April 24, 2021 at 04:06 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) L U C K
If our descendant sign is supposed to provide the best compatibility for us in a partner. Where in our sought out partner´s natal chart is this position most useful in our favor? For example, My ascendent is Pisces and descendant is in Virgo. However, Virgo sun signs or moon are rather critical of my way of thinking. I don´t find the engagement compatible. Can someone elaborate and share their perspective please?

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April 25, 2021 at 09:15
(Scorpio) lightning
You say they are critical of your way of thinking... This would be more connected to mercury in my opinion...
In my experience there is a lot of attraction when asc + dsc are reversed.. so e.g. when you find a person with virgo asc and pisces descendant.
+ As you have quite some planets in sag, people with virgo sun/moons etc could square these.. and so this could indicate tension..
April 25, 2021 at 13:22
(Pisces) Sag_Stellium
I believe the ascendant is what one chooses to identify as. The descendant is what we get, since it is what we tend to "not integrate" into our own personality. Polar opposites are just two sides of the same coin. One may be attracted to another based on their common interests, but they are bound to come to terms with their differences some time. It´s kinda like "a moth to a flame" situation, a person wants to be with the other even though it hurts sometimes. Since there´s this polarity involved, it takes hard work to bring balance within one´s chart.
So to me, it makes sense that you don´t find people that have a virgo-themed personality, to be very compatible. There´s something to learn from your interaction with them. The same applies for all descendants .
April 25, 2021 at 16:37
(Scorpio) OctoberScorpio
I believe they call it our "shadow" side. I’ve noticed my 7th house is a reflection of who I am in relationships. (not really a guide line to my perfect match) I can attract that sign (or the sign where the ruler of the 7th is) but the reality is, that person is just mirroring who I am. the good, bad and the ugly. Often the parts I don’t see or won’t admit to myself. . . I don´t think we can control who we´re attracted, by the signs. just my thoughts, observations about it.

You´re probably not a critical person. . .without any context and I don´t know about your personal partnerships. but I don´t think you should rule out Virgos for this.
April 25, 2021 at 18:28
(Pisces) Sag_Stellium » OctoberScorpio
well put 👏👍
April 25, 2021 at 18:43
(Virgo) RohiniMoon
Judging from your sidereal chart, I would say you are attracted to/attract Taurus, Leo and Libra´s. I´d say Libra would be the easiest one, but you could possibly feel more deeply connected to Taurus, for better ..or worse
April 25, 2021 at 19:01
(Aries) nutelina
I agree with you. I feel the same. For me it is Capricorn but I find them cold and I could wait for them forever. It´s like we are passion x work.
April 25, 2021 at 20:33
(Sagittarius) L U C K » RohiniMoon
Ok, your accuracy is spooking me out. LOL, this is true and I said this to myself last week that those are the 3 signs I find attractive. How did you figure this out? Please explain, I would like to understand.
April 25, 2021 at 21:11
(Virgo) RohiniMoon » L U C K
Your Vedic chart! Taurus+Rahu Moon, Venus in Libra and your 7th house is Leo as an Aquarius ascendant in this system..

For men, I always look to their Moon and Venus placement. It´s a solid indicator of the type of women they usually are most attacted too. Of course, their 7th house too. Some say Venus more so, than Moon, but I consider both to be equally as appropriate.. Hope that helped!
April 25, 2021 at 23:22
(Sagittarius) L U C K » RohiniMoon
Very interesting. I’ll have to research that thank you.
April 26, 2021 at 00:15
(Sagittarius) L U C K » Sag_Stellium
Interesting. Very informative thank you
April 26, 2021 at 00:16
(Sagittarius) L U C K » OctoberScorpio
I see the validity in this based of my experiences thank you
April 26, 2021 at 00:42
(Pisces) Sag_Stellium » L U C K
No problem :4:
April 26, 2021 at 08:42
(Aquarius) viv
Hi Jrs I think Dsc is best seen as the place we don´t identify with being! hence we often project that part of self and slowly grow towards it by having partners with sun or moon or other important planets there.

as an eg I have a Scorpio asc and find Taurus men charming, sensual etc but it would be a rare Taurus sun guy who could manage all the Scorpio intensity and basically I get bored by the sex ´n scrambed eggs approach to life. I have learned to take time out to smell the roses though.

