Sun conjunct Persephone 0 degree.

April 21, 2021 at 14:50 (UT/GMT)
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Sun conjunct Persephone 0 degree.
Hello Astro-seekers.

I am a very Plutonian male with that asteroid directly on my Sun, it is not the only conjunction to my Sun though, I also have the Gemini twin Pollux conjunct on a lesser orb which is a Mercury / Mars star. I also have Jupiter conjunct too with an opposition to Saturn & a square to Mars.

Pluto opposite Moon, trine Sun, square Mercury, Dsc & ascendant.
Lower planet Mars square ascendant, Mercury & trine Uranus.

I am one of those who had Pluto done to them rather than grasping their power from the get go. (abusive family, also odd birth & bullying)

I am at a point in my life where I fly over chaos, lessons have been learned, though it is a never ending cycle, transformation is a part of me and I accept it every time.

I happen to also have Antares conjunct Midheaven.

I share the same DOB as Eddie Hassell who was shot dead.…

Life is a challenge but a worthy challenge once you find just how much strength you have and prepare to die over and over again.

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April 26, 2021 at 08:43
(Aquarius) RoseVine
I have Proserpina (which is the Roman for Persephone) conjunct my Sun within 1 degree. I also had an abusive childhood, mainly physical abuse (with some emotional) and still to this day I live in fear even though I know I am safe now. I am trying to understand the myth- yes when she was innocent she was overpowered and controlled by others but when she accepted her plight she became strong the "Queen of the Underworld". We all know the queen is the most powerful chess piece. I also have Antaras prominent- on my ascendant. I noticed one day my chart mimics the seasons. I have my pluto at 29 degrees 30 minutes (Fall equinox) conjunct my Midheaven exact. My nadir conjunct the Spring Equinox my Saturn is on May1 (taurus 14). It is odd how my chart is in line with seasonal festivals. I am working with this, I want my power, I want to own all of my power and not let anyone take it away, I rather they be scared of me then try to hurt me again. I am looking into Persephone/Proserpina herself for guidance a meditation where I am trying to get to know her, maybe this will help me heal and I too can easily walk through the dark and the light easily knowing no one can take my power away. I hope this was helpful to you.

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