Karmic Link Between Parents and Children

July 16, 2021 at 18:28 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) rohini moon
Karmic Link Between Parents and Children
Thought I´d share this...for those with questions on this topic. This is what really interests me in life..


A lot of people wonder about is ´what determines who we are born to, why, where and when ?´

Universal law of karma decides who we are born to, where and when.
Universal law of karma decides what advantages we are given in life. What we do with those advantages is up to us.
Universal law of karma impacts us all as we progress through life. Like ripples in a lake, we keep impacting each other throughout life.
Using our free will, we keep performing karmas which impact our future.
Combination of karma and rebirth helps explain why we sometimes enjoy ‘good luck’ or suffer misfortune through no fault of our own.

Our ‘vasanas’, desires, determine where we want to be born. Depending on the sort of life we desire, the things we want to do, the sort of people we want to be with, provided we have the requisite karma balance, we take birth to carry on enjoying what we have enjoyed in the past.

Our ´runaubandhs´, bond of (karmic) debts, determine who we can be born to. It takes a lot of deep seated desires and powerful bonds of emotion and attachment to be ‘born’ to a being. (Human or otherwise).

All souls are linked to other souls through a vast and complex network of karma, vasana and runa. Our interactions with others are largely determined by these three factors. As a result, sometimes we like or dislike a person in an instance because of the karmic bonds that extend across several life times. When we meet someone new, intuition kicks in and all the shared experiences we have had with that soul resurface to recreate the emotions we felt at our last meeting. Whether we understand it or not, those deep seated emotions will try to drive our relationship in this life as well.

* First of all, to be born, the soul has to have the right runaubandh with the male and female who are about to mate (of any species). Without the runa, a soul is not attracted to that couple.
* Secondly, the soul has to be ready, emotionally, to be born. If the soul is not ready, no life will enter the sperm and egg when they pair up.
* Thirdly, the soul has to have sufficient karmas that it needs to use up in this world to be born in the world. Many fertilized eggs never develop into a baby or live to full term, because their karmic bonds last for only a short time. Everyone wants to be born to riches and luxurious life, but not everyone has the requisite karmic balance to be born to such a life. We can only be born to the life we have sufficient karmic balance for.

Depending on the karmic link between the souls involved, the child can be friend, foe, debtor, creditor, advisor or indifferent to the parents. Some children bring happiness, success and wealth to their parents because that is what they are destined to deliver to their parents. That is the karmic debt they have to pay off. Some children cause unending misery to their parents, costing them time, money, anguish and worries because that is the relationship they have to fulfill with their parents. Unless we know the results of our karmas, how can we say who is afflicting who? We have to accept that nature is delivering the right results of our karmic debts.

If a soul has sufficient karmic bonds to be ‘born’ of a couple but not enough bonds to stay with them, the resulting child can be born to a couple but won’t remain with that couple. Child can be separated soon after birth or be given away to be raised by those that have sufficient runanubandh to raise the child. Bound by runa, and karma, the soul moves from one family to another. Sometimes, the karmic links are such that a soul is born to poor, unmarried couple in one part of the world, spends some time in an orphanage, gets adopted and ends up living with a rich family in another part of the world. Karmic links propel the soul from one stage of life to another till it is sufficiently mature enough to start creating new karmas.

Birth is just the start of the soul’s journey in life! Karmas we perform, desires we nurture, emotional bonds and attachments we create determine how our life progresses, for now and forever! "

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July 16, 2021 at 19:11
(Leo) MichelAngelo
Thanks! Good read. I will add a few comments from myself.

Atman is a term that describes the soul of a person striving for union with the absolute - Brahman. And here is the gradation: "devaatma", that is the soul that through "nirvana" ("peace of existence") has achieved "moksha" ("liberation"), and jevaatma, that is, the soul that has lost only attachment to all passions of the body (i.e. passing into "paranirvana"). Spiritual habitats (the so-called "lokas") from which souls come from previous incarnations and to which they go are also mentioned. But to be a conscious being is not the same as having a soul, even in the light of the Vedic teachings. "Purusha" (directed action) and "prakrti" (the physical basis of being) are interconnected by a network of interdependence - thanks to "prakrti", "purusha" can be revealed to the senses and thus become available to cognition, and thanks to "purusha", "prakrti ”can be transformed over and over again. And all living things are involved in this process.

