Astrocartography, solar and relocation

June 6, 2021 at 21:52 (UT/GMT)
(Aquarius) ella_vitta
Astrocartography, solar and relocation
I have been doing astrology for many years and specialize, in addition to radix and synastry, in Huber astropsychology, astrocartography, do relocations and solar. I give advice on which country to choose for emigration and vacation, where it will be better for you to live, where to move in order to correct your horoscope. For example, if you want to realize a certain aspect of your life, you can take a look at your unique astrocartography map to see where in the world you are most likely to do it. Solar - an astrological forecast for a year, is built on the place where you will be on your birthday, a solar horoscope is a horoscope that is built at that moment in time when the transit Sun comes into the most accurate conjunction with the natal Sun, a horoscope that describes and forms a picture of the coming year. Nobody can change the time of the solar. It is tied to a person´s biological clock, wound up at the moment of birth. However, a person has a choice in determining the place; no one can change the zodiacal position of the planets acting at the time of the solar. However, a person can change the degrees and signs of the horizon. And the technique of solar makes it possible to change, improve your coming year, correct it in a more successful way. :27:

If you are interested in drawing up a map, write your request. The service is paid, and the price is quite reasonable. :78:

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