musical, recognition, success indicators

March 2, 2021 at 00:04 (UT/GMT)
(Virgo) astrobby
musical, recognition, success indicators
hello :) i hope everyone who reads this is doing well and staying safe!

when i was younger i´ve always been in love with creative outlets, specifically with writing and music and dancing. i´ve carried writing as my number one passion my whole entire life, specifically being drawn to poetry and confessional writing. i LOVEEEE words so much, they are so powerful. i´ve always loved singing and dancing when i was little, but as i got older, my anxiety became worse, along with personal, mental, and family issues and i often became afraid to performing/expressing my musical side to others. i used to always sing and dance and watch my favorite artists´ performances/music videos. i would copy the dance moves and draw inspiration from artists. (i grew up heavily on R&B, hip-hop, and soul. peep my profile for my favorite music artists:)) as of lately though, i´ve been tapping more into it (basically my inner child.

it wasn´t until high school (i am now towards the end of my senior) where i kinda came out of my shell and sometimes put my anxiety to the side. i participated in speech, which is my school´s performing arts club, but i never put myself fully out there because once again i was afraid of being judged., so i stopped after freshman year. i was in cheerleading for four years, eventually becoming varsity captain and that really brought me out. i´ve always loved being the center of attention, the sharpest, loudest, and peppiest. i also am the editor-in-chief of my school paper and i became known and received awards for dropping stories that are controversial but need to be discussed. i´ve always been well-known within the area i live in because of those things and because of my family being well-known public figures where i live. constantly, i´ve always had the public eye on my family and life. kinda living to with how others want to view me. my name is often tied to my family´s name, if that makes sense. a lot of people either love me or hate me, no in between. it´s like i´m halfway who i want to be, but at the same time, i don´t. i love writing and love creating raw and unfiltered pieces and pouring emotions, but not everyone has seen that fully 100%. also i would love to get into performing and singing more but i´m so afraid. i used to want to be a journalist because i´m good at it, but i prefer a more creative writing/expressive type of career now. i feel lost and i will be attending college in the fall.

however, despite all this "recognition", i´ve dealt with anxiety, depression, and ADHD majority of my teenage years. so either i´m doing really great or the complete opposite, so i often go into a creativity funk, my anxiety sweeps me out of opportunities, and i have zero motivation. it´s a cycle that i struggle with. i´m currently kinda going through that right now but i´ve been diving more into spirituality and astrology to help me get through it, along with mental medical help too.

i just thought i would provide some insight and backstory before i ask what i need to ask. i´m aware jupiter is my most elevated planet. uranus in my fourth house has affected me heavily throughout my life. basically, you can see i struggle with freedom with others and within myself too. what are some musical/creative/performing aspects in my chart that i should focus on more, whether that be strengths or weaknesses, so that i know what i need to maintain and improve? my dream is to be a creator, one that is expressive in ways that people don´t normally see, musically and within writing? what about recognition? i´m not saying i want to be known for being known but i am curious to know if there is a shot that i could gain any recognition for my creativity? if there´s any other things that could be helpful, please let me know!!

thank you for your help, sorry that this is so lengthy! :)
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March 2, 2021 at 18:29
(Virgo) astrobby
bump :)
March 2, 2021 at 20:05
(Taurus) KellBell428
I´m laughing because you asked a similar question to what I just did, but different haha

Your chart shows a lot of classic markers for fame and notoriety- your midheaven is in the 10th house Leo and also contains your Sun and Mercury. Jupiter is in 9th house, but Leo and close to Midheaven. Moon is in 5th, which would indicate creativity and creative projects. I think that the way your life has already been going indicates that this is the trend for you- you´ve already been playing out these placements and this energy comes naturally to you. Contrast that with my chart- Ive got South Node in Leo, lots of talent, but not so much recognition. Seems hard for me to get it even if I try, unless I have transits or something. So, being well known isn´t something that just comes to everyone and is something you´ve already been experiencing, which your chart supports. Neptune on the IC kind of indicates that there is some deception revolving around your family- their influence on your perception/reputation is not always accurate. Your family name does not really reflect who you are as a person or who exactly you want to express yourself to be. That is something for you to overcome. Your Saturn is mostly well aspected - do you find that you work harder specifically because of your family and their reputation? But this Saturn squares Mercury, so there could be challenges with your writing career- maybe that´s why you are asking the question now. You work hard at writing and your NN is in Gemini which is a good placement for a writer. Writing is something you work really hard at and being that NN is in the 8th house, that could be why you are good at journalism - investigative reporting? But your moon in the 5th house wants to be creative and expressive because its in Pisces, squaring the node. Your real purpose will be with the NN in Gemini- more journalism, etc... Go ahead and write creative writing pieces, you will find those good for an emotional outlet, but realize that your real fulfillment will come from more 8th house type of writing, so investigative journalism or digging deep type of stuff. Do both - don´t limit yourself. The writing ability doesn´t come from just one place in your chart (for instance like a well placed Gemini Mercury), it comes from a smattering of different places. You also have Chiron in 3rd house- healing pain through communication? So no wonder you aren´t sure about what to do with the fact that you want to write. There´s a lot. Anyway, you should definitely pursue it. Will there be fame from writing specifically? That - I don´t know. There´s fame indicators AND indicators of being a writer. Sorry if that´s confusing- I typed it really fast while my kid is bugging me! Hope it makes some sense!
March 2, 2021 at 23:11
(Virgo) astrobby » KellBell428
thank you so much, this provided a lot more clarity of what direction i should take for writing! i was so close to just dropping out of my school paper this month because i´ve lost interest but this makes me want to attempt to stick with it a little longer and see how it plays out.

i appreciate your reply and you´re not confusing at all! :) sending good energy

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