Given Name (Natal Astrology Story)

June 25, 2021 at 20:40 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) RA_
Given Name (Natal Astrology Story)
Hi, I´m RA born in 86. The initial ´R´ is a US misspelled name title of a 1973 Italian-Spanish crime-thriller film, stared by Christopher Mitchum. And the initial ´A´ from paternal grandfather´s first name.

The initial movie release is in Italy on 27 August 1973, where the Sun in Virgo my Descendant and Moon in Leo my 6th house cusp. I guess that explains why I like digesting the media arts for my relief. According to wiki, the movie became a cult film because of its violent and gory scenes, including a graphic castration. Plutonian/Scorpio/8th House theme present in my Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and 9th House Cusp. I watched the film on YouTube... I´m in disbelief my Father once enjoyed this film.😂

While my Grandfather is a Libra Sun/Moon the sign is in my South Node and 8th House Cusp. In Vedic Astrology my Libra is in Mercury and Venus. On his last confession, he jokingly asked the Priest to check if his ´thing´ is still working 😅. He passed away lightheartedly surrounded by his loved ones.

I heard my grandfather´s final words from my Uncle back in 2013 a year after I made a confession and ask a Priest if I ever I pass the board exam...

In our given name, there are hidden connections to our birth chart´s life story. So, What’s yours? 😁

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June 25, 2021 at 23:14
(Scorpio) OS*
How do you do this ? Im not sure mine has a story like that :25:

Does it have anything to do with "Name Astrology Calculator based on astrology Natal chart" ??…

idk, my chart ruler is Venus and Venus falls in letter "M". Is the letter of my first name. . .
June 26, 2021 at 17:42
(Sagittarius) RA_ » OS*
Hi Marie, thank you for the name numerology reading the other time. No this isn´t related to that. I based this on the story shared with me by my parents where my given name derived from. 🙂 Then I checked the birth chart of my grandfather and also the initial movie release date.
June 26, 2021 at 23:37
(Cancer) Victor_Valiant_
RA is a pretty cool name, just like the sun god of ancient egypt.
Interesting story.
And I agree name & meanings have lots of significance to one´s life.

My birth name´s meaning = Manifestation, Progress, & Blossom/blooming.

And it goes in indian forklore as;
He who manifests/creates, and brings progress to it´s surroundings, and seeks to grow things into fruition or to set in bloom.

My mother had it in mind since her highschool days,
that I would bring progress in her life.
But added an letter to it so I would be different
& standing out from the rest carrying the same name.

It was told to me that an indian priest in my childhood said that my rahu & north node in Gemini, marked that progressing life path. As my karma/duty in this life to pursue.
Later I found out that the scorpio ascendent & mars scorpio in 1st house can be associated with the manifestation part.
And the sun & venus in cancer as the blossom/blooming.
But back then I was too young to understand ofcourse & nor did the family know to read the sanskrit texts & symbols on the chart given by the priest.

The artist name Victor Valiant I´m carrying now
Victor came from my coworkers when I did factory work.
It was a tough job I didn´t like much, so I had the crazy mindset of having fun & being overly positive & cheerful. I´m an music lover so I turned up the radio during the 90s hour dance mix and sang/danced along & everyone else just caught on with my vibes.
During stressful times as a team we kept the good vibes up & cheerful.
We got a lot more work done, while we were dancing & singing having fun on the job. Management saw an impressive spike in production & even the other departments & executives were crowding the security cabin to see us dancing on the security camera´s.
It was a crazy time. One day an executive tapped me on the shoulder,
"so you´re the guy I´ve been hearing about it, Victor"
As everyone was calling me vic, he assumed it was short for victor.
Before I could correct him, my collegue´s & supervisor jumped in saying that I bring the victorious vibe and that I am indeed Victor.
Every working day I was greeted there with hugs & handshakes.
I only worked there for 4months as part of an temporary assignment, but now 12years later I´ve heard they still tell stories of me.
And try to keep a fun vibe in the workplace with music.

Same year as working there, my closest one´s got in medical emergencies & hospitilised for surgery.
As I was working 3jobs at a point, and driving long distance to support & assist them with all their needs in a very emotional period.
They said I stood "Valiant" by their side in time of crisis.
With all my hard work I had done over those couple of years, to build my studio & buy my equipment towards pursuing my dream of music production & developing my art along the way.
With good vibes at work but personally having an emotional crisis on the other was heavy and life changing years for me.
The name came from those 2 life changing events that shaped me.
And everyone agreed that it was a suitable name to carry, as it´s given to me from their heart & reasons. Some of them has passed now.
It motivates me to do better & keep living up to my given name Victor Valiant.

Thanks for reminding me on how I got my names ;)
Cheers & bless RA
June 27, 2021 at 04:07
(Sagittarius) RA_ » Victor_Valiant_
Thank you Victor Valiant for sharing this inspiring story of your given names. God bless you too!

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