Birth chart and relationships

March 2, 2021 at 17:35 (UT/GMT)
(Leo) amanda64
Birth chart and relationships
What do you think about my way of living relationships based on my natal chart?
What should I search in another person?
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March 3, 2021 at 10:36
(Taurus) Rosincvist
I place :159: in your seventh house, there is some attraction to sensitivity with you!
March 3, 2021 at 11:14
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Watch out with that Lilith in the 7th. Sometimes it means that you will attract married men. They will just want you for an affair. Lilith is the seducer and in the 7th, you will unconsciously "seduce" married men.
Your North Node in the first house means, that in this life you first have to learn to live (by/ with yourself) and depend on yourself. In this life your mission /NN/ is to first care for yourself and your own needs. You have to become your own friend and depend more on yourself.
Ok, now on the chart.. :2:
We look at 5th house ( relationships ) and 7th house ( marriage and contract ). We have to look at their signs and planet rulers.

Libra/Venus—If the sign Libra or the planet Venus are partner indicators in your chart (or if one of your mate-indicator planets is in the seventh house), you may attract someone who is attrac-tive, marriage-minded, eager to please, romantic, sociable, refined, smiling, affectionate, and aesthetic with a love of music, art, and beauty. If this planet or sign is negatively aspected in your chart (by a square or opposition), this person might be superficial, indecisive, either too argumentative or too quick to give in, or lazy and content with not making waves. This person would tend to attract rather than pursue love, but would be eager to pair up in a partnership rather than do things alone. They could have been born under Libra, or one of the other Air signs Gemini and Aquarius or may have Libra rising or Venus in the first house. They may be engaged in an occupation in which keeping things in balance, diplomacy, socializing, or artistic values are involved.

If the sign Scorpio or the planet Pluto are partner indicators in your chart (or if one of your mate-indica-tor planets is in the eighth house), you could be drawn to some-one who is deeply emotional, passionate, sexy, mysterious, powerful, idealistic, intense, strong, and resourceful. If this plan-et or sign is negatively aspected in your chart (by a square or opposition), you might find yourself with someone who is manipulative, too secretive, obsessive, resentful, jealous, and who may go to extremes. This person may have been born under Scorpio or one of the other Water signs Cancer and Pisces, have Scorpio rising or Pluto in the first house. They may be interested in occult or esoteric subjects, in large corporations, or in researching into unknown territories. Their occupation may involve transforming others in some way, medical science, or reforming existing ills.

If the sign Sagittarius or the planet Jupiter are partner indicators in your chart (or if one of your mate-indi-cator planets is in the ninth house), you may attract someone who is optimistic, friendly, vivacious, gregarious, frank and open, interested in sports, travel, religion, higher education, and the great outdoors. If this planet or sign is negatively aspected in your chart (by a square of opposition), this person might be blunt, outspoken, dogmatic about beliefs, excessive in some way, and idealistically impractical. This person might have been born under Sagittarius or one of the other Fire signs Aries and Leo or have Sagittarius rising or Jupiter in the first house. The occupation may involve travel, publishing, law, religion, or teaching.

If the sign Capricorn or the planet Saturn are partner indicators in your chart (or if one of your mate-indi-cator planets is in the tenth house), you could be drawn to some-one who is older, an authority figure, ambitious, hard-working, disciplined, stable, responsible, and more sexy than expected. If this planet or sign is negatively aspected in your chart (by square or opposition), traits such as pessimism, lack of generosity, snobbishness, or opportunism may surface. This might result in a marriage of convenience or for money and status. Although your partner is often older when you are young, this is frequent-ly reversed when you are older, and you may become the Saturn-ian partner. Your mate may be a Capricorn or born under one of the other Earth signs—Taurus and Virgo. Or they may have Capricorn rising or Saturn in their first house. They may be engaged in an occupation that is routine, orderly, and can involve mulch amhitinn
March 3, 2021 at 11:52
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Ah yeah a fellow Cancer Rising.... Good luck with your love life:)) (just kidding but not entirely). As a Cancer Rising you have 5th house in Scorpio, 7th house in Capricorn and 8th house in Aquarius. So 7th and 8th are both ruled by Saturn... And we know that Saturn brings to the table big challanges(in this case to love life - 7th house and capacity to be intimate with anyone-8th house). Scorpio in 5th house also brings very intense and tough romantic lifed(dating especially). It s much more to say about those placements...
March 3, 2021 at 12:14
(Capricorn) Emanuel
Wayman Stewart take on this matter (from book THE RISING SIGN