But whatever animal cannot deny its nature, it acts accordingly. Therefore, he cannot function unethically, and therefore degenerate his own essence, which man, on the other hand, does so with pleasure. An animal, unlike a human, cannot change its destiny - it is only what it is; it feels, and is therefore conscious, through its sense endowment ("vedana"). So if they were inhabited by a soul, this soul would not be able to compensate for the harm it has caused, as well as understand the far-reaching consequences of the conduct and know its own nature ("vidjnana").
July 16, 2021 at 20:19
(Taurus) nutelina
Maybe someone can explain why first born is always cancer rising in our family. Maybe then I will believe some of what has been written here.

I found family pattern in astrology:-)

Did You Inherit Your Birth Chart?


Our families are one of the biggest influences on our life, whether we’re from peaceful homes or troubled ones, adopted, interfaith, close, split, together, or anything else. And so our families, for better or for worse, are part of us, and show up in our birth charts in different ways.

Some aspects in a chart describe how you saw your parents’s relationship with each other, some describe our early home life, some reveal which parent influenced you most and how.

There are some aspects in a chart, too, that simply echo our families; these describe ways we are like them (and perhaps are more similar to them than we want to be).

In each other’s orbit

In many relationships, two people will have some similar feature in their charts- part of the attraction is that the other person really gets how they think, or feel, or relate to the world. My own parents split up decades ago, but it wasn’t until I looked at their charts that I understood why they were together so long in the first place.

My own parents share a Virgo signature (Virgo sun/Mercury/ascendant for one, Virgo moon for the other) and each has a strong moon/Saturn conjunction. Two married friends of mine share a (highly unusual) sun/Venus retrograde conjunction. My husband and I share a prominent Mars/Venus square.

There are, of course, many intricate layers in relationships and their charts, but generally a few features stand out in particular; these are often the ones that become hereditary in some way.

Going backward

If you have birthdates for grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, and even great-grandparents, you can trace further back and look for emerging patterns in the family line. Even when there is no birth time (producing a chart without houses), hereditary aspects will emerge. Sometimes seemingly minor patterns are the common thread, so a professional astrologer can be helpful for this part. Don’t forget step-parents and -siblings, and adopted family members, as they will share aspects too.

In families with several siblings, there may be one or two in particular that pick up the “family aspect” and play a bigger role in generational issues. The aren’t necessarily the oldest, but the ones with the strongest echo of the family pattern will become more involved with the family’s intergenerational issues one way or another. This is one reason it is useful to have charts for all family members in a generation, because sometimes only one or two will display the family’s big aspect strongly, while the others will have a weaker signature.

This is correlation, not causation- I’m not saying people are enmeshed in family patterns because of aspects in their charts, only that there is an observable connection between those two things. The aspect indicates the tendency. You still have free will, and can create new patterns through your own efforts!

Going forward

Your own children, or nieces and nephews, will have aspects that reflect their parents as well. The charts of children are about potential, not the developed personalities of adults, so it is important not to limit kids by their family aspects. It is interesting and helpful, though, to see what is significant enough to be passed on, and to continue working on them in your own way.

For example, my family has a strong Plutonian thread and my young niece is no exception. While I cannot know the particular way hers will express itself, and there is no reason to fill my sister’s mind with doom-and-gloom prattle, I can make an effort to be a good role model of the higher expressions of Plutonian energy (healing, insight, willingness to change).

Unto the seventy-seventh generation

There is definitely a thread of family karma that can be traced through astrological family trees… sometimes it’s fairly clear what that is, and sometimes it takes a lot more detective work and picking at things until the true nature of it comes through.

Looking for karmic signatures in charts is one of the most interesting and descriptive ways to do generational work in astrology, because the undercurrents of emotional debt, family atmosphere, and obligation are invariably tied to that root issue. Families that are able to heal the troubled aspect in some way will experience a major shift in the way they relate to each other, instead of staying trapped in the same generational patterns and repeating them over again.

This relates to blended families too. Step-families and adopted family members that play a major karmic role for each other will be reflected in family aspects as well.

