thoughts on: a Good Chart, Bad Chart, Interesting Chart, Challenging Chart .....?????.....

June 10, 2021 at 16:39 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) MagentaP
thoughts on: a Good Chart, Bad Chart, Interesting Chart, Challenging Chart .....?????.....
I often see posts here referencing good charts, bad charts, interesting charts, challenging charts, etc. In an effort to better understand people´s take on those descriptors, what aspects/placements reflect a good chart or bad chart in your view.

On the surface - squares are bad, trines are good - but I have already been scolded for that view and instead told I should see squares as growth (not blockage). As a person with many heavy squares and t-squares to her sun .... ugh... I would forgo the ´growth´ if I could stop the heavy blockage-challenge-blockage cycle.

Anyway, what makes an interesting or challenging chart in your view?

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June 10, 2021 at 19:33
(Taurus) Rosincvist
"Landru" the French Landru not the Star Trek Landru!
Proved that ` :193:´s can be a lot like squares, we get morbid about squares if we are obsessed with Astrology, all conditions and qualities of squares leaving no planetoid unturned! If Yer :158: -us is there it suddenly becomes more interesting a chart, some would like to wipe Yer :158: -us clean from the Zodiac and have us all doing Midi Eval Arab Astrology! Eleven dg. :176: / :182: is important in my geocentric chart and helioscentric chart, so I shall "always" be interested in Astrology! I tried to be especially interested in Exoplanetology in 2016, keeping Astrology Marginal, but I realised :199: erschel is getting dangerously close to :172: the :66: and that if I don´t dive into Astrology, I will be lost!
June 10, 2021 at 20:24
(Virgo) LotusStar
Yeah as someone with a lot of squares and t-squares... It is blockage big time. It is lack of ease and inner tension. Can all this lead to major growth? Yes, but the process is still painful and full of setbacks.

I do sometimes get chart envy when I see minimal squares and a lot of trines or sextiles :61: And knowing someone whose chart is full of trines and sextile, has only 1 square (of outer planets), no 8th/12th house... He does have it easy and would tell you. He doesn´t deal with as much crisis and drama on the regular, isn´t crippled by anxiety and analysis paralysis.

And another thing I will say is challenging though is Yods. I think this also creates intense pressure in a person and you don´t hear about it a lot.

I´m always interested when I see kites, major outer planets conjunctions/oppositions to inner planets, and 12 house stelliums... I wonder how it manifests.
June 10, 2021 at 21:39
(Pisces) Fireyfish
I am still learning astrology, there is so much to it. I read other people charts, that´s the great thing about this particular site, but I´m not sure if I´ve formed an opinion on what makes a chart good or challenging. I would suppose that there is more than just the person´s chart to consider. Their current age, their living situation, upbringing would all play a role and give influence.

Many teachings throughout human history say that a person chooses when to be born. If that is truly the case then it stands to reason we choose our own rewards and challenges. I´m no expert, just food for thought.

In my own chart I am blessed with a Sagittarius Jupiter that has brought a pretty easy life for me. I´m usually pretty successful in most areas and luck tends to be on my side. This placement gives me the glass is always half full kinda attitude and it brings many good opportunities to me.

If find challenge in my Aries Venus conjunct Mars. It´s like a balancing act. Learning when to give and when to take, when to go for it and when to hold back. How to be both masculine and feminine. It seems I´m always bumping into something.

I also have somewhat of a challenge with my pisces sun and Virgo moon. This is a full moon affect as they are opposite signs. It´s kinda that same feeling as my mars and Venus placements, a balancing act. I feel at odds a lot of the times with my emotional wants and what I truly need.

Cheers to good luck, happiness and health
June 11, 2021 at 12:52
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » Rosincvist
Greetings Rosincvist,

I have to read up on your Landu reference regarding Trines. I don´t know though, in my experience, my heavily trined moon has a much easier time than my heavily squared sun. Although, oddly my moon is a bit of a puzzle, it feels nothing like a Cap Moon - I have attributed that to the OOB moon position. Although recently LotusStar has given me some great food for thought on what could be going on with my moon. Because I do not feel the descriptor of my Cap Moon, I completely ignore it. Still interesting to know which aspects people believe are import/unique. I guess the moral of the story is that it is all very individualized. Every chart is unique.

Thanks for those unique inputs! :17:
June 11, 2021 at 12:52
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » LotusStar
Greetings Lotus Star,

Yes, I am in agreement - squares and T-squares "the process is painful and full of setbacks". It is exhausting. When one problem ends the next begins, its like the whole test cycle is on a never ending rotating schedule. I see you have both Sun and Moon in this square/t-square cycle. A saving grace though is Saturn is not involved (at least to my untrained eyes and personal experience with Saturn). Your story about someone with Trines (almost no squares and no 8th/12th) - that is how I imagined it would be and yes, me too a bit jealous. On the 12th house Stellliums. My husband has that - with Taurus lilith, mars, sun, mercury and Aries venus, saturn, north node, part of fortune - all in the 12th. So he has a lot of conjunctions in the 12th. His life, well, I joke to him - his burden is having me. As to the person he is. Optimistic, wanting to help people, and everyone simply loves him. He does not appear to struggle on a personal level with challenge after challenge. He is mostly there to support my challenges. Poor guy!