Due to your Capricorn Descendant, it’s certainly not easy for you to form and maintain relationships with other people. You will experience a lot of struggles in your close partnerships and it will constantly seem as if this is happening to you as some form of punishment. The 7th House shows us what kind of interpersonal circumstances we attract our way. Having Capricorn on the 7th House cusp means that you attract these difficult situations with other people into your life and it can make relationships feel really tiresome, exhausting, or burdensome. However, patterns of projection are also represented by this house, which means that it is very easy for you to believe that the difficulties in your partnerships are primarily the other person’s fault when, in actuality, you’re probably giving as good as you’re getting.
Having this influence does compel many of you to get involved with close friends, romantic partners, or anyone else who you have an important, one-on-one bond with who make things much harder than they need to be. These people might be very shut-down emotionally and have a tough time truly connecting. They could also be particularly hard on you, to the point where it feels like they never give you a break or are intent on making you feel bad about yourself. It can be hard to feel the love from these folks when all you’re getting is criticism, judgment, or a sense of disappointment from them. Also, you may form connections with people who make things much harder for you in the sense of requiring you to carry them on their backs. Maybe they’re underemployed or always struggling, in some regard, to find success and need a lot of guidance from you, which you, as the caregiver you are, readily provide.
That doesn’t mean that you happily provide for the other person, though. The alternate view of this dynamic is that you might be the one who is making things more difficult in the partnership. Maybe you’re actually the one who is always struggling, who always feels like a failure and is constantly turning to your companion for some sort of guidance. Also, even though you appear to be so emotionally available or accessible, you’re not as easy to get to know once someone tries to get to know you. You’re so protective of yourself that you can build this wall around yourself to prevent others from truly getting close. Then, you’re the one who is shut-down emotionally. Unfortunately, you may not even realize this about yourself and put this all on the other person, who will have enough tendencies toward seeming (or being) distant, unavailable, or unresponsive that it’s easy to blame it all on them.
Since you will attract so many people with Capricorn planets or an angular Saturn into your life, many of them will all too willingly take the blame for what’s occurring between the two of you, to the point where you get to avoid true responsibility for your actions in the relationship. It also should be said that, in some situations, when it seems like your companion is being mean to you, they are actually giving you some needed tough-love and asking you to be accountable for your actions. Since you can be quite childlike in your ways, you are being demanded, through your relationship, to take real responsibility for what you’ve done, whether that means how you’ve treated the other person or who you let into your life.
Much more than the average person, your relationship with your father plays a huge role in how you go about relationships. The Capricorn house in a person’s birth chart tells us a great deal about their bond with their Dad. Ultimately, that dynamic gets constantly recreated in your bonds with other people. Capricorn Descending means that you may have a father figure who you experienced a certain co-dependency with. Maybe you felt like he was supposed to complete you, making up for the lacking or missing parts of yourself. Feeling like your father was so strong and capable in ways that you weren’t instills this belief that you have to seek out other people whose strengths compensated for your weaknesses. This is when you see the Cancer Rising who is looking for some sort of father figure in the people they get close to.
That might also be because your father was somehow absent or unavailable and you didn’t have a chance to create a strong union with him during your formative years. Feeling like that paternal energy was missing in your life, you sought out to find that in other people who could provide for you, guide you, and teach you how to be better. Yet, you can easily project that father complex on to the other person by deeply resenting them for trying to keep you in line or telling you when you’re in the wrong. Just wanting to be nurtured and supported, you then come to believe that anything less than tenderness and gentleness from someone else is a sign that they don’t care about you. In response, you become increasingly distant from them until the relationship just crumbles before your eyes.
