Transit and progressions - when they are felt?

May 1, 2021 at 22:15 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne
Transit and progressions - when they are felt?
I wonder, if transits or progressions are felt at the exact moment they start?

For example, I remember, when my Moon was progressing from 2nd to 3rd house. I think I felt it around that time, but it happenned earlier than this exact progression. I started meeting more people and I traveled.

My Moon will progress to 5th house and I´m curious about it. Same with some transits.

Has anyone observed if transits or progressions are felt at the exact time?

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May 1, 2021 at 22:20
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
I know I´m having more bumps in the road right now with it shifting into the Moon in Aries in a few weeks.
May 1, 2021 at 22:27
(Aries) Jay Jay
Yes - when SP Sun or Moon enters a new sign or house - we are likely to notice, if we´re paying attention to astrology. I do feel these events right before - usually up to 3.5 degrees before - and exactly when they happen - and then the effects of a really important transit can last for a very long time - we keep learning the lesson.

Single Transits are hit-and-miss. I´ve noticed that I really really really feel a transit when two transits square, conjunct or oppose one another and then aspect a natal planet in a strong way. Other times, I´m sure a single transit is doing something, but it´s more subtle. Of course, we feel the fast-moving planets less than the slow-moving ones. Mercury and Moon go by in the blink of an eye - well - in astrological terms. TR Moon stays in one sign for 2.5 days. I can feel it, but, it isn´t like TR Uranus, Saturn or Pluto sitting on a natal planet.


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May 2, 2021 at 07:15
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne » Jay Jay
I think i felt or I was moving towards something new before the exact progression, just like you mentioned, some degrees earlier.
May 2, 2021 at 18:47
(Aries) Jay Jay » Joanna Suzanne
Actually, I didn´t express myself very well. I meant I give 3.5 degrees before the even with transits. SP move so slowly - I don´t think they are felt before 1 degree - but - if there are conjunctions or if a planet is near a cusp - this can revise the experience. How far ahead are you feeling a SP planet and what is the planet?
May 2, 2021 at 19:12
(Sagittarius) Ioaanaa08
My moon is 5 ° away from pluto and idk what to expect 😅 all in the sign of scorpio
May 8, 2021 at 20:30
(Capricorn) Tamo17
Hello Joanna, in my experience, I start feeling transit energy a bit earlier before 3 orb, it´s like mental energy and isn´t materialized yet. after entering transit, some outside events start to appear step by step and on the mental level it is reflected more brightly ofc
May 8, 2021 at 20:44
(Taurus) Rosincvist » Jay Jay
:92:I was quiet as a paranoid cat frequently before 14 and then at the same time as falsely advertised caffeine-free Earl Grey tea was in the house my solar progressive Sun made me slip from info-obsessived dysfunctionality over into info-obsessived Disorder! :92:
May 8, 2021 at 21:09
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne » Tamo17
Thank you for your reply.
I felt something like this. Now I feel more optimistic, like something will get better and I guess it will materialize in circumstances. Hopefully 😊
May 8, 2021 at 21:18
(Sagittarius) bad1angel
when I had the moon transit in the 5th house, I wanted to party, spend time with peers, when I had it in the 3rd house, I wanted to learn more
May 8, 2021 at 21:35
(Capricorn) Joanna Suzanne » bad1angel
Interesting 😊

I had this situation with Moon progression in 3rd house. I had no idea of progressions in astrology back then.

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