Thanks for your very thoughtful insights! :74:
June 11, 2021 at 12:53
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » Fireyfish
Greetings Fireyfish,

Me too, I think I will forever be learning astrology and will forever be a novice. Yes, me too, I can learn from this site because I can access the charts people are evaluating. Interesting thought about people choose when they are born. Once someone commented on my chart that I choose many challenges in this lifetime. Ugh....not sure...

So interesting how people view the ´good´ and ´bad´of their own charts. You have mostly commented on the placement of the planets in the signs. Whereas I mostly focus on aspects in terms of the majority of energy in my chart. Interesting about your Jupiter and your feeling its ´exalted´ placement. Do you feel the energy of Jupiter square Sun as well in the mix?

Thanks a bunch for your thoughts on this subject. I am forever learning.... :68:
June 12, 2021 at 09:08
(Pisces) Fireyfish » MagentaP
Hi MagentaP

I agree completely about feeling novice in astrology! I´ve studied it for years and still feel as if there will always be more to learn. You have so many trines and sextiles with your moon! I bet you are emotionally deep and very caring. How long have you been interested in astrology?

I suppose I did give a very surface response. For the most part I really like this aspect. This is what gives me my optimism and luck. I think this is what makes me want to be a world citizen, what gives me my humanity and a deep urge to do good and give kindness.

It does makes me feel like I have to take on more than I need to though. I guess it´s part of the balancing act too because sometimes I have to say no, I can´t do that. Unfortunately that is something that I´ve had to learn with maturity because as the aspect says...I like to say yes.

With Jupiter in my 2nd square my sun a lot of times I read that I should be prone to overindulgence and wastefulness, especially where money is concerned. I think that my Saturn in 1st helps to off set this though because I am naturally a very responsible person. When I was 10 my grandmother gave me 10 dollars and took me to the bank to open a savings account. She always said "if you make a dime, put a nickel in the bank". I listened. I do see where the overindulgence influence comes in to play in other areas. Usually if I like it I LIKE it. I have to make very conscious choices.

I don´t think that life gives us more than we can handle. Its up to us as how we choose to learn and grow😊
June 12, 2021 at 09:13
(Pisces) Fireyfish » Rosincvist
A fellow Trekkie!?! I always get a kick outta people saying star track. Lmao....they didn´t track the stars, they trekked them.
June 12, 2021 at 09:15
(Libra) Castlewallsxo
My chart has a lot of squares and a few roughly-aspected planets in fall, but I also have a couple exalted and well-aspected planets and a Grand Earth Trine and apparently you need some tense aspects to fully take advantage of those gifts because otherwise you´ll grow stagnant because of how easy it is, you forget that you need to work hard to maintain your success. So I´m embracing my chart for what it is.

Try looking at the positives in your chart.
June 12, 2021 at 09:24
(Libra) Castlewallsxo
Some positives I see in your chart are your sun and mercury in Sagittarius. Sagittariuses are charismatic af. I looked up the charts of celebrities with cult-like followings and a "ride or die" fanbase, and most of them had prominent Sagittarius.

You have a sixth house stellium, which is another gift.
June 12, 2021 at 12:17
System message: Post has been written by user Travelguy35, who already deleted profile on this website:
I´m often told I have an interesting chart.

I really like my moon trine venus tight orb. The chart is not without its challenges but overall, intriguing is the keyword.
June 12, 2021 at 13:55
(Capricorn) pluto°rising
As a human with few gifts in my chart I don´t feel cheated. Like everything else, it is what you make of it.

Interesting concept on choosing your birth. I´m absolutely one who would choose to do a thing the more challenging way... :61:
June 12, 2021 at 14:18
(Taurus) Gunnar Stars
Greetings! Another wonderful topic that will be exiting to follow.
I have a t-square with Saturn as apex (and I still don´t know how to handle this). I have no exaltations, a lot of heavy oppositions plus an 8th house pisces Moon.
But I love that it´s obvious in my chart that I am a painter. I´m still a novice as well and I´m looking forward to see what you Guys defines as a "good" chart and a "bad" chart. Is mine actually a bad chart as I´ve heard before?
June 12, 2021 at 14:49
System message: Post has been written by user anotheralex, who already deleted profile on this website:
Looking at my chart I realized I had almost no exact/ hard aspect.
My first thought was, ho does that mean I have an easy chart?
But then looking at my past I wouldn’t say so. So what I figure out by experience was that maybe, having exact aspect
Makes struggles and benefits mote tangible, more easy to see, then also give more characters because its more obvious what and where they are suposed to be, for me I have always felt a bit like in a fog, where I was supposed
To Go and who I was supposed to be, wasnt that clear, I mean I’m having a good Idea now but still, I cant feel like its not very clear sometimes!

