Thoughts on The Matrix / Terminator 2 / They Live and Pluto in Signs

June 19, 2021 at 17:59 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) cubic
Thoughts on The Matrix / Terminator 2 / They Live and Pluto in Signs
Movie scenes referenced in the topic:

"They Live" 1987…
"Terminator 2" 1991…
"The Matrix" 1999 (2:40 min) as if I have to

Been wondering for a while how to interpret, or force fit if you will, lol, "The Matrix" and "Terminator 2" in terms of Pluto´s transits at the time.

When you´ve learned the Scorpio and Saggitarius themes, it´s quite mind blowing to rewatch these movies and see how far and deep they reflect Pluto´s, and our whole societies resonant themes at the time.

I saw parts of "They Live" some months ago for the first time actually, and that actually helped my thought process:

In "They Live" and the "Terminator 2" the protagonist scans and sees through people. In "Terminator 2", the process is not so emphasized, there is more of the transformational Scorpio thing that is apparent, but the principle still stands. There are humans, and there are Terminators. The Terminators hide/camouflage as/amongst humans. In "They Live" similarly the protagonist sees that some people are not people, but are actually aliens underneath with skull-like faces.

This is akin to seeing the core of a person/their soul or whatever below the camouflage. That is, you go INTO a person, below the surface appearance, and figure out if they are a a real human or a terminator/alien.

Now the revealing of subliminal messages in "They live" confused me at first, because it seemed to be treating the Sag/Gemini axis of communication, but really is the same principle - you see what the core messages really are below the messages.

Now in "the Matrix" there really isn´t a seeing through process about people´s "real cores". A person is either an agent or not, and this is made obvious. There isn´t hiding amongst others or below human skin. No camouflaging process - a person is being taken over by an agent, and then the fighting ensues. There is also a whole team/army of agents, and agent replicants that are against you (the protagonist).

There is in "The Matrix" seeing through process about the grand design of it all, there is the belief system theme, there is the fight between belief systems/cultures thing, there is the testing/transcending the boundaries theme, the mentor/educator/student theme all Sag themes alright.

And yes at some point I figured an agent taking over a person signifies possibly a brainwash.

But what does the falling code signify? Well - the messages/beliefs a person has in their mind!

So the last scene of "The Matrix" signifies a Plutonian transformation/annihilation of another´s belief system. The function of "seeing through/going into/penetrating/transforming/killing off" is Pluto´s in general, but the belief system awareness obviously Sag.

So when Neo sees through the matrix/agents and sees the code, well this is how Pluto in Sag generation sees through people. They see what messages/beliefs are running through our minds.

When Nada from "They Live" puts on the sunglasses, he sees people´s "real cores" and that´s how Pluto in Scorpio generation sees through people - they/we see people for what they really are inside, regardless of outward appearances.

But not their belief system running codes, at least not by default.

And here is the funny thing, during these transits we all experienced / did these things in real life in one form or another.

Yes, I know a lot of you have probably already figured most of these things out, but I just got my mind clear about some little fine distinctions tonight, that are not so little in my view at all.

Yes, btw obviously like a month or so ago we had one of the locals here suddenly being taken over by an agent, so it had to be fought off. I guess not only I thought of that at the time.. lol. So that´s how the "The Matrix" moment looks like.

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June 20, 2021 at 00:59
(Taurus) Rosincvist
Lana and Lilly Wachowski the non-binaries behind "The Matrix" picked a franchise from their infancy; "Speed-Racer" because every cartoon character is a planet in some creator´s Astrological Chart, I said it before and I´ll say it again, any planet you don´t claim on your own, someone shall attempt to take for themselves!
That is why Elon Musk gives the warm cheery optimistic message that the first Mars mission shall probably be a suicide mission, the dry red grave awaits! :9: :42: :9: :10: :42:

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