I think sun moon harmony is more useful actually ..if one of those lights aspects something of hers in Virgo, in your seventh, so much the better.Outer planets there can be very transformational and compelling too so some of it will depend on what you are hoping for.
May 5, 2021 at 05:25
(Sagittarius) L U C K » viv
Interesting take. Thank you Viv.
May 5, 2021 at 07:45
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Excerpt from Wayman Stewart book "Descendant-the other half of your"

Virgo Descendant

Those with Virgo Descending also have their Rising sign in Pisces. Because of this, you possess this elusive and ethereal attitude that you feel needs consistent grounding in your personal relationships. So, you are drawn toward the kind of partners who can bring that clarity into your life. This sets you up for a pattern of romances and close friendships with very down-to-earth, bright, astute, and helpful individuals. Yet, their constructive criticisms can easily turn into harsh judgments that don’t seem to mesh well with your dreamy, unconditionally accepting outlook. The thing is that you can also be capable of particularly harsh or non-helpful judgment of your partner. The Virgo Descendant asks the both of you to realize just how you may be picking at one another. In doing so, balance can be restored to the relationships in ways that allow both parties to make themselves genuinely useful. But, you must be able to acknowledge how useful and practical you can be.

What You’re Looking For

As a Pisces Ascendant, while you’re just on your own, you can easily feel lost in a fog. More accurately, it may seem as if you are constantly making a mess of your life. That is, if you are conscious enough of what you’re doing to realize it. Sometimes, it’s as if you are sleepwalking through life. So, in relationships, you are seeking a certain balance through someone who can tell you to “wake up.” This might even take on a literal form through a romantic partner or a best friend who doesn’t let you oversleep and always reminds you of your appointments or to get to work on time. Otherwise, you can all too readily get wrapped up in your fantasies and your dreams, to the point of not acknowledging or not accepting what’s happening in reality.
This is why you seek one-on-one relationships with such realistic people. They may either be very pragmatic or possess the fine-tuned knack for assessing their flaws and working on them. They will be just as capable of assessing your flaws. But, you really want them to do so. Virgo Descendant can be a symbolism of a certain masochism in relationships (in many ways, which I will be getting to later). Yet, a form of masochism that takes place is letting the other person burst your bubble, to some extent. You might realize that, while being solely independent and only relying on yourself, you can get swept up in illusions that are hard to extricate yourself from. That’s what your partner will be there for: to tell you that you’re being silly, deluded, irrational, or out-of-control.
In this sense, the other person has the capability to organize and pull off a very effective “intervention” for you, often without any effort whatsoever. It may just take a sentence or two for them to get you to snap out of it. I also don’t want to further the stereotype that Pisces Rising people are most likely to be alcoholics or drug addicts. But, you have very addictive behavioral patterns, in one way or another. And your partner will be a problem solver for you, helping you to

