Why I failed in a competition?

February 13, 2021 at 10:37 (UT/GMT)
(Gemini) Edy
Why I failed in a competition?
Dear All!
I applied for a very pretigious scholarship last September and I got the results this week.
I was shocked seeing that I did not get it though I got very high points...
Can explain my transits this failure? Is it worth to make an appeal or would be better to make a resubmission this September?
Thanks a lot if you can help me with any advise!

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February 13, 2021 at 13:08
(Taurus) IIyyaarr13
:78: Your enemies wish your surplus aptitude to bedevil you when you could be a renaissance person! :78:
February 13, 2021 at 13:26
(Pisces) fishscales
Don´t look at it as a failure.

Think of it as a rearranging of opportunities.

Everything happens for a reason.

Take this time to take stock of yourself and your situation, and then make your next move.

Could be the same one, could be something different..

Listen to your gut.
February 13, 2021 at 13:40
(Gemini) Edy
Thanks for your answers, guys!
February 13, 2021 at 17:26
(Aquarius) Leo Moon
Edy, Musician Frank Zappa wrote...

“Failure is nothing to get upset about. It’s a fairly normal condition; an inevitability in ninety-nine percent of all human undertakings. Success is rare – that’s why people get so cranked up about it.”

Failure is a better teacher than success. It offers more potential for growth.

Win or lose,Competitions aren’t signifiers of the total value of a person.

Just keep being persistent . It always pays off in the end.

Astrologically.....perhaps Pluto in the 12th or Saturn Square Neptune.

Of course You also have Jupiter conjunct Jupiter .
That’s a positive unless it leads to expansive excess.

So don’t enter a wine drinking competition. :2: ( That’s just my silliness Edy)
February 13, 2021 at 17:37
(Taurus) nutelina
When I look at your transits 13 Sept 2020 I see Mars sq Asc, Neptune sq Saturn, Moon opp Asc. but you still got high points. hmm :63:

Did you ask them? Maybe there were a lot of contenders.
February 13, 2021 at 19:07
(Gemini) Edy » nutelina
Yes, only 12% of applicants were successful. I just wonder that transits can affect in this way the outcome of the evaluation. Especially because I had :156: :191: :156: exact on day the results were shared.
February 13, 2021 at 19:10
(Gemini) Edy » Leo Moon
Thank you, I really need a little humor now!
February 13, 2021 at 19:15
(Taurus) nutelina » Edy
Sure, but when did they make up their mind? Also the day of the test is important.

Jupiter maybe shows you are better than that, or that you don´t need the scholarship. :63:
February 13, 2021 at 20:58
(Gemini) Edy » nutelina
I will try again...this grant would help enormously my career development..
February 13, 2021 at 22:01
(Taurus) nutelina » Edy
I´m curious what you do now!
February 14, 2021 at 09:12
(Gemini) Edy » fishscales
It´s hard to not think at it as a failure...but I totally agree that everything happens for a reason.
I believe in predestination. Free will works as long as you follow your way...you´ll arrive sooner or later in the place you have to be...
February 14, 2021 at 09:21
(Gemini) Edy » nutelina
1. Analyzing the situation.
2. Trying to not get stuck in the past ( this is the most difficult).
3. Thinking on the next step.
4. I would start rewriting right now but the calls are not announced so far (that is also strange as I don´t have any planets in :171:. Only the :164: Maybe this is the key?
February 14, 2021 at 10:12
(Taurus) nutelina » Edy
Ehm I´m sorry, I meant I was curious about what the course was about!
February 14, 2021 at 10:33
(Gemini) Edy » nutelina
Sorry, I´m not a native speaker I don´t exactly understand what would you like to know...
February 14, 2021 at 12:18
(Pisces) fishscales » Edy
"you´ll arrive sooner or later in the place you have to be..."

About this, I have to say maybe...or maybe not...it all still depends on our actions and choices...

But regardless...we should always keep in mind that where we "should" be doesn´t always jive up with our own preconceptions of where we "should" be...or even what we think we want for ourselves...it can be a real process of unfolding and discovery with alot of twists and turns for some people...not that that´s a bad thing...
February 14, 2021 at 12:24
(Pisces) fishscales » Leo Moon
That´s right...

Because Frank did not watch out where the huskies go and ate the yellow snow, he could then advise others not to repeat his mistake...
February 14, 2021 at 13:33
(Gemini) Edy » fishscales
I agree and I don´t pretend I know where I should be...but I think what you call "decision or choice" is your subconscious guidance...nevertheless I respect if you don´t agree with me...
February 14, 2021 at 16:20
(Taurus) nutelina » Edy
Sorry not course, but what is the scholarship about?
February 14, 2021 at 17:10
(Gemini) Edy » nutelina
Ah,increasing durum wheat protein amd dietary fibre content😊
February 15, 2021 at 12:58
(Pisces) fishscales » Edy
"...but I think what you call "decision or choice" is your subconscious guidance..."

Very well could be...

Reminds me of the "divine protection" thread that was on the boards recently...

With Pluto in the 12th, I think I´m screwed though :2:

I think alot of finding my path for me has been about getting around subconscious influences and trying to master them... Or at least putting them to some kind of constructive use...also distancing myself from them and observing, and learning about myself in the process..

It depends on what you have in the 12th I guess...

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