It is true, however, that you can be very attracted to people who actually are emotionally unavailable, uncaring, or very harsh toward you because you experienced the same dynamic with your father. You have to watch out for becoming your father in these relationships, as well. This means that, if you had a Dad that wasn’t really there, you may fail to be there for the people you claim to care about. Even though you seem to be emotionally present, something about you has checked out. It’s like the parent who comes home every day and goes through all the motions of parenting while not truly connecting with their family. Those who had fathers that weren’t present in some way can also become highly dutiful toward the people they’re close to in order to compensate for that. But, this ends up wearing you down, putting all the pressure on you to make sure the partnership is a success. If you assume this attitude, you will just attract people who will only let you down and make you feel like it’s all your fault.
Capricorn in the 7th House’s influence is usually divided into those two camps: those who take no actual responsibility for their part in their relationships and those that feel like the burden is theirs and theirs alone to bear. This placement is all about a balanced sense of responsibility in these unions with others. You need people who are going to really step up to the plate, who you can definitely count on, and you also need to be that person who can seriously step up to the plate and be counted on. Like everything in the 7th House, it has to go both ways. Do not let someone into your life who is only going to provide you with a heavy burden to bear. If they are bringing too much negativity and stress your way, then the partnership simply isn’t working. Also, know that refusing to own up to more negative, stressful side of yourself only puts a heavy burden on someone else because they have to take responsibility for things you should be owning. You need to be wise enough to recognize the influence your actions are having on others. Admitting that there are distinct times where you’re not as supportive or as sensitive as you think you are is a crucial part of getting better at relationships.
Wherever Capricorn is in our chart is where we experience the most difficulties. The 7th House is how we get to know the “other half” of ourselves, as well as the various people in our lives who serve as our other halves. It’s very hard for you to deal with the difficult traits of others or of yourself. You’d rather just be totally comfortable and not have your sensitivities be offended. But, in the process of getting to know someone, you’re going to see traits in them that you don’t entirely like or agree with. Accepting this without putting unnecessary distance between you two is how you succeed at partnerships. However, you will have some rite of passage kind of relationship in your life with someone who is nearly impossible to deal with. You can adopt an attitude that makes you stick with it through all these hard times because you don’t want to fail at relationships. You find security in them. Yet, you can’t find that security with someone who you can’t find much compromise or harmony with.
Knowing what kind of people to invest your time and effort in should then make you strive to be the kind of person that others will want to invest their time and effort in. If you want to attract the right kind of person, you need to be the right kind of person. This means that you need to put all of the necessary work into your relationships, without running away when things get tough. You also need to be fully aware of the difficult traits within yourself that can prevent other people from having or maintaining much happiness with you. Just because you have these less-than-favorable qualities does not mean you’re not deserving of love or that the other person isn’t going to want to be with you. Even if some relationships in your life don’t work out, you’ve got to know what to take ownership of and what the other person is responsible for. It’s not even about blaming. It’s just about accountability. Sometimes, a person’s reaction to you is just a projection and what they really think of themselves. But, you should remember this during times when someone has a valid issue with you and you’re glossing over it, minimizing it, or putting it all on them. Saturn ruling your 7th indicates how much you can truly grow up through challenges you experience alongside other people. You will learn how to deal with others as wisely as you can and choosing to only deal with wise individuals who use their strength and maturity to help make the relationship better.