pull yourself out of such compulsive or destructive patterns, whether that’s drinking too much or video-gaming all day when you should be working on your resume or just going through your life lying to yourself about something because it’s easier.
From your point of view, this is what partnerships should be about. Your expect for close relationships, whether they are romantic or platonic, to bring something into your life by straightening it out. Many people with this placement can feel like a hot mess when they’re single. But, when they are in a romantic relationship, they really get their act together. The same thing can happen in regards to your close friends, who are so level-headed and no-nonsense that they knock some much needed sense into you on a regular basis or help you get things on track. Even the right business partner can keep everything afloat and organized that would’ve sunk like the Titanic if you were just depending on yourself.
Yet, you also have the ability to do this in your relationships. A more clear, organized, and efficient side of you is brought out within these one-on-one bonds. Due to being a Pisces Rising, you generally see things in such an idealized, fantasized sort of way. This means that you can develop a crystal-clear vision for someone else’s life or your life together. That high level of sensitivity and over-active dream life produces these strong visualizations. But, when it comes time to committing your energy to someone else, you will be able to work hard to turn that fantasy into a reality. So, many of your partnerships can feel like a dream that you once had that has now manifested into a tangible form of reality that you can reach out and touch.
For this reason, there will also be really high expectations in the relationship on either side. In fact, the expectations can be too high, to the point that puts undue pressure on either person. There can be a sense that one of you wants the other to be perfect. By constantly focusing on their flaws, you are attempting to really help them improve. But, at the same time, how much improvement is enough? So, either individual can feel as if they break their back in order to live up to the other person’s standards and that person is still displeased. And although you may basically see yourself as such a forgiving, accepting, go-with-the-flow kind of person, something can take over you in these partnerships and turn you into a judgmental nag. This can be a reaction to feeling like you’ve ended up with a judgmental nag. But, just who is criticizing who?
The idea that a relationship has to really be worked on and dedicated to is what can drive such overly critical patterns on both sides. You will be most drawn to people who you feel are very willing to work on the problems that are between you two. You turn a blind eye to things enough by yourself. When you partner up with someone else, you want to be able to address these things. So, you do end up with problem solvers who will really strive to overcome your issues. But, the thing is that this very thing can make them too fixated on those issues. Also, you can be equally as

preoccupied with what’s going on wrong between you two, to the point where that’s all you’re focusing on, making the other person’s sustained efforts feel unappreciated or unacknowledged. This is be a key part of the dynamic in your relationships that needs to be worked on.
However, you are also very attracted to romances and close friendships that don’t seem all that grand or spectacular. You feel like relationships should not be some glamorized or larger-than-life thing. Sometimes, it is just plain uneventful and routine, operating in the same way it operated in months ago. There is a feeling of stability and consistency that stems from that. So, this is why, in order to commit to someone, you need to know that they appreciate the little things as much as they love the grand things. With your significant other, in particular, you may not be especially romantic, depending on other placements in your chart. In fact, the “big events” in the relationship can unfold with little fanfare or pomp and circumstance for you. You feel like washing the dishes is as much of a way as saying “I love you” as taking him or her out to a fancy dinner.
This all stems from the fact that you already live in your own little world. So, to connect to someone on a personal level, you need to come back down to earth. It’s something that can make you surprisingly pragmatic about relationships, which is why you want someone who is the same, such as a significant other who understands just why it will or won’t work or a best friend who shows they care by honoring all of the apartment rules. In the midst of all of the chaos that follows you on a constant basis, you will know that you have your romantic partner or your good friend there to organize all of that chaos and simplify everything that’s happening.
In order to do so, great communication is essential. Virgo Descending indicates that there will need to be a very clear, precise dialogue that takes place in these relationships that lets both people specifically convey what they are thinking or feeling. You definitely prefer for emotions to not take over the relationship because too much emotion brings chaos, which is what you’re not looking for. So, you are quite cool and efficient in these bonds, most of the time, looking to your partner to be equally cool and efficient, simply talking things out like two practical people and finding a solution. That kind of grounded intelligence will keep the relationship afloat. At the same time, approaching things with an open line of communication where grievances can be aired, instead of harped on and obsessed over, will prevent things from getting too nitpicky and critical between you two.