That is my interpretation of chart with or without exact aspect on first look to my past
June 12, 2021 at 15:13
(Aquarius) viv
Hi Magenta P
I’m tempted to say they are all challenging and all good but yes, some take my breath away they just have supercharged talent. I go “oh well they didn’t need a major T square this time! “ (like you did and I did)
I like the idea that we seek difficult life times to grow spiritually, relatively easy lifetimes to rest and give back, supercharged ones to achieve something specific🦨🐿🐇🦔Best Viv
June 12, 2021 at 15:55
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » Fireyfish
Hi FireyFish,

Thanks for that! Yes, I guess we all buck the trend of our chart descriptors! Indeed, while my moon is well aspected I don´t fee Capricorn in anyway. I feel more a Sag, Aries or Gemini moon. Since I don´t feel consensus descriptions of what a Capricorn moon should be it I tend to overlook moon - and overlook it´s trines and sextiles

Anyway, forever learning!

PS. thanks for the friendship request :74:
June 12, 2021 at 16:09
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » Castlewallsxo
Hi Castelwallsxo,

A very balanced view from a young balanced person. I do see that lovely Grand Earth Trine and am a bit Jealous. I

Thanks for the thoughts of good aspects on my chart. I guess some would say there are a few good ones, but by and large ugh...I mostly feel Saturn T-square and Plutonian energy coming my way near constantly

Interesting your thoughts of a 6th house Stellenium - I think some say 3 planets and some say 4 planets for a Stellenium. I have to explore and learn more to see if I feel it or not...

However, your point on tense aspects is well taken. True in real life someone coddled all the time does not grow! A very helpful view! Indeed, your chart looks balanced to my untrained astrological eye....

Thank you for your thoughts! :17: :74: :68:
June 12, 2021 at 16:13
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » Travelguy35
Intriguing? In an effort to learn more, what specifically and how does it manifest for? The Stellenium? The bunching in one quadrant? I am always keen to learn more!
June 12, 2021 at 16:19
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » pluto°rising
Hi girlplaysguitar!

Oh, what a magnificent view - wish I was a philosophical as you! I get a bit envious of those that don´t have to struggle with issues/circumstance thrown at them so much.

I see your sun and moon are both hit with a parade of squares and opposites...but then as you mention - you would choose the challenge! I am lazier, I can raise to the challenge, but I am tired of so many of them. I could go for some free-flowing easy energy at this point, or rather fewer severe blockages...

Thanks for the enlightened thoughts... :15:
June 12, 2021 at 16:27
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » Gunnar Stars
Thanks Gunnar Stars...

As a fellow Saturn involved in T-squares (multiple in my case) and an 8th house Sun and Mercury..I feel you! On knowing if yours is a good and bad chart - I think what we are getting from the responses so far is that all have unique charts with our own challenges..... :80:

Help me what way does your chart signify painter? Are you referring to the Taurus sun? or Venus aspects?
June 12, 2021 at 16:35
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » anotheralex

That is interesting, thinking the lack of exact aspects (whether tense or easy) makes it more difficult to see your path. I have to explore that idea further.

On a non-astrological level though, you are still young and maybe just taking longer to work through finding yourself.... which you said is becoming clearer. Sometimes it is just a matter of time....

Thanks for your feedback on your personal experience!
June 12, 2021 at 16:43
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » viv
Greetings Viv,

Thanks for your thoughts. In an effort to learn, in what way would you say some charts "have supercharged talent"?

On the T-squares - I think I have four - so that would be I choose "difficult times to grow spiritually". I am failing miserably at that, sure I jumped the hurdles that I have constantly come across (except in the last 5 years- in which I am stuck in place). My wish would be "relatively easy lifetimes to rest and give back"...

Your chart appears to my un-trained eye to be balanced. Where do you fit in the spectrum - growth, rest or supercharged?

Thanks for the lovely thoughts... :74:
June 12, 2021 at 16:44
(Libra) zarko22 » MagentaP
I like to read the opinions of you who practice transaturnal astrology. It is so good to know that people like to look at aspects first when they doing delineation of the chart 😀😀😀.Noone to mention north/south latitude or phase relative to the Sun or other important things.
In traditional astrology, aspects are, I think, only the seventh factor to consider the power of a planet.
You,people here,you are learning astrowrongy,not astrology :75:
June 12, 2021 at 16:49
(Sagittarius) MagentaP » zarko22
Hmmm, I am not sure any study is ´wrong´ - it is just different. Are you studying vedic, hellenistic? Vedic, for instance, does not resonate with me.... my placements in vedic do not represent me. I have to go with the study of astrology which speaks to me in my tests of my chart and other people´s charts that I know.

What is your view of the right astrology?
June 12, 2021 at 16:54
(Libra) Castlewallsxo » MagentaP
You also have Jupiter trine Mercury, Venus trine Asc, and Sun trine Asc, which are good!
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