pass through Galilo on the western coast. That might be worth looking at if you have some Spanish and once it is possible to travel. Could be a very good writing healing retreat place.

There is a also a good Mercury line from Murmansk in Russia through the north of Finland and Sweden to a town called Haugasand in Norway and, more usefully perhaps, across the UK through Birmingham to Plymouth and on past Brest in France to the very top of Galacia in NW Spain.

Venus on the DSC s typical relationship signature but it runs through Maskad in eastern Iran and down through Yemen which might not be recommended. It then intersects the Chiron line in Mozambique, which if you go there may bring a deeply moving love experience though not necessarily a life partner. The same line then curves down through Pretoria Johanasburg and Middleburg in Sth Africa all of which is potentially rather dangerous atm. As the DSC brings up parts of self that we typically project onto others and as there is so much suffering all through this line, I wonder if working imaginatively, for instance by learning about the history and present circumstances of people and places on this line could also be an invitation to compassion and self compassion? If that resonates you might want to look at where other lines that aspect Chiron go...

I didn’t see much in Asia but there are quite a few lines through the middle of Australia. Venus on the the IC, your home base, runs directly through the tropical port of Darwin in the Northern Territory and down through the sacred centre of the continent close to Uluru. Darwin is a long way from Oklahoma but it might in fact be a good home base to bring up a family for you. Worth a visit when Australia finally opens the borders again!

As to timing you really had better ask an expert! If I look at Hellenistic profections and assume the Venus /Chiron will be the critical planets I might guess at 33.

You could also look at all your solar returns for the next few years and at solar arc directions but maybe someone else could help with that. I had best attend to some other things.
Best Viv

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