Very new to astrology

January 19, 2021 at 00:47 (UT/GMT)
(Capricorn) Surreal
Very new to astrology

I´ve been curious about astrology in the past, and I have recently pretty much decided that it is indeed real. Fits in with my more mystical/larger picture leaning in how I view life and our experience here on earth.

What kind of a person do you think I am when you look at my chart?

Any good material recommendations for someone who is just starting to dive in and wanting to learn?

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January 20, 2021 at 20:17
(Aries) JayJayAstrology
Hi there. I have a suggested reading list on my website you might like:…

Now about your chart.

That´s a lot of Capricorn you´ve got, and you have planets there for a reason. Your past life symbol (or family ancestry) - shows that you´ve been greatly defined by your family. Yes, I know we all are partly defined by our families - but - with South Node in Cancer - the definition becomes a wound because it is SO NOT YOU. So in this lifetime, you are here to find yourself - your true self - and to know who you are deeply - from the inside out.

Pluto in Scorpio is all about evolving your emotional self - which includes bonds you have with those you love or who love - which need more space. Sometimes we can get TOO CLOSE - and our individual boundaries are weakened.

Jupiter in Leo is to help you shine - to develop your own self-identity - to be creative in your self-exploration - and to shine while being of service to others. You do like to help others - and there´s nothing wrong with that. But you have to know when to say NO - when not to sacrifice yourself for others - when to help and when not to help. This is something you´re learning to do.

You aren´t a very emotional person, really. Yes, you have feelings and emotions but you don´t like sharing them so much. You´re more likely to deal with your emotions intellectually. There´s nothing wrong with that either, but on some level, you do need to know how to relate to your emotional self and to process feelings.

Capricorn does not like to be any more emotive than Gemini. Capricorn prefers to work, work, work and hopes feelings will take care of themselves. But, it doesn´t always work out. Feelings tend to come out in ways we don´t want if we don´t have a way to process them.

You could be a good writer with Moon in Gemini - and Mars in Taurus conjunct it - so that could be an excellent outlet for processing feelings.

Aquarius rising makes you your own person - and is an antidote for the South Node in Cancer. Aquarius will help you stand up for yourself and be the unique person you are. You are different, probably smart and inventive.

I think you probably do know who you are down deep, and, that you have many great ideas and projects you want to do. You may feel like it goes against how you´ve been taught to be - or are supposed to be - but you will not be able to forsake your own inner knowing. It can be tough when we are compelled to disappoint family, but sometimes we MUST.

There is a fire in you. I think you will accomplish much in your life and you will help others - either through your inventions, works or writings - whatever it is you decide to do - but you will ultimately help others when you honor yourself and all your ideas.


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