Let´s RENEW Astrology!!

July 7, 2021 at 16:45 (UT/GMT)
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Let´s RENEW Astrology!!
Hey guys.. I had an idea that I wanna share with you..
Who told us that saturn is restrictions, jupiter is luck, taurus is material.. Scorpio is the hidden things?
Some people in the old times even they made up these meanings, or they observed along the years the "vibrations" of these planets with us.
So all of us now must accept the rules of these planets and what they´re are making.. And whenever the transit or the profection year is bad.. You become anxious or worried about your life.. OK.. I say NO.
Im experimenting astrology since 2018.. I was alone enough to do that.
I have Good News And BAD News.
The Good News is that astrology is real.. Even if it seems not Logical or scientific. When you know REAL Astrology.. And experience it and observe it.. It works.. It just works.
The bad news is.. The transit itself is a manifestation of YOUR Energy.. LITERALLY It´s you who is doing all of it.
Let Me Explain.
Saturn is transiting my first house and squaring my natal saturn that uranus is transiting through it in 4th house.. Nothing is worse than that huh?.. Yeah.. I had real Big family issues and always unexpected things related to my inner peace and family stuff..
The energy manifested.. My reaction and vibration towards that energy is what makes the vibration or the idea.. Physical.
It´s all vibrations!
What happend to me?.. I took it serious and began to clean my life from anything that is not necessary and started to work on the important. I renewed myself.. Grown up.
Did any chaos happend? Did any restrictions occurred?.. NO.
cuz I don´t take saturn as "BAD" and that it´s the "KARMA" or the "BAD LUCK"
There´s nothing called luck.. Your mind and your vibration creates everything.. Cuz the idea creates an emotion.. The emotion turns into energy.. The energy turns into physical.
Air.. Then Water.. Then Fire.. Then Earth.
And so on so forth.
Now the "Earth" is what we´re experiencing these days with astrological characteristics and placements?.. Yeah.. The old identification of the planets, signs and houses.. How about considering every house,planet and sign is good actually and is trying to tell you something?
The old structure of astrology is now useless.
Let´s make the 6th house instead of being the house of "enemies" "diseases" to be "work and improving life"
12th house is "Losses" "subconscious" "death"
6th house.. Outer work
12th house.. Inner work
Let´s make the vibration of the 12th house to be the vibration of inner work and observing the beautiful deepness of life.
I suggest for you all to renew the meanings of the houses and signs and planets. For You.
Observe, or buy a notebook for your observations. Make for example Jupiter is the bad guy and saturn is the good guy.
You´ll see what happens when you´re having a saturn transit.. You´ll make the best out of it.. But the jupiter transit will be Normal.
Make the best out of it.
Wanna hear your thoughts and what you want to change in astrology.
Cuz the people who observed in the past.. Are just like us.. We´re people too. Maybe we´re better cuz we´re more evolved.
Cmon.. Let´s renew astrology.

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July 7, 2021 at 16:52
(Virgo) rohini moon
I´d call this practice: Mind over matter..

Not necessarily ´renewing astrology´ - astrology has been here long before us, and it will be here after us. So, I´m not of the opinion we can change the meaning behind the planets.

We´re working in the constraints of a mortal mind, but we can use our mind and thoughts to manifest greater outcomes, yes. That´s about all you can do to achieve a more desired result. But, Karma is still a part of life on this earth. We signed up for it, we have to bare it.
July 8, 2021 at 00:43
(Taurus) Rosincvist
Your heliocentric :27: chart looks good so you are not an evil Moh-Foh like me!
We are not evolved, we are glorified monkeys! We borrowed Astrology from the Gods, it is not our personal plaything!

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