March 3, 2021 at 12:16
(Capricorn) Emanuel
It should go without saying that you’re a very complicated person. The 5th House represents how we express ourselves from the heart. Having Scorpio in the 5th means that your heartfelt self-expression is multilayered and raw. Since you’re so emotionally charged and aware, there is a certain intensity to you and you come alive when you are expressing yourself in this intense manner. You live in the moment by digging deep within yourself, which means that your sense of spontaneity depends on being very introspective. This is what allows you to express your feelings so readily and to act out your moods so organically. At heart, things aren’t so simple and easy for you. But, you’d rather be caught up in an emotional mess than exist at a boring, superficial level.
Your highly emotional nature can, of course, also become troublesome. We look at our Scorpio house in our birth chart to see where we experience a lot of volatility, instability, and even trauma. I think that there are a lot of unprocessed emotions that you possess that need to be sorted out because not doing so only leads to immense pain and non-stop drama. You have a particularly hard time letting go of hurts that you’ve endured in the past. This is because, even when you’re existing in the moment, you’re always reflecting on what has happened before. You’re notorious for living in the past, to a degree that keeps you stuck on hurtful situations and exchanges that other people have long since let go of or forgotten about. It’s also not as easy as saying “just get over it.” You feel things deeply and then continue to carry those feelings with you. Sometimes, you’re just inviting more hurt into your life by dwelling on those painful things. You actually have a rather masochistic manner of creating painful dramas that you can be at the center of because it allows you to feel something.
This is why it’s crucial for you to have a creative outlet for those intense emotions. All Water Risings need that, for various reasons, because you’re all so driven by your feelings. In your case, those strong emotions will truly eat you alive, from the inside out, if you don’t find a way to release them. But, this is also what makes you come on strong emotionally: your penchant for letting it all hang out in terms of what you’re feeling. Some may find this exhausting, draining, smothering, or even vaguely scary. Yet, it’s also something that gains you just as much validation. It can be hard to feel that way because it just seems like you are consistently met with people who cannot go to that emotional level with you. When you are able to channel your emotions into something creative, you will understand how you can hone and focus those powerful feelings in a way that garners others’ recognition and applause.
At some point in life, you do have to realize how destructive it can be to let yourself get so consumed by that emotional intensity. In terms of how you expressed yourself as a child, it may have been to a degree that many people could not handle. After all, not everyone is comfortable with strong, uninhibited emotional expression. So, you probably faced some form of stifling, as you grew up, that made you feel like you had to hide a lot of what you were feeling. It’s better to think of it as merely turning down the volume on your emotions, when needed. Those feelings still exist and not letting them out in the most conscious fashion will cause them to become increasingly bottled up. Soon enough, they will push you to psychological extremes. This is when your moods get the best of you, making you highly irrational or driving you to leave complete wreckage in your path, simply because of how you were feeling in the moment. It’s also something that, on some level, can make you terrified of your own emotions and the effect of them.
Cancer Rising individuals definitely have an uncanny power over other people in terms of how you can bring out certain feelings in them. You are the living embodiment of the Moon, capable of compelling others to emotional extremes, as well. Scorpio in the 5th House shows you how you can harness that emotional power, hopefully for good. It’s another placement that shows how artistic you can be, as you’re truly reaching inside of your soul in order to create something magical and amazing for your audience. Your creative talents are fueled by your profound, intuitive understanding of both what’s inside you and what’s happening around you. Whatever you’re good at is on account of the power of your perceptions and your passions.
With this influence, you are just as intensely passionate in terms of romance. Your ability to go to extremes can have you hold off and hold off, protecting your heart fiercely, until you meet someone who you have that incredible chemistry with. Once you feel that deep connection, you can totally throw yourself into it. Pluto ruling the 5th indicates love affairs that are typically very dramatic, to a heartbreaking extent. It’s almost as if you want your heart broken by someone else because at least then you’ll be feeling something strongly. Such an attitude will also cause you to stir up drama or ruin things in matters of the heart because you don’t trust it when it’s all going too well. Ever since you were a teenager, you lived out your romantic escapades with a sense of Greek tragedy. It’s hard for you to be half-hearted or moderate in love and this constantly attracts lovers your way who will do nothing but hurt you with their psychological extremities. So, you experience this major emotional roller coaster that you hopefully learn, at some point, to get off of.
You’re capable of giving your heart to someone else with one hundred and ten percent commitment. Frivolous dating and casual sex do not appeal much to you, which is something that can make you feel highly vindictive or deeply betrayed whenever a love interest has let you down with their half-heartedness or lack of commitment. In these instances, you may either lash out viciously or become totally guarded in order to protect yourself against this person who you now cannot trust. But, sometimes, you have to just stop and realize that you’re making love more dramatic than it needs to be, which attracts these people your way who are just going to hurt you. You’re going to feel a strong chemistry with those who have Scorpio planets or a strong Pluto influence, who know how to go to those deep places that make you feel really loved. A very powerful connection has to be present or else you won’t bother.
You create an equally powerful bond with your children, for better or for worse. Having a child is something that makes you fully realize your power because you clearly understand just how strong of an emotional influence you have over them (and, subsequently, other people). It’s just important that you make sure you don’t misuse this power. This is when you become the mom or dad who is highly manipulative, who engages in all sorts of mind games or power plays in order to maintain their influence over their child. What you’ll soon come to realize, though, is that your son or daughter is not one to be trifled with. You’ll have a child who is either blessed with placements in Scorpio or an angular Pluto. They will be so powerful in nature that they can end up having some sort of uncanny, mysterious influence over you, especially in how they can use their perceptiveness and rawness to provoke many strong reactions in you. How and why? Well, your child will be an enigma. So, you’ll feel like you never truly know them.
Your offspring will be extra-sensitive to any covert power games and will refuse, subtly or openly, to be controlled. Your relationship with them can easily be very intense and volatile, especially if they feel like you’re not being real with them somehow. In short, you may be, sometimes, be frightened of your own child. But, this will only reinforce their sense of secrecy. Their way of hiding and internalizing their very complex feelings, which they will also probably need some creative outlet for, reflects your own inner child. If you cannot handle their deepest emotions, it just means that you cannot handle your own. Being as insightful as they are, your child will innately know this and can serve as a primary catalyst for your deeper emotional awareness, only proving to you how formidable they are.
March 7, 2021 at 22:54
(Leo) amanda64 » Emanuel
I relate too much on this...
Thank you soooo so much :79:

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