Your Type of Partner

As a Virgo Descendant, throughout your life, you will be closely involved with people who have a strong Virgo influence, an angular Mercury, or planets in the 6th House. These folks can bring this energy into your life with their intellectual, pragmatic, and indispensable ways. Many Virgo Descendant people find themselves attracted to people who are particularly hard-working. Your ideal man or woman is one with a strong work ethic who knows how to roll up their sleeves and get the

job done. You will also find yourself platonically falling in love with a good friend who displays the same kind of dedication and skill as well as practical know-how.
The right partner for you is someone who knows how to fix things. Because of this, you can end up in partnerships with people whose occupations require them to fix or organize, whether that’s through being an assistant, a person who works in repairs or maintenance, or an engineer of some kind. You could also find yourself very attracted to writers of any kind as well as editors. Whatever the case, they will be able to take that natural or possibly hard-earned ability to straighten things out and use it to better the relationship. This can mean working on the problems between the two of you and coming to a solution. But, it could also mean fixing things around the house or keeping things organized. Essentially, you are looking for someone who isn’t a mess.
You already live with enough chaos on your own, due to your Pisces side. So, having a partner who is also very chaotic would just be overwhelming and draining to you. This is why Virgo Descending people are usually really drawn toward very neat and tidy people. If you’re living with your best friend or your significant other, their ability to keep things clean and orderly could be a surprisingly big deal to you. It’s about more than just the tidiness. You can feel like their messiness is a reflection of who they are and how much they care about the relationship. It can show that they’re not willing to work on the simple, practical things, which can leave you feeling out of sorts.
So, while being with a type A or borderline obsessive-compulsive person could drive some people crazy, it is usually very appealing to you. Their perfectionism makes you feel like all of the bases are going to be taken care of. Even if they are not actual neat freaks, you still want them to have a sort of neatness of character. They could not wash their dishes for days. But, it definitely matters to you that they pay their bills on time, manage their money well, and stay on top of the work that they need to get done. Your type of partner is one who functions almost like a machine, efficiently handling all of the tasks that need to be handled.
Yet, this can also be the inherent issue in your relationships. Sooner or later, you may find the other person to be too machine-like. The fact that they just live by the same grind, day in and day out, can become downright boring to you. It can seem like all they do is work. And if they’re not working, then they’re just sticking to their regular routine all of the time. As a Pisces Rising, you have a point of view that is very imaginative and go-with-the-flow. So, the Virgo Descendant indicates that the challenging part of the one-on-one relationships in your life is that there is no flow and little imagination. This can be something that always leaves you silently yearning for more, all while your boyfriend or wife divides their time between the office and the gym and your best friend is too preoccupied with running errands.

It might be tough for them to understand what’s wrong with you on a more emotional level. But, they are certainly very eager to figure out what’s wrong on a practical scale and how that can be corrected. The thing is that it can just become a terrible cycle because the more they try to “fix” things, the more you’re left with these vague, inexplicable feelings of sadness or loneliness. The reason you probably feel lonely is because you aren’t living in the same reality as they are. A dynamic can occur in your partnerships where the other person has their feet firmly on the ground and they are constantly trying to pull you down with them. While this may seem harsh or disillusioning to you, you also have to realize that they are doing this out of love. This is their way of showing that they care, even if it seems a little mean, at times.
There will certainly be moments where they come across as a bit too sharp-tongued or judgmental or possibly even unsympathetic. You just have to discern where they’re coming from at these times, though. Virgo Descending means that through your relationships, you are confronted with the facts and often the cold, hard facts. Because of this, your romantic or platonic partner can seem cold, at times, like when your buddy unequivocally responds that yes, you should lose weight, or when your spouse rattles off all of the things you’ve been doing wrong. But, this is usually just their way of communicating the facts to you. The difference between this and sheer meanness is that they are doing it in order to help you. Your committed companion is always ready to be of assistance and this can mean telling you what you may not want to hear. It could leave you reeling at first. But, in the end, it will be to your benefit.
However, there is definitely a pattern, with this placement, of falling for people who do nothing but criticize you and in a non-constructive way. If what they’re saying is something that can help you, then it’s out of love. But, if they are ripping you to shreds, this is a different story. The Virgo Descendant can indicate being in a relationship where you are constantly picked apart and often for no good reason. Everyone has to go through some sort of bad relationship in order to learn about what they do or don’t want in the future. With this placement, the terrible experience is usually of someone who used their criticisms as a weapon. By going through a relationship where someone was always tearing you down, you will learn that, instead, you want someone who is going to use their critical thinking skills in a constructive and useful way in the relationship.
It´s also where the masochistic edge can come into play in your partnerships. You might somehow think that you deserve to be cut down to size all the time or to be punished for not being good enough. Such self-esteem issues are not exclusive to this placement. But, Virgo Descendant can, in particular, introduce a dynamic into the relationship where you are always “wrong” and always need to be told so by the other person. Of course, you do not deserve this! That can be hard for you to realize because the Pisces Rising can instill very poor personal and emotional boundaries. What you