Clues along the trailSome aspects that are commonly interlaced between family members:A prominent sign or house (lots of Leo/5th house)The total or near-total absence of certain signsInterlaced signs, rulers, or elements (dad has a lot of Aries, child has a strong Mars or fire element)Rising signs that echo a parent’s sun sign or stelliumRising planets that echo a parent (mom has a lot of Aquarius, child has Uranus rising)Shared chart aspects (sun conjunct Venus, moon in aspect to Pluto, moon on the ascendant, etc.)Related aspects (mom has Mars conjunct Mercury, child has Mars trine Mercury)Shared retrograde patterns (parents and children have the same planet rx, or have several planets rx in general)Shared or opposite lunar nodes (family lineage karma)Planets conjunct or aspecting lunar nodes (karma between family members)No family has all these things, but some will be significant factors.A quick example

I’ve worked with four generations of charts in my own family, and a few things stand out at different levels.

the chart traits that relate to my parents specificallythe “family karma” that stretches back further

My parents both have Moon/Saturn conjunctions. My mother has strong Virgo with Mercury rising and a 2nd house Libra/Scorpio stellium; my father has Sun conjunct Pluto in Leo, a strong Mars, and Mercury tucked into the Moon/Saturn aspect.

Throw all that into the cosmic blender…

Meet the parents

I have Leo rising with a strong Mars (hi dad!), and sun conjunct Pluto in Libra (paternal family aspect, with mom’s Libra). My moon is in the 10th house, which relates to Saturn (I “escaped” the moon/Saturn but the house acts as sort of a hangover effect of that). I have a strong Mercury on an angle (hi mom), opposite my moon (more dad) and conjunct Pluto (mom’s a Virgo with Scorpio moon/Saturn).

So I’ve ended up with my own remix of my parents’ major astrological traits, plus others of my own. I have a big 3rd house stellium, which relates to Gemini, siblings, and shorter travels, and neither of my parents have indications for that.

Climbing the tree

The big threads on my mom’s side are moon/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto entanglements; mainly Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio planets, weak or debilitated Mars, strong earth and water signatures, and Cancer-Capricorn lunar nodes. Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio is a hereditary trait in my family! We’re intense.

Counting my niece, we have four generations of Pluto tied to Cancer-Capricorn nodes, which reverse each generation. Heavy family karma there, which is its own post. It’s interesting that I have maternal family karma baked into my chart, but inherited reverse aspects (Moon in Taurus instead of Scorpio… no one has Taurus in my family) and things from my dad’s side that neutralize a lot of the weaknesses (lack of fire and Mars energy).

Playing detective

Even if you only have birth dates for your parents, it’s very enlightening to compare your birth chart to theirs. You can get a free copy of your chart here.

Astrological family trees, like any kind of genealogical research, are a long-term project, so don’t be discouraged if patterns don’t emerge clearly at first.

Are there certain aspects, even minor ones, that run in your family? Do you sense a strong common thread that you haven’t uncovered yet?

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July 16, 2021 at 20:59
(Taurus) nutelina » nutelina
Ha! Astrology of family dynamics by Erin Sullivan https://1lib.cz/s/…
July 16, 2021 at 21:08
(Virgo) Etherealmind » nutelina
I recently did the same observations with my family natal charts.

I´ve been doing some research about my family members natal charts and I could realize an interesting link between my Ascendant exactly conjunct Pluto and the atmosphere around me when I grew up :

I could find among my close family members (those I´ve seen the most) these aspects in their birth charts (2 people having Sun conjunct Pluto, I was surprised !!) :

1st person : Pluto conjunct Sun

2nd person : Pluto conjunct Virgo Sun + Uranus + Mercury

3rd person : Scorpio stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio)

4th person : Scorpio Moon trine Pluto, Sun sextile Pluto, Pluto square Mercury

5th person : Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio, Neptune in Scorpio too and Venus conjunct Pluto

It´s true that most of them are very tenacious and determined in their actions or way of talking. Some of them are and were able to make big changes in their life and for better !!

So I could conclude (in my case) that Pluto conjunct my ASC show the atmosphere (people) around me when I grew up and somehow it influenced/"modified" a part of my personality.
July 16, 2021 at 21:13
(Virgo) Etherealmind » nutelina
I´m curious about the Moon conjunnct Saturn ... how do people experience it in a relationship ?

From your observations what could you conclude ? Cause most people don´t seem to agree with each other regarding the final result of this conjunction.

Is it a positive or negative conjunction ? Cause Saturn on Moon is a quite hostile conjunction I think ... It´s not a square either but Saturn is not warm with the Moon but only responsible and loyal with it.

