Profession in Natal Chart? ☺️

April 27, 2021 at 15:21 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Anilah
Profession in Natal Chart? ☺️
Can anyone interpret from my natal chart the profession
I should pursue in life?

As a Gemini,
I have an interest in many areas of life, sometimes attention is distracted.. 😶

But I would like to study what I love.
I have a couple of options.

But I want to know which professions are predetermined in my natal chart?

Thanks for every answer. ♥️

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April 28, 2021 at 01:03
(Taurus) Rosincvist
You have some immorality and shall always have an Astrology hobby! :44:
April 28, 2021 at 10:04
(Gemini) AmberMoon
Personally, I don´t believe in absolute predetermination.

There is a free will and there is also a pull.

The way I experience it is: you will be pulled towards things but you might still choose to not do them.
Especially for the negative tendencies this is an important one, I feel.

Your (unintended) income could come from giving care in some form.

However, it looks like you much more enjoy things of beauty (jewellery, design, fashion, beauty salon).

And the best career is where you can combine in your profession (where reality is altered,Neptune), the services (which are not immediately visible, Scorpio) you provide with that which you enjoy most (beauty, art, Libra) to create an income ((through) care, Cancer).

Just guessing.
April 28, 2021 at 11:53
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
It is actually very helpful to hear what your interests are. Sometimes it is easy to see a specific career path, but some people have more choices than others - and it isn´t so easy to get specific. You are one of the latter.

That said, you are intellectually-oriented, so you´ll need a career path that utilizes your mind. You not only have a Gemini Sun, but Gemini with Mercury close to the ASC, and Mercury rules your Virgo IC and your South Node is in Aquarius - all very mentally-oriented signs. You are a thinker. You´ll like figuring things out, mental challenges, inventing.

You have Moon - your chart ruler - conjunct Jupiter in Aries in the 11th - so - this adds to the independent Aquarius SN - to your very independent character. You may like working for yourself - or at least - you´ll want a lot of freedom or autonomy in your job. You´ll also have an audience in the 11th. You´ll probably be interested in humanitarian affairs. You´ll want a socially-oriented job - one where you´re helping people.

Gemini, Mercury is associated with words - language, communicating, teaching, writing and the arts. Virgo and Gemini both like research and the sciences. A career where you utilize your love of talking and communicating will be attractive - lecturing, oration, music or singing even.

Cancer rising can like to nurture others, but also can be so sensitive that it tends to not like to be very social. It depends. Since your Moon is in Aries, you may not be like that so much. Virgo IC and Cancer rising will want to "understand" others - to give service, if you are mature. If you are using those signs negatively, you could struggle with self-doubt or insecurity.

With Sun in the 12th, Mars in 5th and Venus in Leo in the 2nd house and Saturn in Taurus - makes me think you´d do well in the arts - but it looks like you might like to work with people in some way. However, I think you probably want more security and material comfort than what artists usually have - unless they are extremely successful. You probably like having at least some solitude - the thing is - you have both - a need for solitude and a need for social interaction.

Pisces MC - you can play a number of roles - be very creative - and I have no doubt that you are very smart. I do think you like to talk - you are unique, think outside the box, and are challenged to fit in.

Yeah, I think you could do a number of things. You could be a teacher, writer, artist, inventor, health professional, anything to do with languages and travel, scientist, mathematics, physics, or someone like an ambassador - a career where the person needs to like languages and other cultures and intellectual challenges. You could have a strong interest in spirituality as well, which could put you on yet another career path.

So now, what are your interests?


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