What exactly does transpersonal/generational planets mean collectively

May 10, 2021 at 00:05 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) jaderosez
What exactly does transpersonal/generational planets mean collectively
Note: Please don´t bring politics into this, I just want this to be about astrology and I know even this is polarizing but I don´t mean to hurt anyone´s sentiments

What does pluto represent on a societal level

Pluto in sag : increased globalization and increased migration, and travel, and people in general had a positive view about exploring different cultures

Pluto in Cap: Harder to find a job, corporations playing a huge role in government and in our day to day lives-2020 felt like I was suffocating. It honestly feels like I´m in a hamster wheel. Students with huge debts, very little jobs, starting pay for even white collar jobs are low, and reputation is everything (PC culture). The collective message is work your ass off and don´t be entitled BUT care about your reputation (I guess that´s like a marrying of left and right sentiment). And I know that saturn was also conjunct jupiter and pluto in cap (jupiter is debilitated).

Neptune in aqua : Y2k aesthetic was prevalent. People thought being non-chalent, progressive was everything. Detachment in the 2000s was literally a virtue. People preferred less make up

Neptune in pisces: Hour glass figure, more make up came back into trend. E girl aesthetic is more in trend (Pisces is all about fantasies). Being ´girly´ is no longer looked at as a wrong thing. Body positivity because (Pisces is phlegmatic and a water sign). There´s also so much fakeness with Instagram filters and things being viewed through a smoke screen.

I´m trying to figure out how things collectively change. And what each planet that impacts us on a societal level means.

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May 10, 2021 at 02:27
(Taurus) Rosincvist
The Magi Astrologers point-out that :159: is THE most feminine planet even though the Graeco-Roman God implied is quite masculine!
:160: & :159: have religious implications and some religious nuts roll about in politics like :40: :91: :90: :89: in :93:
There are those who have both :199: & :159: in :181: that preceded a mutual reception (planets in each other´s signs) that represents something potent that an evolved soul should realise!
Eris in Aries : Poetry in detriment, we think of poetry as being for drunks, bums, and queers when ancestors thought of it as a fine art!
Sedna in Tau.: Porn is a big industry like never before! Videogamers and R.P.G.ers own patents on my past life as Howard Phillips Lovecraft!
May 10, 2021 at 07:31
(Sagittarius) jaderosez » Rosincvist
It´s interesting you say that. I´ve looked into magi astrology before? Is it legitimate?

I didn´t know Eris ruled poetry!! Those are some interesting points!
May 10, 2021 at 10:03
(Taurus) Rosincvist » jaderosez
Louise Hay had the 2nd Magi Astrology book which is mostly a 50 year ephemeris printed on paper to last 5,000 years! She wouldn´t have done that if they had failed to impress her greatly! The Magi Society is attempting a more upto date book with heliocentric charts and Chiron or so they promise! Lots of people "promise" to write books!
I like the idea of Eris´ domain being :177:, could definitely cause a little contention!
May 10, 2021 at 13:26
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
The transpersonal planets are not interpretted the same as personal or social planets. The personal planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The social planets are Jupiter and Saturn. These form our personalities. Thee transpersonal planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto influence our personalities.

Pluto is the Soul´s intention. It asks us to dig up stuff in our personalities that need transforming. It always asks us to evolve the sign and house it is in.

Neptune is spiritualizing - helps connect us with spirit.

Uranus breaks everything up so that we can make changes. It disrupts patterns and helps us be more authentic. It closes some doors so new doors can open.

The transpersonal planets do not describe the personality so much as influence it.

Pluto in Sag - is evolving the way we do Sagittarius - the way we see life - philosophically - what we believe, what we value, what we think is right and wrong, ethics. It sometimes indicates a person who is in search for personal meaning. Many Pluto in Sag people were judged in a past life and are looking to heal that in this one. Sagittarius can be judging - and - if one was judging in a past life, then Pluto in Sag would help us be less judging. Also, Sagittarius can come to conclusions that just aren´t true - so Pluto in Sag can indicate revising our conclusions.


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May 10, 2021 at 14:06
(Leo) cubic
Pluto - extreme force, death-rebirth applied to 10th house/Capricorn matters, I speculate is what fuels cancel culture. This should be proven true or false once Pluto transits to Aquarius in 2024.

Also the way to be "cool" is to be at least somewhat or straight up old-school it seems nowadays. Vaporwave comes to mind.

Certainly there is a lot of looking back to the past for the ways people used to live and conduct their lives, either due to Capricorn´s preference for what is tried and tested, or perhaps due to Pluto´s mutation of the Capricorn aspect of reality, leading people to try to look back to the past to see how was society functioning when things used to be stable.

Contrast this to the times of Pluto in Sag when there was rejection of anything oldschool, there was search and preference for bold big new unorthodox ideas and approaches.

That means that the Pluto in Cap generation will have the ability to prop up or cancel other´s reputation/career, or just scrutinize it deeply.

They will also have a somewhat innate preference for "oldschool" things in general.

Eris (internally) has to do with the (vain?) ego being tricked into self-sabotage/chaos by a part of the psyche which is being rejected. That´s how I understand the Greek myth of Eris throwing the apple of discord, due to anger upon finding out she was not invited.

It´s difficult to figure out how that works externally in society and in Aries, but I see no poets sabotaging society due to being disregarded. Perhaps that would be Eris in Pisces rather? Perhaps I do not see something.

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