How does Saturn consider Moon in this conjunction ?
July 16, 2021 at 21:13
(Virgo) rohini moon » MichelAngelo
"But whatever animal cannot deny its nature, it acts accordingly. Therefore, he cannot function unethically, and therefore degenerate his own essence, which man, on the other, does so with pleasure. An animal unlike a human, cannot change its destiny - it is only what it is; it feels, and is therefore conscious, through its sense endowment"

Yes, an animal can not change its destiny... I´m glad you understand this great point. Not many minds can think that highly: evolved. The sages only say animals are lower than Humans do to their inability to reach Moksha in their animal realm rebirth. And also, due to animals just innately acting upon base desires of sex. They mate, no matter what, they don´t control these urges and impulses, the way a human CAN....but in this day and age, I must admit I put animals above humans in many aspects.

I also agree that animals can´t act unethically, and are forced to oblige their rebirth and let things play out as they may... as an example: they can not commit suicide and take themselves out of "the game of life" by their own actions... or behave in other degenerative ways, like you mentioned, therefore these are the reason I put them as more evolved than human beings, in a lot of ways.

Ex: A cat who has birthed a litter of kittens, will always nourish them with her milk and take care of them until they have reached sufficient age to go and do their own thing. Only way she wouldn´t is if she died - or was taken away from them through no choice of her own. Animals will always care for their offspring . They will never abandon them also. Can humans say the same?

I´ve met and known people who are lower than animals..
July 16, 2021 at 21:25
(Virgo) rohini moon » nutelina
It´s quite simple: you have to understand karma to understand astrology.

The chart is just the picture portrait of what was pre-destined to happen upon your creation. Karma first, astrology follows
July 16, 2021 at 21:40
(Leo) MichelAngelo » rohini moon
This seems to be the primary but often unrecognized goal of every soul: to learn love in the whole spectrum of experiences it offers; learn to best of it to others as well as to receive it from others. However, our intellectual endowment tends to "make needles from forks" or "turn the cat´s tail", so that most often we arrive at this wisdom, which lies in simplicity, in a roundabout way. Along the way, we stumble and reproach a malicious fate in our opinion.
But it´s a bit like bread, which lies fallow too long and becomes stale. There are a lot of people to blame for it - from the baker to the flour.
But did we want to taste it at all?

Let us tremble, cuddle, caress, soothe, laugh and sob. Let´s not be afraid to love, the more severe the teacher is. The hand that strokes and the whip that strokes teach as much love as we allow ourselves to receive.

I don´t like quoting someone else´s written thoughts (I prefer to write something from myself ;) ), but these two deserve to be included here:

- "Man is one of all creatures that does not agree to be what he is" - Albert Camus
- "Man is a mixture of pride and wickedness, greatness and poverty. He desires virtue and serves sin; he desires lasting happiness and pursues temporary pleasures; here is the lord of the earth and the wretched worm." - Blaise Pascal
July 16, 2021 at 21:42
(Virgo) rohini moon » MichelAngelo
"Man is a mixture of pride and wickedness, greatness and poverty. He desires virtue and serves sin; he desires lasting happiness and pursues temporary pleasures; here is the lord of the earth and the wretched worm." - Blaise Pascal"

Spot on. :15:
July 16, 2021 at 22:15
(Pisces) fishscales
"Whatever affliction befalls you, it is because of what your own hands have earned."

The Koran

I think many people are uncomfortable with the concept of karma because the notion of personal responsibility is not appealing.

It is much easier to blame "him", "her", "luck", etc.

Still others will continue searching for "hard evidence" of the reality of the law...they will always come up empty handed, because they are looking in the wrong places...
July 16, 2021 at 22:57
(Virgo) rohini moon
"karma acts in multiple feedback loops, with the present moment being shaped both by past and by present actions; present actions shape not only the future but also the present. Furthermore, present actions need not be determined by past actions. In other words, there is free will, although its range is somewhat dictated by the past. The nature of this freedom is symbolized in an image used by the early Buddhists: flowing water.

Sometimes the flow from the past is so strong that little can be done except to stand fast, but there are also times when the flow is gentle enough to be diverted in almost any direction.

So, instead of promoting resigned powerlessness, the early Buddhist notion of karma focused on the liberating potential of what the mind is doing with every moment. Who you are — what you come from — is not anywhere near as important as the mind´s motives for what it is doing right now.