deserve is someone who will be there to help you be the best possible version of yourself that you can be. This means, yes, pointing out when you’re wrong, at times. But, it doesn’t mean compulsively making you feel wrong and, consequently, unloved.
It can be particularly hard for you to get over that pattern because you do tend to see your companions as being the epitome of perfection. Yet, this is also an image that can easily shatter once their flaws are revealed. The attraction to them, however, is based on that impression of flawlessness. At the start, your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband may have seemed like they had it all. You are drawn toward romantic partners who are highly well-rounded. Not only are they probably very physically attractive (as you are not prone to settling for less, in this department), they are also really smart, witty, humble, loyal, and accomplished. It’s like they just check off all of the boxes in terms of all you’d ever want in a mate, thanks to their ability to work so hard on themselves. Also, it’s due to that Pisces Rising way of visualizing the perfect partner. You can manifest that in rather spooky ways if you truly believe in it.
In terms of close friends, it works in a similar way. You want to be besties with someone who has a lot going for them and possesses many impressive qualities. This way, you feel like some of their perfection will end up rubbing off on you. You’ll become a dynamic duo or partners-in-crime by constantly striving to live up to the high standards that you impose on yourselves. Even in terms of a business partner, he or she could seem like they are so much more skillful and efficient at what you do than most other people in your field. Eventually, you will discover that your partner has flaws and it could actually be quite an unsettling realization. But, even then, their willingness to work on their flaws will make them seem like the closest thing to perfection, unlike many people who don’t even acknowledge their shortcomings. As long as they remain humble and committed to self- improvement, they can do no wrong, in your view.

The Type of Partner You Are

Having the Descendant in Virgo means that you will also have to acknowledge, via your relationships, just how judgmental and critical you can be yourself. Since you are generally so laissez faire, it can surprise you to realize that there is also an obsessive-compulsive side of you that emerges in a powerful way when you get close to someone else. It just may be easy to blame the anxiety, nervous tension, and nitpicking that’s happening on them. While your partner can certainly be high-strung or edgy himself or herself, you can often make that side of them worse through your own high-strung or edgy energy.
Life is a dream experience for you with that Pisces Ascendant. Yet, since you play this role so strongly, you often never want to wake up. Because of this, feelings of panic and nervousness can settle in when you have to come to your senses. It’s basically as if you are walking on air on a

