South Node 10 house - NN and moon in 4th house

May 2, 2021 at 06:35 (UT/GMT)
(Aries) Martina Ben
South Node 10 house - NN and moon in 4th house
Hello i study psychology at public education, and am autodidact on astrology
Id love to understand and use my south node midheaven 10 house with aquarius Uranus and Neptune conjunction there, what it shows about my calling / career / vocation
Thank you !!!

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May 2, 2021 at 13:15
(Aries) Jay Jay
I have never heard anyone use the word - autodidact - so I looked it up. And it is the perfect word for self-taught. Thanks for the new word!

Okay, now for your question.

The South Node in Aquarius, 10th - suggests that you are an outsider - a rebel/outcast - someone who figures out how to change things for the better. You may be highly intelligent and intuitive. So, you come into this life with a lot of good ideas and the heart of a humanitarian. The 10th house suggests a position in society - so - you were a rebel in a status quo position. You may have been a leader or even famous. But in the past life, you made enemies because of the changes you wanted to make, and you lost - whatever you were going for. You did not succeed. PLUS, you weren´t entirely personally sold on being in the position you were in. You were part of a movement - and - it wasn´t entirely aligned with who you really were.

So, in this life, the North Node in Leo, 4th - suggests that you need to develop you own personal goes - your own self-identity that is not aligned with a movement or any ideas that truly don´t fit you. In the 4th house, you need to nurture yourself - tend to your emotional-feeling world. It is our feelings that guide us on our true path. So we need to pay attention to our feelings - what makes us happy (Moon). You also need a career where you will fit in - so that you can have success with whatever it is you want to do - so, the Leo is very engaging, warm and needs to be liked and recognized. This is very supportive.

As part of the past life drama, Uranus conjunct South Node accentuates the rebel signature. Neptune is not close enough to the South Node to be part of that. It´s possible that you yourself rebelled against your social position and caused the demise because you were unhappy in that position. Many people in history have had to endure being born into a position in society that does not fit them - and the restraints can be soul-crushing - even if the position seems glorious or favorable to others.

In this life - you need to develop yourself on your own terms and enjoy what it is you do. Nothing less will do. You want to be creative and playful and have some enjoyment. Your Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Aries in the 12th - and Aries is very self-oriented - independent - will go its own way and do what it wants. You are assured not to get trapped in a position you don´t like. But they are in the 12th - so - again, there´s a spiritual orientation. You want to connect with Soul-Spirit. You want to be true to your own true nature. Psychology is a good career for you.

Your profession does need to be somewhat inward-focused with Sun, Jupiter, and Moon in inward houses. This is a very inward-looking chart. Taurus is on the ASC and is an inward sign. It likes to do things its own way as well. Venus is your chart ruler, and you can have a very pleasant way of expressing yourself - gracious, peaceful, and calm.

Neptune on the MC, suggests to me a spiritual-orientation. Saturn on the ASC suggests to me that you will stay focused on how you present yourself to the world. The Saturn on the ASC can make you seem very serious and maybe ambitious. It can make a person not be so expressive. You can come across as cold if you aren´t using your Leo and Aries to compensate. With Venus there in the first house and with Sun and Moon in fire signs, I bet you can overcome the effects of a cold, hard Saturn on ASC. Saturn can give dedication, commitment and the ability to stay with a client or project over the long hall. It´s just won´t give the image of FUN or OPTIMISM. You´ll always want to get down to business. So, hopefully, you can foucs on the other planets who can give you more optimism and relational fun.

Mars in Scorpio in the 7th can also make you cautious in your relationships. Between Saturn and Mars - Taurus and Scorpio - you´ll have to work on being able to share yourself more freely - loosen up - and tune into the lighter side of life. But Psychology is something Scorpio likes to do - so your career choice makes sense to me.

Yeah, I think you are on the right path, my friend. To me, psychology makes a lot of sense, looking at your chart - and - just remember that your fire planets - Sun, Moon and Jupiter - is a strong counter to your Saturn, 10th house, and Scorpio. You were judged in your past life. That makes a person fearful of expression themselves - but you can work through it. You have the means. Just keep working on it.


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May 2, 2021 at 20:16
(Aries) Martina Ben » Jay Jay
Jay hello thank you so much for telling me your informative perspective on nodes and my chart! And very interesting to learn about the saturn asc mars placements on the big fixed sign square i have. I been studying human rights and sex education and would like to work as psychologist on goverment in the future. Also want to study for kinder teacher. I am musican and singer playing music i think is related to spirituality in my life as you said!
That was so interesting about past lives thank you, i am very into spirituality thanks for telling me about 12 h placements💜 what you said about rebel , connect with my spirit and own true nature is so accurate thanks so much you are very smart astrologer. Also about fear of express related to my nodes is so good perspective thank youuuu 💜 my native language is spanish sorry if i wrote wrong
We both born on march 27 :)

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