Even though the past may account for many of the inequalities we see in life...our measure as human beings is not the hand we´ve been dealt, for that hand can change at any moment. We take our own measure by how well we play the hand we´ve got. If you´re suffering, you try not to continue the unskillful mental habits that would keep that particular karmic feedback going. If you see that other people are suffering, and you´re in a position to help, you focus not on their karmic past but your karmic opportunity in the present: Someday you may find yourself in the same predicament that they´re in now, so here´s your opportunity to act in the way you´d like them to act toward you when that day comes."
July 16, 2021 at 23:29
(Leo) MichelAngelo » fishscales
It´s also a question of cultural determinants. We humans Westerners, from childhood, we are taught to assign a sense of responsibility to people and/or figures "higher than us", who are given the rank of blind authority. In this dualism of attitudes, that is, seeing an opportunity to usurp the right to be "omnipotent god," and devotion to the formulated concept of the "Supreme Being" while denying one´s own worth, lurks a danger. This danger is the self-proclaimed right to impunity.

According to this reasoning: if "our God" is merciful, He will forgive us for everything we have done. And if we are able to surpass it, we can do whatever we want, regardless of the consequences. As a result, we lose ourselves.
July 16, 2021 at 23:32
(Virgo) rohini moon » rohini moon
What I posted above, really really reminds me of the story of Angulimala. A top disciple of Buddha´s who became an arahant (he attained Moksha) I think his story really showcases the power that humans are capable of for changing by their own free will - for the better. Going above what your birthchart doled out to you; if bad. Anyone who makes snap judgements off of a natal placement alone, is missing the bigger picture.

He started off his birth as a robber and murderer. It was said he was "born in the constellation of the robber" (it was in his chart, his nakshatra) he murdered passersby in the villages, first robbing them, then cutting off their fingers and proudly wearing them around his neck, as a trophy. Anguilimala - his name literally translates to: "He with the finger garland"

He born of Brahman descent, a noble background. He had been killing and robbing villagers for awhile, so it was known by the authorities a man was still on the loose as no one would dare pass by or go to the areas where the killings had happened. His mother, had a feeling it was her son who was the murderer... (being back then, all noble Brahman had all of their lineages birthchart done by the best astrologers of the time.) and as the king planned to capture and kill him, the mother having a soft heart for her son tried pleading with her husband, a Brahman to go and try and find him and "reason with him to stop..." father had no use for a murderer son and felt they should do with him whatever they like, but the mother decided to take things into her own hands and go to the village at night when the murders had occurred to try and stop him....so that´s what she did.
However by this time it was the twentieth year of the Buddha´s teaching career — and Buddha did in fact became aware of Angulimala. Buddha had actually realized in a former life Angulimala was a relative of His.

So Angulimala is at the same spot - again - at night. Waiting for people to walk by so he can rob and kill them and he see´s his mother approaching. At that moment, he also notices a monk approaching. . The monk is Buddha. and I´ll let the sutra speak for itself:

"Then the Blessed One performed such a feat of supernormal power that the bandit Angulimala, going as fast as he could, was unable to catch up with the Blessed One, who was walking at his normal pace. Then he thought: "It is marvelous! Formerly I caught up with even a galloping elephant and seized it; I caught up with even a galloping horse and seized it; I caught up with even a galloping chariot and seized it; I caught up with even a galloping deer and seized it. But yet, though I am going as fast as I can, I am unable to catch up with this monk who is walking at his normal pace." He stopped and called "Stop, monk! Stop, monk!"
"I have stopped, Angulimala. Do you stop, too."
Then the bandit Angulimala thought: "These monks, followers of the Sakya scion, speak truth, assert truth; but though this monk is walking, yet he says ´I have stopped, Angulimala; do you stop, too.´ Suppose I question the monk?"
Then he addressed the Blessed One in stanzas thus:
"While you are walking monk, you tell me you have stopped;
But now, when I have stopped, you say I have not stopped.
I ask you now, O monk what is the meaning of it;
How is it you have stopped and I have not?"
(The Blessed One:)
"Angulimala, I have stopped for ever,
Foreswearing violence to every living being;
But you have no restraint towards things that breathe;
So that is why I have stopped and you have not."