regular basis, like one of those old cartoon characters, and you don’t want to be reminded that that’s what you’re doing. If you do, then you’ll fall straight to the ground. Therefore, you can actually become very critical whenever you are feeling very criticized, which you often will in your partnerships. Once someone shatters your illusion, you feel the need to shatter all of theirs, which can result in some downright harsh confrontations between you and the person.
You cannot hide parts of yourself in your relationships like you usually do, as the chameleon that you were born to be. So, you feel horribly exposed, at times, whenever your partner is poking holes in your fantasies and ripping off your masks. Therefore, since you’re no longer living in that dream world, you will do the same thing to them, possibly in an even worse way than they’ve done. This can lead to classic arguments where the person makes a simple, astute observation that you don’t like and you respond by saying something downright mean back to them. It could be an equally astute observation that you’ve been holding back for a long time. But, when you say it, it is really cutting, especially since it is so factual and clear.
You’re always being confronted with the facts within these close relationships. You can’t just pay attention to only what you want to pay attention to. So, this makes you incredibly aware of the work that needs to be done on both people’s parts. If the other person isn’t doing that work, you can take them to task and almost relentlessly. You “wake up” in a significant way in these bonds and realize all of the stuff that you’ve been ignoring. This really drives you and gives you this practical sense of urgency. There is a lot of unfinished work to do and unresolved matters to discuss! If the other person isn’t willing to do this, you will needle them on a regular basis until they do. This is why you need a partner who is capable of withstanding criticism and taking it in constructively. Otherwise, you will really feel like the relationship is useless and pointless.
But, you will also feel useless and pointless if you’re not taking in all that’s being said and observed constructively. The Virgo Descendant gives you an ability to work hard on the relationship that equals your ideal partner’s. You see connecting to someone on this personal level as requiring a humbling of the self as well as an eagerness to better yourself. So, you are always open to whatever issues your partner wants to discuss. Not only are you an excellent listener in this regard but you can take everything that they’re telling you and use it as a tool to become a better partner. You may be constantly keeping track of yourself, in this way, measuring your current efforts in the relationship against your past ones and how you’ve progressed.
This can be challenging for you to do, though, without the constructive criticism of someone else. It’s why you want to be with someone, in a romance or a close friendship, who has those sharp powers of observation. Otherwise, you may just feel lost and confused. But when you hear what they have to say and they provide you with great solutions, then you will know exactly what to do in

order to correct things. Yet, this can put a lot of pressure on yourself in the relationship. You might always worry about living up to this high standard. This pushes you to be the correct version of a significant other all the time or to constantly strive to be the perfect best friend. You will have to continually remind yourself that you will make mistakes in these partnerships and that your flaws will sometimes get in the way. But, that’s okay! You can try again tomorrow.
Such dedication to making it work is why it can be difficult for you to accept that the relationship is coming to an end. You will always feel like there is something else that you could have done and some mistake that you could go back and correct, if time allowed it. It’s hard for you to understand that there are sometimes no clear solutions to problems in relationships. People can just grow apart or just end up being fundamentally incompatible. It’s important to know the difference between issues that can be clearly fixed and issues that are irreconcilable. In the latter situation, you must be able to simply let go of the other person, without trying to control what’s going on and without beating yourself up for your perceived screw-ups. Maybe you didn’t screw up. Maybe you just did the best you could and you need to move on.
For this reason, Virgo Descendant people end up improving themselves the most in life through their personal relationships. They act as a vehicle for you to understand your strengths and weaknesses better, accentuating those strengths while working on those weaknesses. More than most people, you can really look back on past relationships and understand how you’ve become a better person through that romance or that friendship, no matter how it ended up. And since this is such a vital part of the dynamic in these relationships, an old romantic partner or love interest or a former good friend of yours can equally look back on their relationship with you and see how much it pushed them to improve and better themselves.

Your Personal Appeal

Your humility is the thing that attracts other people to you. The fact that you are low-key and don’t come on strong is something that is evident in your one-on-one interactions with people. Virgo Descendant individuals engage with others in a rather level-headed and subdued way, which can make them feel as if everything is on solid ground with you. When you cultivate a special connection with someone else, you can influence them by making them come to their senses. So, the clarity that you have to offer is quite appealing to other people.
This placement also means that since you forge a bond with people by cleaning up their messes, others will be drawn to you because they feel like you can help them. There is just something about the way you create a connection that says “I’m at your service”, making other people feel like their complaints will be heard and resolved. Virgo Descending urges you to really tie up loose ends with people. So, when you build this personal rapport with another person, they will feel like everything

