What means these sun aspects?

June 19, 2021 at 16:13 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) luanaaah
What means these sun aspects?
Capricorn sun in 11th house aspecting:
Opposite cancer moon in 5th house
Sextile pisces uranus in 1th house
Trine aries south node libra north node (in the 2 and 9 houses)

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June 19, 2021 at 17:14
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Of course, all these planets and aspects cannot be read alone - you need to read the whole chart for a complete reading of the parts.

Since in your past life in the 9th house, Libra - you´ve made some conclusions or judgments about who you are in relationship. The primary wound you are here to heal has to do with relationships. Perhaps you felt judged or maybe you judged yourself as not living up to agreements, or, ethics or commitments within them. Perhaps you take on way too much responsibility within relationships. You´re probably a pretty sensitive person - sensitive to other people´s energies - and so, you feel compelled to help them in order to feel good yourself.

The Capricorn Sun then is about you not depending upon others to know who you are - or to define yourself. Capricorn is a leader, someone who enjoys solitude - or is learning to enjoy solitude - to go within in order to decide things - to depend upon your own wisdom - to know who you are as a stand-alone person. This goes with your Aries North Node - asking you to be more independent within relationships.

Looking at your chart, I bet you are pretty independent in some ways already. You´ve got Aquarius rising, Sun in 11th, and a lot of planets in Sag - all tending to be independent. So, my guess is that the Moon and Saturn in Cancer is the opposing energy that provides some challenges. Cancer is very sensitive to other people´s energies. Your Moon is in the 5th house of self-identity - and Saturn suggests that you brought this tendency from the past life - along with the Libra South Node with Jupiter in Libra too. Libra and Cancer are both very sensitive - and - relational. The 5th and 8th houses are also relational. So, you do have this kind of conflict between being super sensitive to other people´s energies while wanting and needing to relate to others - but then, it isn´t easy dealing with people´s energies - and that takes you into liking your solitude.

The Moon-Uranus trine is interesting because Uranus is aloof and in Pisces - more atuned to spirit or creative pursuits. Uranus isn´t touchy-feeling like the Moon in Cancer, 5th. Moon loves to warmly relate, even if it is sensitive. It will be sensitive to how others treat you when it is in the 5th. But, you like an audience - someone to talk with, to be affirmed and recognized.

Here´s the deal. I think it likely that you take on too much responsibility for others - with the 10th house planets. You do it cheerfully. People love you for it. You care. But, you pay a price for it. It isn´t that what you want to do is bad. I don´t think it´s like that. I think it´s more like you need to learn where to draw the line - when to help and when not to help - when to ask for affirmation and when not to - when to engage and when not to. That kind of thing.

You´re very young still, so you may not relate to all of this. The main message is about being more independent within relationships - and you will have them, of course - but the issue is simply put in the chart - it´s all about where you draw the line. If you feel guilty when you want to say NO to someone, then this is a signal that you have boundary issues. You´ll have to learn to say NO when you really want to - and - help when you really want to. But you should not be a slave to your good and helpful nature.


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June 19, 2021 at 20:36
(Taurus) Rosincvist
Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, ` :157:´ at a Scientific/Literature degree of :174: means that the Sun is more than just an Earth planet!

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