- as it turns out, and you may have guessed it. Anguimala became a monk after that. Became enlightened, and actually delivered all babies in the villages nearby. It was his karma to bring life into this world, for how many lives he had taken out.
- He also was still attacked by the villagers, in even as a monk. They didn´t forget what he had done before being a monk, they threw rocks at his head, all kinds of horrible violence he faced even after becoming a monastic. One thing Buddha told him, whenever he was bleeding profusely from the abuse because of his previous actions: Buddha said, "Bare up, deal with it now, allow the negative karma to burn up in this life" For no retaliation was the best course of action for his, now, pious way of life.
July 16, 2021 at 23:46
(Virgo) rohini moon » MichelAngelo
"According to this reasoning: if "our God" is merciful, He will forgive us for everything we have done. And if we are able to surpass it, we can do whatever we want, regardless of the consequences. As a result, we lose ourselves."

July 17, 2021 at 00:58
(Scorpio) OS*
Hey RohiniMoon,

honestly, I got totally absorbed by reading, also the last paragraph brings in new perspectives, I never thought about that way.

The most irritating connections I have with family members : I truly try to bring peace and forgiveness to my heart/ and peace of mind. I feel like what happens now has an imprint on the next. . .

I believe the same as you, even when there’s so many scenarios we could judge to be totally unfair, like when a child grows up being abused or neglected or worst, passes at a very young age. lives only for a very short time, perhaps in purpose of a karmic lesson to the parents.

Certain diseases and or ailments can be caused by genetic memory, or the emotions our bodies and minds handle during crisis, emotional baggages we carry from life experiences. I believe everything in life flows from the 3 imp points you mentioned. Karma, vasanas and runa.

Thanks for sharing this!
July 17, 2021 at 01:40
(Virgo) rohini moon » OS*
Hey OS, I´m glad you enjoyed the read...and got something out of it.. :4:

I actually enjoy talking about these sorts of topics more than astrology.. digs deep to the root cause of all..

You´re abosolutely right in how you handle difficult relatives.. it does have a major impact on the next...just as this current life bears the fruit of the last..

Realizing these kinds of things really puts things into greater perspectives, I think. It´s not "whoa is me, why was I dealt X,Y and Z of life....when i didn´t deserve it" this is the answer people have to unlock. No, it isn´t always fair...at all. Especially when it concerns children! why are some children born into horrible, horrible families upon birth... or some get sick and die before their 7th birthday?... happens because of the past fruits.. I do think the realization of these things actually helps people´s mental clarity greater than understanding what Saturn is doing in your chart, exactly..

I feel like the astrology should be delved into after this part...it´s essential, but has a place and time..

Just my opinion...and people don´t of course have to agree, though .. :1:
July 17, 2021 at 04:32
(Scorpio) OS* » rohini moon
I think it goes with what you explained, it extends into families, like it extends across several life times. If the child lives a short life, unfortunate circumstances there’s a clearing of karma. There can also be big lessons for a parent losing a baby by undergoing the grief and pain. life works in such mysterious ways.

Having an understanding of this should be essential before learning astrology! This stuff goes a lot deeper than the world of appearance. Life is all about cause and effect. far better to live in world of cause, owning actions and having intent, knowing our right path and our true path. I believe when we come to questioning these things and astrology we seek for soul´s purpose, ties into reincarnations.

I enjoy talking about these topics too, glad you introduced :37:
July 17, 2021 at 07:37
(Taurus) nutelina » rohini moon
I bet it does however I also don´t believe in stories.

So what I´m trying to say is that such post come over as poetic or gemini/piscean but pleases give me some of that Saturn/Virgo rationale.

If someone can prove karmicity to me that would be awesome because I don´t think it is quite that simple.
July 17, 2021 at 07:54
(Virgo) rohini moon » fishscales
"I think many people are uncomfortable with the concept of karma because the notion of personal responsibility is not appealing."
July 17, 2021 at 12:05
(Taurus) nutelina » rohini moon
So I´d agree with this but I don´t find it helpful, it smells to much like (was it Christian? I don´t want to be stepping on anyone´s toes here) being guilty by default. You know what I mean.

Thus I´d agree with karma but I really want to know how to deal with it and not get that "Oh you must have done something wrong BS". Because that is just inventing causality where there is just correlation.

I´m pretty sure that some of those elite come away with it and don´t suffer karma because if they did (know) they would dare. Maybe I´m missing a point though...
July 17, 2021 at 12:07
(Taurus) nutelina » Etherealmind
That´s very cool, what about the karmic aspect of it? What is the overall tendency of the family?

Feel free to be more specific, I can imagine you don´t want to drag anyone esp. not family into this but it might be interesting to see if father / mother roles have some kind of influence on this karma and what did you get etc.

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