that needs to be addressed has been or will be addressed. In spite of your general vagueness, you are surprisingly specific when it comes to your personal relationships. People will flock to you for this combination of intellect and groundedness.
Therefore, you gain the most “fans”, whether you are famous or not, by being intelligent and down-to-earth. Famous people with a Virgo Descendant are beloved by their fans because of how smart and astute they are. Many of these individuals can seem well-read and well-educated, even if they are not. Yet, they will not be showy about their intelligence, especially since they don’t want to draw undue attention to themselves. But, it emerges in a way that makes it seem like they see things more accurately than most people. To be a fan of someone with a Virgo Descendant is to be a fan of their mind and what their precise observations have to offer others on a practical level.
Having this placement also means that you gain your fans through being perceived as perfection in some way, even if you don’t agree with that and insist that you’re not perfect. For those Virgo Descending individuals in the public eye, they are admired and appreciated for being imperfectly perfect. Even when they make mistakes, they’re making their mistakes in a way that leads them to be exactly who they should be. These celebrities have high standards for what they deliver to their fans and won’t settle for anything less. Being so well-rounded and fixated on specific quality does give them a certain flawlessness that is very appealing. Also, because they are so skillful and smart, they seem to do what they do much better than most.
But, even when you’re not in the public eye, you amass admirers through always working hard to improve upon your skills and your character. Also, the fact that you can be openly self-critical is endearing to other people. Not being afraid to admit to your flaws and your wrongdoings makes others feel as if you are wonderfully real. You will always fess up to being a work in progress, to one degree or another. This can make people feel comfortable about connecting to you or giving their affection to you. They will be attracted to your way of both being honest about your shortcomings and faults while also knowing how to get your act together.

Being Your Own Partner

It is important for you to fully acknowledge how put-together and clear-headed you can be, with or without someone else. If you only seek out that sense of clarity from another person, you will feel unable to ground yourself without them. The Virgo Descendant is constantly pulling you back down to earth and reminding you to take care of the essentials in juxtaposition to your focus on the more ethereal or spiritual elements of life. You have to pay attention to reality and know that you have it in you to be more pragmatic. Not only must you acknowledge this but you must value and love this realistic “other half” of yourself.

Taking the time to reconnect to what’s going on in the physical world will keep your flights of imagination and intuition more balanced. This is why Pisces Rising is so famous for indulging in substances or being too affected by them. If you don’t have some sort of practical center, you will become a victim to all sorts of fleeting or overwhelming states of mind. And this is why you can look for that practical center in your relationships. But, before you can find that in those partnerships, you have to find it within. The Virgo Descendant urges you to positively connect to the side of yourself that sees things more clearly and can develop more discerning boundaries. It gives you access to a more self-disciplined energy that keeps things in your life in check.
When you realize that you have this internal ability to straighten things out, you can be your own partner by keeping your affairs in order. Knowing how to stick to a regular routine is your version of self-love because, by doing so, you will make sure that everything gets done in order to avoid confusion or unneeded chaos. Independently creating order in the midst of the chaos you can also create will be the path toward finding inner balance. It can pull you out of those moments where you just become immersed in sadness, self-pity, loneliness, or disillusionment and don’t know why. Instead, you can figure out why or, at the very least, do something practical and tangible that gives you the internal locus of control that you truly need.
Once you have reconciled the contrast between your otherworldly side and your stable side, you will be able to enter into partnerships in a healthy fashion because you will truly know what you have to offer the other person. In order to feel like a whole person in your relationships, and not like you’re looking for the other to complete you, you’ll need to realize that you have a lot of sensible advice and correct answers to offer them. This is the healthier approach, instead of just focusing on the sensible advice and correct answers they can give you. When you consciously bring this practical nature to the table, you will receive it from the other person in equal measure, resulting in a bond in which you can keep your own lives functioning as well as the other person’s in a balanced way.

