Buying a House

March 22, 2021 at 02:48 (UT/GMT)
(Sagittarius) Lulu balooloo
Buying a House
Hey guys, I´ve been researching the transits of planets that indicate when you will successfully buy a house - does anyone have any tips?
- because its so calculated with specific rulers needing to be in certain placements I wish someone would create a app that would calculate it!

Surely this can be done - even if they´re estimates??

Is it as simple as;
- look where the IC ruler is
- how is it being aspected
- Whats happening in the 4th house, 2nd, 10th and those rulers

Does anything thing the Solar Returns chart are the better chart to use for these?

I´ve been entering in the Auction dates - in the transit charts. But i still have sooooo many crazy placements that i cannot make sense of.

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March 22, 2021 at 17:48
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
I don´t think there is just one formula for when a person will buy a house. These timing formulas are only potential estimates anyway. You can use a formula perfectly, and still not be successful at buying a house - or end up buying one when none of these formulas are in play. The time of your birth could be a couple minutes off being that the number is rounded to 8:30 am - so the timing could be a little off in my comments.

Generally, I think it´s a good time for you to look. TR Uranus is semi-sextile the degree of your IC until the end of April. Uranus is always a factor in someone moving when it is conjunct the IC, so I think it will help if it is at the same degree of the IC.

TR Chiron is on your IC now - and it can be a healing factor. Looking at your chart, if buying a home represents you achieving more independence, then I think that the Chiron could be an aid to your buying a home now. However, if you are rescuing someone - a partner - or he is rescuing you and wanting to buy the house because you´re helping them of he´s helping you, Chiron may not be helpful to you there. Chiron is about healing a wound, and your big wound is in relationships. So, if you are wanting to nest with the wrong person or for the wrong reason, it might not help. Chiron is wanting to help you have better boundaries with people. If you have good boundaries, and the home will help you do that, then it will probably help. It will be conjunct the IC until March 2022.

TR Sun crosses your IC March 30 - and so could be a trigger - a couple days before and after.

Secondary Progressed Sun is square your IC right now - and has been for a year - which may have stimulated your desire to buy.

Solar Arc Moon is in your 4th house, but has been for 5 years already. Was that when you started to think about buying a house? It´s there, so no doubt, it is helpful.

Are you the one buying the house, or your partner? If it is your partner, everything I have said will probably not apply. Also, you have relocated from Italy to Australia - and - that could also make a difference. I don´t see any especially significant indications for moving or buying in your relocated chart, if you are in Darlinghurst, AU.

Again, regardless, there are no guarantees that astrology will get the timing right. No one knows the future. All we can do is point out the possibilities or probabilities that might indicate something happening.


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March 23, 2021 at 07:52
(Sagittarius) Lulu balooloo » JayJayAstrology
Wow - I am blown away right now because i had no idea that people could view my Chart!!!

Its funny you bought up the Chiron thing because yes that is one of the transits that was worrying me! Also the Node Aspects i have right now - What the???!!!

Ok regarding the Chiron thing - other astro stars junkies have mentioned this to me. I don´t understand it - but maybe i do??

= I have an amazing relationship, amazing amazing amazing - My partner and i have been together for almost 20 years, I love him to death! However - i know that i probably rely too much on him that is healthy, My world would crumble into oblivion without him - and i know that this is bad. A psychic once said to me that i would become depressed beyond relief when he dies. I remember thinking how strangely similar that was to my grandfather and his brother. They both rapidly declined after the deaths of their spouses.

So are you saying that you think my Chiron wants me to purchase a house on my own to liberate somthing karmic???

To be honest - I´ve interpreted it as something different: But tell me if i´m deluding myself into denial.

- It´s funny you mentioned that you could see i now live in Australia
- I moved to Australia at a very young age,
- But the reason i live in Australia was a choice not of my own. One which as i grew older i learned was a lucky blessing.
- my mother was in an extremely abusive relationship with my father. After years of back and fourth - back and fourth (Yes cross-country) she finally left him for good.
- The life i have today and even the person i am today is not who i would have become had i grown up in that town, seeing what used happen to my mother on the daily.
- I learned as i grew older what we had been "saved" from. I like to think of it as a Jupiter blessing.

So could perhaps - just maybe - could my Chiron be connected to my distance of my home country? The relationships wounded (literally) from the traumatic experiences we all went through?

hmmm I wonder indeed

Thankyou for your response - you´re awesome Jay Jay!!!
March 23, 2021 at 10:33
(Sagittarius) Lulu balooloo » JayJayAstrology
I understand you said you couldnt see anything that indicated a house move - but i have some transits that i think do indicate a move:

on the 30th May 2021;
- my Transit IC will be EXACTLY on my Natal IC position (is this called an IC return??)

On the same date:
T. Jupiter - Trines my MC
T. Mars (4th house ruler) - Trines N. Jupiter (expansion and ruler)
T. Venus (MC Ruler) - Trines N. Pluto (transformation)
Also Venus is transiting in my 7th (partnership - husband and i buying a house)

2 days before this: The 26th May 2021
The Lunar Eclipse : in 5deg Sag
- conjunct N. Mercury (ruler of my DC)
- Conjunct Venus (Ruler of my MC)
- Conjunct my sun
- Trine my IC

I see this as an indication of a house move?? Do you??
March 23, 2021 at 14:00
(Aries) JayJayAstrology » Lulu balooloo
I said I didn´t see any indications of a move in your RELOCATED chart. I wrote a lot about the possibilities of a move in your natal chart - in detail. I even said I think it´s a good time to be looking.

Not all transits are going to indicate a move. The transits TO the IC and IC ruler matter most - and the slow moving planets have much more weight. If all the transits you mention mattered, we´d all be moving all the time. Not only that, but transits to the IC and its ruler happen all the time throughout our lives. There has to be some combination of a weighty planet with a trigger or some strong alignment for the same transits to cause a big change when the very same transits didn´t before. Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars and even Jupiter can be more like triggers, but the slower planets indicate the big changes.

I don´t think TR IC matters because it moves so fast around the zodiac. Maybe it can be a trigger.

About your relationship - I was just saying - the effect of a Chiron Transit on IC (for you) could vary depending upon how good the relationship is for you. Chiron is about healing - inner healing - inner health and your Chiron in your natal chart is related to your relationships. It isn´t like having Uranus transiting over IC where it would definitely indicate a move. If it would be healing for you in some way, then I think it could help. Otherwise, I´m uncertain about it stimulating a move.

It´s a crap shoot trying to predict with astrology. I gave you my best shot.

If it were me, if I really wanted to buy a house, I probably would spend my time looking rather than watching my transits. I´d ask for my higher power or Soul-Spirit to assist, and ask that if this is aligned with my best path, to help me find the house. And then I´d let go of my ego desire and let Spirit find the house. I would still look, but with a relaxed feeling that if my Higher Power thinks its in my best interest, it will happen. But that´s just me. I find that if I´m aligned with my Soul or Higher Self, good things happen.

There are two of you in this picture - and he will play a part in how this turns out.

If you do buy a house soon, please come back and tell us when you did - when you signed the final papers. It helps us all learn something.

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