Famous People with Virgo Descending
George Clooney, Whitney Houston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ryan Gosling Mary Tyler Moore, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Demi Moore
May 5, 2021 at 13:58
(Sagittarius) L U C K » Emanuel
Wow, I’m at a lost for words. I truly appreciate the post. Thank you
May 5, 2021 at 14:22
(Sagittarius) goldenlion32
I have Virgo Pluto, so naturally it points to Virgo´s interacting with you. I believe Descendant is usually what other´s project on to you. Since, I really don´t know you, there´s not much to point our about you.

Virgo archetype on the shadow side can be quite judgmental, nagging, negative critic. They love pointing out your faults. They love analyzing your psychology. :61:

I don´t blame you. Virgo´s can be quite tyrants, seek our perfectionism, often pay attention to every detail, precision, measurements, data, analytics, and research. Usually, Entrepreneurs, Business oriented, medical, mental health, branches of science, engineering, writing, editing, maybe the mad scientist with enough Virgo Planets. They can be a little nutty, verbally abusive, the "Whiplash" Movie kind of displays the teacher that seems very Virgo to me out of wack and out of balance. They can get that bad if they want to be.

You can never be quite perfect enough in their opinion.…
May 5, 2021 at 14:44
(Sagittarius) L U C K » goldenlion32
LOL, yes that has been my interaction with them for the most part. Thank you
May 5, 2021 at 22:06
(Capricorn) Jaided » L U C K
I´m a Virgo rising, and I feel I am pretty far off from these descriptions of a Virgo lol. Maybe I´m one of the odd ones out. My mom and 2 sisters are also Virgo risings though and we are all pretty chill when it comes to critisism or expecting perfection from others. It´s more directed inwards I´d say 🤷‍♀️. Maybe Virgo risings are different than Suns and especially moons. Our rising is how others see us, for the most part... I think maybe when people first meet me I can seem standoffish, but that´s just me taking everything in.
I like Pisces risings and find I get along well with them. Don´t be scared of us :2:
May 5, 2021 at 22:12
(Sagittarius) L U C K » Jaided
LOL, Jaided I will when you all stop. picking apart my scattered way of thinking. I´m joking. I´m always open to constructive criticism. I would love to not be judged for my imperfections, but I´ll live. :4:
May 5, 2021 at 22:14
(Capricorn) Jaided » L U C K
Lol, I´m an Aquarius Mercury, so I can be plenty scattered myself. Despite my earthly big 3. :1:
May 6, 2021 at 00:52
(Capricorn) girlplaysguitar » OctoberScorpio
second that well put :15:
May 6, 2021 at 17:08
(Cancer) Jta
The 7th house can also be enemies or some that we come into conflict with.
in 7th house we are supposed to know them " the open enemies"

What is can be interesting in your natal chart, is the vertex in 7th virgo, square nodes.

( I´m not expert on vertex, i´m just start thinking about it :) for information )

Maybe you can search about that because i think when something is square to nodes it´s a major aspects to try or maybe, it´s not possible to escape.

Also, mercury, ruler of 7th is also ruler of your moon, and 4th.

If we look saturn ( because mercury in capricorn) is in scorpio conjunct venus who rule your 3rd house taurus.

Maybe it cause you some emotional or huge feeling you can try to control or hide ( scorpio).

Possible you can be fear to "speak, interact and other" but it can also be a huge strengh in you.

I think that because in your natal chart it seem to have some interesting aspects with mercury,pluto and moon, but i´m not sur, maybe the degrees are to big for mercury/pluto.

Well, if it activate, mercury and pluto can also involved to huge arguments in interactions, deep, know secrets/hide something, know the truth for example.

Mercury bi-quintile moon
Pluto bi-quintile moon

Maybe, but really not sure, quintile mercury pluto.

If you can see it in your head it´s can be a "golden yod" and the moon is apex of this, if it can interrest you.

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